The Evil Eye May Teasers 2021 Starlife

The Evil Eye May Teasers 2021: Adi manages to save Ansh and Piya from getting caught. While Nishant stumbles upon an essential clue, Abhay puts Piya under arrest.

The Evil Eye May Teasers 2021 Starlife

The Evil Eye May Teasers 2021 Starlife

Star life The Evil Eye May 2021 Teasers

Saturday 1 May 2021

Episode 308

Piya produces a magical remedy to assist Adi while Nishant makes a shocking discovery. Afterwards, Mohana takes a bold step as the egg is near hatching.

Episode 309

A bewitched Pari generates a scene as a demon emerges from the egg. Afterwards, Nishant prepares for a war against the unknown enemy.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Episode 310

Ansh and Piya look for Pari while the Daayan Pratima makes an entrance. Afterwards, a tragedy strikes the Rathod mansion.

Episode 311

Saavi makes a startling discovery while Ansh and Piya prevent Pratima from escaping. Afterwards, Vedashri gets helpless upon fulfilling her long lost mother.

Monday 3 May 2021

Episode 312

Pratima insults Shekhar and expresses her feelings about Vedashri. Later, Piya finds a mysterious stone while the Rathods are impressed with Adi’s epic move.

Episode 313

Piya unlocks the magical gems with Guru Ma’s help. Elsewhere, Pratima assembles her army of darkness to wreak havoc.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode 314

The Rathods worship Devi Maa after Vedashri drops a bombshell about her past. Afterwards, Nishant is in a fix as Pratima’s devotees arrive in the Rathod Mansion.

Episode 315

Pratima gives company orders to Vedashri while Guru Ma slaps Naman. Since Mohana wreaks havoc, Piya moves on a key message to Adi.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode 316

When Vedashri Won’t follow her orders, Pratima strikes the Rathods. Afterwards, Pari prevents Adi from getting the shankh. Can Piya put an end to Pratima?

Episode 317

Piya is miserable after she loses her daivik knife while Ansh plans a surprise for her in their anniversary. Afterwards, Ansh is left puzzled by a strange encounter.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Episode 318

Ansh and Piya are confronted with a mysterious occurrence attempting to keep them apart. During their anniversary celebration, an unidentified man hinders their intimate dance.

Episode 319

Nishant supposes Dev of becoming a supernatural thing while Piya gets intimate with Ash. Afterwards, Nishant decides to utilize the Daivik Chakra to check Dev.

Friday 7 May 2021

Episode 320

Dev executes his brilliant plan while Piya pushes him off the building to demonstrate her point. Afterwards, Naman and Dilruba’s honeymoon plans are destroyed.

Episode 321

Piya passionately makes her stance regarding Ansh to Dev. While Naman matches Dilruba’s mother, Dev does the unthinkable to Ansh and Piya.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Episode 322

Despite many hurdles, Ansh and Piya celebrate Karva Chauth. Piya blames Dev for Ansh’s pathetic condition, however, Nishant takes a shocking stand .

Episode 323

Piya gets into deep trouble following Dev intends to marry her while Naman kidnaps Saavi. Afterwards, Ansh discovers a startling truth about Dev.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Episode 324

To save Ansh, a helpless Piya agrees to wed Dev. On the other hand, Nishant and Pandit Ji struggle to discover a way to eradicate Dev.

Episode 325

Pandit Ji assures Piya about delaying the marriage while she’s terrified by Dev’s desperate move. Afterwards, Piya finds a very important clue in Ansh’s room.

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode 326

Pari and Adi assist Nishant get in the building. While Naman is in for a surprise after he escapes death, an enraged Mohana strikes Dev throughout his wedding.

Episode 327

Ansh joins the battle against Dev while Mohana’s sudden decision stuns the household. Afterwards, Dev loses his cool after getting attacked by Pari and Mohana.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode 328

Dev disappears with Piya while Ansh heads out to find her. Afterwards, Mohana joins him in his mission. Can they save Piya before its too late?

Episode 329

Piya hatches an ingenious plan to outsmart Dev. Afterwards, Nishant gives a bit of terrible news to the Rathods as Mohana visits .

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode 330

The Rathods celebrate Diwali in high spirits while Mohana warns them against the impending danger. Afterwards, Chaitrali is in for a massive shock.

Episode 331

Mohana is shocked to see Chaitali’s Dayaan form while Adi and Pari attempt to investigate a location. Afterwards, the Rathods snare Mohana at a magical chakra.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Episode 332

whilst Nishant and Guruji learn a shocking fact about Vedashri, she’s a wicked plan up her sleeve. However, Piya dismisses Mohana’s warning.

