The Evil Eye update Friday 28th May 2021

The Evil Eye 28 May 2021 update: Piya says if I sleep Pari would come to my dream and give me a hint about Mohana. Piya sleeps. Vedeshree and everyone wait. Shekhar says we don’t have a lot of time. Piya says I can’t sleep. I keep thinking that Mohana has Pari. We have to take her back I can’t sleep. The snake queen says if I bite her she will be asleep. Chetali says that’s called dying. Avi says you will give her your venom? She says only a little bit. I will only make her sleepy. Piya says I am ready. Ansh says no we can’t take this risk. Piya says we have to. I am ready. Ansh says if anything happens to her I will kill you all. The snake queen says Piya is the only way for me to get to Mohana. I won’t let anything happen to her. She bites Piya. Piya faints.

Piya sees a dream. Pari is there. Pari is playing with a bike. It falls down. Piya says I was running after Pari. Pari was playing with a toy bike. She was in the clouds. Shekhar says Poneyma is tonight. Ansh says what else did you see? Piya says all I saw were clouds. Ansh says she might be giving you some hints. Piya says there was grass on the ground. It was yellow. Avi says it must be some mountain. Piya says a mountain’s name and says she took Mohana there.

Scene 2
Mohana says no one can stop me now. Everything will change now. You too Pari. Your family will change forever as well. I will start my magic soon. Ansh and Piya come to the jungle. Piya says Ansh, we can’t waste time.
Shekhar says I hope they come back and bring Pari home too. Vedeshree says how will they face Mohana? Chetali says they are each other’s power. Vedeshree says their powers aren’t working either. Mohana is burning with revenge.

Nishant says Savi, this rings looks familiar. Savi says I have seen this before. Nishant says Mohana gave this ring to Vedeshree. This is a witch ring.
Ansh and Piya look for the witch ring. Mohana says someone is coming. Piya says it’s the same place. Let’s go in that direction. Mohana looks around. Nishant calls Ved and says Mohana gave you that ring. It’s witch ring. Ansh and Piya will need it to fight her. Ved says she took that ring from me. Nishant says don’t worry we will find another way.

Ansh says where did all go? Piya says Mohana must know we are coming here. What will we do now? Dilruba comes to Mohana. Mohana says what are you doing here? This all became possible because of you. Mohana says you said no one can find me. How did you? She says I said snakes and Rivawanshi won’t be able to find you. But I can. Mohana says what are you here for? She says to ruin your plan.

Scene 3
Naman comes to Nishant and says I have to tell you something about the life jar.
Ansh says we can’t give up Piya. The snake queen says are you sure she came here? We can’t see her footsteps. Piya says we can’t find anything. We don’t have a lot of time. Where will we find her. Ansh hugs her.

Nishant tells them everything. Savi says your wife is responsible for all this. Nishant says I feel like she is planning something else. Savi says she did this for power. Naman says she sneezes. She does weird things. She eats spicy and sour. Nishant says she might be pregnant.
Mohana says are you crazy? you can’t break your promise. Dilruba says I already broke it. I will end this magic now. Mohana falls down. The snake queen sees her footsteps and says she is around. She stepped on the ground. Ansh says let’s go there.

Mohana says I can kill you right now. Dilruba says I couldn’t fight you that day. I was pregnant. I couldn’t hurt my child. So my child is born now and I can fight you. Mohana says so you came here to die? Dilruba says you want to die now? Dilruba says I don’t want my husband to be ashamed. Mohana takes her bangle and breaks it. She throttles Dilruba.

Scene 1
Piya and Ansh see the witch cliff. Mohana breaks Dilruba’s bangle and shoves her off the cliff. Savi and Naman see Dilruba falling. Naman catches Dilruba. Piya says we are able to reach to Mohana because of Dilruba. Dilruba says I had to make a deal with her to save our child. Then I broke the witch vow to save Pari. Pari is with Mohana. Go save her. Naman says I am sorry I couldn’t understand you. He says I would be so alone. Dilruba says promise me you will take care of our daughter? Dilruba dies. Naman cries.

Chetali says what is happening? nothing is working out our way. Shekhar says we don’t even have that ring. Vedeshree says we can still do something.
Piya says Dilruba lost her life to save Pari. We have to save her. Nishant says your powers aren’t working. Ansh says how will we go up? The moon comes out. Mohana says a few more moments and I will start my magic. I knew they would come to me. But they can’t do anything because I will add my blood in Pari’s life jar. Piya says we have to go up. The snake queen says I can help you. Ansh says how? She calls many snakes there. She says my snakes will take you up the witch cliff. Ansh says we have a way. Piya says we have to be careful. We don’t have our powers.


