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The Evil Eye 5 March 2021 update: Mohana brings Adi to Rahul, he is about to take him but Mohana moves away and Piya is standing behind her. Rahul glares at her, creates smoke and vanishes before Piya can stab him.

Mayank is washing face. Panna uses her powers to make his veins pop like creature and thinks I have to make my son ill for my mission. Tara sees him and puts hand on his shoulder. He falls back but Tara holds him and his veins become fine. She asks what happened? why are you cold? I will bring doctor. Mayank says it happens sometimes, I am fine.

Smoke comes in Vedsheree’s room. She makes Shekhar wake up and says smoke came in house again. All family members gather in lounge. They ask for Piya and Ansh. Mohana says where did he go? Rahul comes behind Mohana. Mohana says he is here, kill him Piya. Piya is tensed and says I cant. Mohana says if you dont fulfill your promise then it wont be good.

Ansh wakes up and sees smoke in room, he goes to search for Piya.

Tara comes to Sanam and gives her key of Panna’s trunk. They go to check it.

Mohana asks Piya to kill him. Piya throws dagger, Rahul falls down.
All are looking around for Piya. Ansh says where is she?

Tara opens trunk. Sanam sees some old and weird things inside.Tara finds some papers. Sanam says we will find some clue. She hears Panna coming. Sanam says lets go, she can come here. Tara says I will try to stop her, you close this, she leaves.

All family members come in lounge to see Rahul’s body on floor and blood on him. Vedsheree says someone murdered him. Chitali says what.. Shekhar says what will I answer to his parents? Ansh says I am sure Mohana is behind all this. Vedsheree says she didnt like him but you killed him? Mohana says I didnt kill Rahul. Ansh says then who killed him? Piya says I did.. All are shocked.

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Panna is going to her room. Tara hides and throws some liquid in her path. Panna freezes on place for sometime.

Vedsheree says to Piya that you cant do it, you cant kill an innocent. Avi looks knife and says its Piya’s knife. Chitali says it means she killed Rahul? Ansh asks Piya why? there must be some reason. Piya says I gave Mohana witch promise when she freed me from mermaid trap. Ansh says why you promised her? I told you to not do any deal with her, you never told me. Piya says I was helpless. Ansh says it made you kill a kid?

Sanam closes trunk and sees Panna frozen in a place. Mayank comes there and says who did it? Tara and Sanam hides. Mayank makes Panna eat gold. She becomes fine again. Mayank asks if she is fine? Who did it?

Chitali says to Piya that you killed him. Piya says no, my knife cant hurt anyone which I dont want to kill. Avi says but Rahul died with this knife. Mohana says he is not human. They see Rahul vanishing and becoming smoke. Ansh says what is this? Mohana says its smoke from smoke world, witches go to that world when they die, I didnt go there so he came behind me, I helped Piya and she helped me, I didnt force her. Chitali says what to do about this smoke now?

Panna comes to Tara and asks who threw garlic liquid here you did it? Mayank comes there and says no, it fell from me, he asks Tara to bring his stuff from kitchen. She goes. Panna says you lied?

Panna stops Tara and asks if she threw ginger paste on floor? Mayank says no I might have dropped it, he asks Tara to leave, she leaves. Panna says you just came home, you lied for her? Mayank says she doesnt remember anything about you so she didnt do it. Panna says you know if you dont do it then what will happen? Tara hides and hears it.

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Sanam gives some thing to Tara and says I saw it with Panna so it must be important, she leaves. Mayank comes to Tara and says you hurt my mother.. He grabs her arm but she says what about my pain? my family left me because of you and your mom wants us to have.. intimate relation but I wont let it happen, she turns to leave but Mayank says you want to know truth? He takes creature avatar, Tara gets scared and runs.
Tara runs out of house. Mayank comes there but Saanvi’s car comes there and takes Tara away.

Tara tells Saanvi about Mayank’s mom. Nishant says we have to know why she is doing all this. Tara shows them stone which Panna uses. Nishant takes it and it glows. He says is that.. he puts stone on table. It shines and shows creature world’s stone. Tara says it might be of Mayank. Nishant says this stone shows eclipse it means Mayank is in danger. Tara says he is about to die? Naman says then we dont have to do anything. Nishant says Tara is in danger, we have to keep her safe. Tara is tensed. Saanvi says lets go Tara. She leaves with her.

Saanvi brings Tara to room. Tara thanks them for saving her. Saanvi says you messaged us on time. Tara says I never messaged you.. Saanvi says who messaged us then? Tara thinks and says Mayank, he must have called you both.

Nishant reads about smoke world being last world of witches after death. Naman says thats why Mohana was scared of it. He gets a call, Ansh tells him that Piya killed smoke world’s kid. Nishant says keep that body in house and cover it, smoke shouldnt know that we killed it.
Ansh sees Rahul’s body missing. Mohana is taking it but Ansh asks her to leave him. Ansh takes Rahul and goes in room.

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Scene 2
Tara says Mayank messaged Saanvi to pick me and didnt come behind me, he wants to save me? why he married me forcefully then? was he forced too? I am sure he is doing all this on Panna’s saying but what does she wants?

Ansh says to family that smoke shouldnt know about it. Piya asks what. They see smoke filling in room and says we have to cover Rahul, they put blanket on Rahul but smoke touches Rahul’s hand. Ansh says Nishant said that smoke shouldnt know about this otherwise many smoke evils will come. Mohana says what? Ansh says they will attack us now. Vedsheree says what we will do?

Nishant meets family. He reads books about smoke world. Nishant says if special smoke is dead then they take severe revenge, spcial smoke have 6 fingers. They all go to check on Rahul.

Mayank comes home. Panna says where is Tara? Mayank says she ranaway. Panna says I dont know why you are doing this, you care for her more than me? I am doing all this for you, you dont have time, you need that eagle locket. Mayank says I cant force Tara, its wrong. Panna says she is your wife. Mayank says I forced her to marry, she doesnt accept this relation. Panna says we cant live without you, you dont care about your mother but wife only.


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