Friday 14 May 2021

Episode 333

Ansh manages to escape the evil versions of Avinash and Chaitali’s clutches. While Saavi and Dilruba join forces, Kalashri traps Ansh in her ingenious strategy.

Episode 334

Piya gets trapped in the mirror as well while Vedashri finds the household’s behavior odd. Afterwards, Kalashri sets her sights on trapping Pari and Adi.

Saturday 15 May 2021

Episode 335

Kalashri shocks Mohana with her strategy and shows her identity to Vedashri. While Pari and Adi encounter trouble, Nishant asks Mohana for Support.

Episode 336

Whilst Adi and Pari seek Mohana’s aid, Kalashri threatens Nishant to get the Dayan diamond. Afterwards, Adi, Pari and Mohana create a tricky plan to save the family.

Sunday 16 May 2021

Episode 337

Whilst Adi finds a smart idea to save the family, Kalashri blackmails Vedashri to become a Mahadaayan. Afterwards, Kalashri ties Vedashri using a Dayan Jod.

Episode 338

Nishant guarantees the Rathods of finding a way to get Vedashri back. While Naman is trapped by his mother-in-law, Mohana implements her plan to obtain the ashes.

Monday 17 May 2021

Episode 339

Nishant provides Piya alarming information about Maha Daayan after Pari finds a strange doll. While Mohana is smitten by Angad, Naman makes a shocking conclusion.

Episode 340

Ansh gets upset with Piya for not considering his opinion. While Mohana is excited about her date, the possessed doll creates difficulties between Pari and Adi.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Episode 341

Ansh rushes to get a magical doll at the house while Mohana implements an ingenious strategy to save Vedashri. Afterwards, Naman hands over a gold stick to Nishant.

Episode 342

Ansh gets emotional with Piya about Vedashri while Mohana agrees to assist only if she gets favour in return. Afterwards, Ansh has to make a difficult option.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Episode 343

Angad visits the Rathods and expresses his desire to wed Mohana. While Ansh shows the truth about her, a creature called Singha enters Nishant’s house.

Episode 344

Piya puts Ansh’s suspicions to rest and gets intimate with him. Elsewhere, Nishant finds Singha’s next goal.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Episode 345

Mohana is overpowered by Singha’s assault while Ansh accuses Angad of being the evil thing. Later, Saavi finds an essential clue to spot Singha.

Episode 346

Ansh finds an essential piece of evidence in Angad’s coat. While Piya defends himself when the latter faces her Nishant sends Ansh on a mission.

Friday 21 May 2021

Episode 347

Piya agrees to assist Angad after he reveals his secret. Throughout Mohana and Angad’s wedding, Ansh drops at risk whilst Nishant and Saavi find the facts.

Episode 348

While Angad strikes the Rathods after changing into Singha, Mohana is shocked by his demonic form. Afterwards, Ansh gets to a ferocious fight with Angad.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode 349

Mohana vows to take revenge against Ansh while the Rathods strategy a counter-attack. Afterwards, she pleads with Ansh as he entombs her in a box.

Episode 350

Mohana escapes from captivity and seeks vengeance against Ansh. While Nishant, Dilruba and Saavi search for Naman, the Rathods are stunned by Ansh’s behaviour.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode 351

Mohana makes a deal with Dilruba while Piya is left speechless after Ansh yells Adi off the construction. Afterwards, the Rathods series Ansh when he threatens to leave.

Episode 352

Piya struggles to prevent Ansh from leaving the home. While Pari is oblivious of this danger nearby, Mohana devises a strategy for her with Dilruba’s help.

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode 353

While Ansh tricks Mohana to bring her into the Patal Jheel, Naman creates a shocking revelation to Nishant. Afterwards, Mohana shoots a magic arrow in Pari.

Episode 354

While Ansh jumps to the Patal Jheel after making a dangerous decision, Nishan Attempts to stop the Tricone arrow. Afterwards, a shocker expects the Rathods.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode 355

The Rathods break down in tears after Nishant admits Pari’s passing while Mohana faces Piya and Ansh’s fury. Afterwards, a snake enters Mohana’s place.

Episode 356

Piya is inconsolable after Pari’s passing while Nishant assigns a crucial job to Naman and Dilruba. Later, Mohana shows a shocking fact about Pari’s life.