Vedeshree says God, please help us. Please save our Pari. They all stand in the temple and pray.
The moon comes above Pari. Mohana says the wait is over. Ansh and Piya sit on a snake and come up. Everyone back home is praying. Chetali sees a part of that ring in the temple. She says this is the same ring’s stone. She calls Nishant. Nishant says this is the stone that had all the powers.

Mohana says I knew you would come here. I will drink your daughter’s life. Ansh shoves her. Piya attacks her with a dagger.
Nishant and everyone is making a witch weapon. Everyone does what Nishant asks. A disk forms and goes out of the house. Chetali says how will we catch it?? Adi catches it. Shekhar says how will we take it to Piya and Nishant? Nishant says it will find Mohana on its own. Let’s leave it in the right direction. Adi says I will do that.

Mohana who will save you now? You both will die as well. Adi comes on the balcony and leaves the disk. It goes towards Mohana. Mohana is attacked. The life jar falls. Piya runs and saves it. She falls off the cliff. Ansh holds her hand. He pulls her up. The snake queen grasps Mohana.

Ansh pours the life jar on Pari. Piya says why isn’t she opening her eyes. Ansh says Pari, open your eyes. Pari opens her eyes. Piya smiles. Pari gets up. Piya and Ansh hug her.

Scene 2
Naman comes home and looks at his baby. He cries. He says my daughter. Savi is with him as well. Naman cries and picks his daughter. Savi is crying as well. Naman says she looks exactly like my Dilruba.

Ansh and Piya lock Mohana. Mohana says no Ansh. Ansh says I won’t repeat my mistake. I have no guilts now. this is your punishment. Vedeshree says we gave you many chances but you tried to take Pari’s life his time. We won’t pardon you. Mohana says no Ansh. Let me go. Ansh hits the nail. Mohana says please don’t. Vedeshree says she should be punished. Ansh locks her and leaves. Mohana cries. Everyone leaves.

Scene 1
Mohana screams Ansh don’t do this. Shekhar says I hope she doesn’t ever come back to our lives. Chetali says Pari came back to our lives too.
Mohana says you must be thinking it’s easy to run away from me. I let you save her. I mixed my blood in her life. My mission to get me inside your house through Pari. I am right there but you won’t know. You will see a witch’s revenge that you never imagined.

Everyone is doing a procedure. Piya says Ansh is with Pari. Chetali says why did Pari scream when we were burying Mohana’s braid. Shekhar says she is a kid. Avi says she will take time to get back to normal. Shekhar says did right by sending her home. Vedeshree says what will we do with her braid? We tried to bury it but it comes out every time. They buried the braid but it came out. Chetali says it’s like Mohana. We should give it to her. Nishant says no. We have to hide it at a place Mohana can never reach.

Mohana says what are they doing with my braid. Adi comes in. She turns into Pari. Adi says mama asked you to rest. Pari says I am fine. Adi says your favorite cookies. Let me get you juice. Adi looks at her twisting and throwing it away. He recalls Pari never liked anyone taking her cookies.

Nishant burns Mohana’s braid. It flies. Piya saves herself. Nishant throws a trishul on it. He says I was wrong. We can’t control this braid. Vedeshree says what will we do now?
Nishant comes to the snake queen and says we have to do something with this braid. We have to do something with this braid. She says we will keep this braid here. She is our enemy too. Snakes will surround it.

Scene 2
Naman shows the photos to his daughter. He says this is my Mrs. and your mom. She isn’t with us but I won’t let Dubli feel alone. The bats come, He says see your maternal relatives are here. Naman says I know you are around Mrs. jee.

Adi says to Piya something is wrong. She crushed her cookies and threw them away. She never did that before. Piya says she will get back to normal don’t worry. Piya asks Vedeshree you look worried. Vedeshree says Ansh isn’t back. Piya says he texted he is fine. Vedeshree says I am always scared. Mohana is gone but still. Mohana looks at them as Pari. She says your biggest fear is living between you. Piya says Pari come here. She looks at them and says I found my first victim of revenge. Everyone sits at the table.

Dubli cries. Naman says don’t cry. I miss your mama too. He gets milk but Dubli disappears. Naman says where did you go? She comes to the other cradle. Naman says what’s happening?
Mohana says time to start the new game. She plays with cars. Adi says what are you doing? Please let me sleep. Pari says I can’t sleep. She breaks the light breaker. Everything gets dark. Piya says what happened to the light? Let me check.

Savi coems to Naman and says what happened? He says my duaghter isn’t normal. She disappears and comes to other places. Savi says you have to lost your mind. He says look back. Dubli is there. Savi says you’re too much. Your mental balance is lost. I am living here with her.

Savi is asleep. She hears Dubli crying. Savi makes her sleep. She cries next to her. Savi says how did you come here? She calls Naman and says she came here from the cradle. Dubli is nowhere. Savi is shocked.

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