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The Evil Eye 15 January 2021 update: Mohana grabs Ansh’s friends and starts eating their lives. Piya is looking around for Mohana, she hears some cries. Mohana climbs on wall with her prey. Piya uses her snake powers to search her.

Mohana eats three boys’ lives and becomes young again. Piya comes there and calls everyone but Mohana is gone with boys. Ansh asks what happened? Piya says they were here. Ansh asks who? Piya says Mohana. Mohana has jumped down from building with three men. Ansh asks what happened? Piya says I saw Mohana killing three men. Ansh says you must be mistaken. Vedshree says Piya must have seen something. Piya says you might not believe it but I will prove.

Piya comes to Mohana and says I will bring out your truth. Mohana still has three bodies grabbed from her braid. Piya goes to bring family. Mohana turns bodies to ashes and leaves. Piya brings everyone there but Mohana is gone. Piya says Mohana was here. Ansh says stop it. Piya says you dont trust me. Mohana comes there and says you want me to say I killed them? Mohana says yes I killed them and ate my age, they put patal liquid so I couldnt go out and I found my prey in house. Ansh is stunned. Mohana says you know I am a witch, if I pity humans then what will I eat? its my helplessness. Vedsheree says enough, Ansh thats why I sent her away, witch cant be of anyone, she killed her husband too. Mohana says Ansh knows all this, witch and human are like lion and goats, lion eats them, only Ansh would understand as he is from my world. Piya says what your world? you are wrong for killing humans and Ansh knows it. Ansh says Mohana is right, it her helplessness, if lion can hunt preys then why cant she eat humans? she didnt attack her family. Piya says they were innocent and you dont care? Ansh says enough, I dont want to talk more, he leaves. All go behind him. Mohana says to Piya that Ansh is moving away from you.


Scene 2
Guru Maa says to Piya why would Ansh do it? Piya says Ansh was not like it before, Guru Maa says evil is pulling him towards it. Nishant says yes, he is becoming like her mother. Piya says why he is changing now? Nishant says relations dont matter, why she wants Ansh to become evil? she has some benefit from it. Piya says we have to find out what she is upto. Nishant says first we have to find her weakness then we will know why Ansh is important to her. He shows Mohana’s hair and says we can read them to find out her weakness. He says Piya can read them but we have to take help from him. Piya asks who? Nishant calls a big crow on window.

Avi says to family that those three boys were not found anywhere. Vedsheree says Mohana accepted that she killed them. Avi says we cant do anything without proof. Chitali says put her in jail. Avi says she is a witch. Vedsheree says why it didnt matter to Ansh? is he becoming like Mohana?

Scene 1
Ansh is standing on balcony and someone pushes him from there.. it turns out to be his dream.
Piya looks at crow and is about to attack him. Nishant says stop, I know snake is crow’s enemy but we have to read Mohana’s hair together. He asks Piya to put her venom in water, she does. Nishant dips Mohana’s hair in it and gives it to crow. Nishant says these hair as old as witch, we can know her weakness from it. Crow says she has no weakness, her age is 250 years and had no weakness, she leaves.

Vedsheree asks family if Ansh is turning like Mohana? he married Devik then why he is changing?

Piya says Mohana doesnt have any weakness. Nishant says head witch lives for 251 years and if Mohana is 250 years old then.. Piya says she has one year to live? what does she want from Ansh?

Ansh looks at his evil image in mirror and says what is happening with me?

Nishant brings a book and says we will find answer it? Nishant reads that witch lives for 251 years but she can take help from her davansh son for.. he sees other page mising from book.

Mohana says only my davansh son can make me immortal, she has book page and eats it.

Piya thinks that Ansh is going towards evil? she cries.
Ansh asks his evil image who are you? why you come infront of me? he throws chair on mirror. Piya comes there and sees him like that. Ansh says what is happening with me? Piya thinks I am not devik anymore, I neglected you for taking revenge from Mohana but I wont let anything happen to you.

Scene 2
Mohana calls her tree and asks whats the right time for what I want? tree tells eclipse night. Piya comes there and asks what you want? Mohana says think about your revenge only, you wont get Ansh, I will take him away. Piya says you wont make him davansh. Mohana says you are not devik anymore so you cant stop him, Piya says I wont spare you, she tries to attack Piya but Piya stops her and says I have powers, you are looking at a wife, I took pheras with Ansh, I took promises with him. She shows her sindoor and says I wont let you use my husband, she leaves.

Vedsheree tells about Ansh to Priest. Vedsheree says why he is acting like that? Priest says we can find out if evil is catching upto to Ansh by one way.

Mohana stops Ansh and asks if he needs anything? he says no. She deliberately cuts his hand with her nail and gets his blood on it.

Dilruba brings Naman to Ansh’s house. Naman says you dont know who lives here. Dilruba says stop. She takes common girl’s avatar and says to Kajal that I am here for work. Kajal shows her around and leaves. Dilruba takes her avatar with Naman. Naman says what is happening with me? Dilruba says I am on right track, I have powers, I will be Bhaavi infront of all. Naman says we will work as servant so whats the use of powers? witch lives here, Dilruba says Piya lives here too. Naman says its dangerous. Dilruba says you like Piya and I like Ansh.. he is my lover, we will separate them. Naman smirks.

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