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode 357

Ansh decides to locate Mohana to learn Pari’s whereabouts. While Mohana is targeted by snakes because of her error, an adamant Piya takes Ansh in search of Pari.

Episode 358

Ansh and Piya fight against Mohana for the pran pyala while Saavi does the unthinkable. As time runs out, the Rathods plead with Mohana for Pari’s life.

Thursday 27 May 2021

Episode 359

After Nishant finds a way to save Pari, a distressed Ansh and Piya create an unthinkable sacrifice. Meanwhile, Mohana attempts to lure Dilruba.

Episode 360

Ansh and Piya Opt to follow the Sarpvanshi while Dilruba makes a guarantee to Mohana. However, the Sarpvanshis misinterpret Ansh and Piya’s true intentions.

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode 361

Sarprani and her military attack Ansh for Mohana’s location. Meanwhile, Mohana utilizes Vedashri to steal Pari’s body in the house.

Episode 362

Piya agrees to risk her life to find a hint about Pari’s whereabouts. While Dilruba shocks Mohana with her confession, Piya gets emotional about Pari.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 363

Mohana pushes Dilruba to her passing and gets ready to finish Pari’s life also. Meanwhile, the Rathods find a way to assist Ansh and Piya fight against Mohana.

Episode 364

While the Rathods lock Mohana at a grave, she cunningly sets up a magic connection with Pari. Elsewhere, Nishant struggles to ruin her ponytail.

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode 365

Vedashri meets with an accident while Prathamayan puts forth a state prior to Ansh. Afterwards, a deadly criminal sneaks in the Rathod Mansion.

Episode 366

While the Rathods are puzzled about Jaanu’s place, a group of CBI officers visits their property. Afterwards, Nishant investigates Dafli’s magical powers.

Monday 31 May 2021

Episode 367

Naman is appalled by Nishant’s petition while Mohana misleads Abhay. Afterwards, Ansh and Piya find themselves in a difficult spot.

Episode 368

Adi manages to save Ansh and Piya from getting caught. While Nishant stumbles upon an essential clue, Abhay puts Piya under arrest.


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April Last Episode

start with Aditya and Pari asking about Piya!! Piya come and hug them both… Everyone smile?? seeing them

Later everyone plan Vedshree Birthday party, while Pari and Ansh uses their powers and play games.. Chaitali comes with snacks? when Aditya strike with her, snacks are catched by Pari braid.. Both plan to play again when Piya and Ansh explain them that Powers are given as boon to them by God, so they should not play with god blessings.. Aditya and Pari copy that..?

In Bandap Basmika goes inside Guru Maa to free Mohona, but Nishant, Saavi and Naman stop her.. Basmika powers are eatten by Mohona and she become young again.. Mohona challange Nishant, Saavi, Guru maa and Naman that she will be freed soon and throw Guru Maa out from her capture area..

Mohona think?? to use that Moti to free herself but doesn’t find it. Later outside her room Guru maa shows that moti, while Nishant, Naman and Saavi keep that thing in glass box.. As all are about to leave Ball size convert into egg?? type thing and all shocked??.. Using temple lamp light they see monster type creature image and get shocked..??

At rathod house birthday prepartion are on full swing when Avinash is trouble by Mohona walker.. Chaitali and Avinash lock Mohona room to avoid trouble in house… Aditya and Pari faces are shown weired (as if they are getting attach to it)

Nishant, Saavi and Naman decide to stay alert in party as they all not aware of that creature.. On the other side Mohona get troubled as she isn’t able to free herself…

Rathod get happy?? seeing decorations when Avinash says its vedshree and pari birthday together, it has to be special.. Just than Vedshree arrive when shekar recite shayari and she get shy? while others clap.. Pari complains about size of shoes?, when Ansh gift her new shoes?..

Pari hug Vedshree, and cake? comes.. Everyone call aditya, while aditya is shown busy by getting attach to walker/ stick.. Aditya get distract when Ansh call him.. Pari and Vedshree cut cake? and Chaitali suggest to dance????.. Whole family dance???? on Galla Gudiya??, while Aditya goes near that locked door..

Naman talk to that egg? with his as usual drama and irriate egg? using table lamp.. Naman hear sounds of shouting and try to close lamp.. Lamp fall down, when Naman pick up egg? disappears, which shocks naman..

At rathod house Nishant and Saavi keep eyes ?on family when Naman call and inform about egg? disappearance. Piya see worried Nishant and Saavi..
Nishant inform them about egg? and how mohana is trying to free herself. Rathods get worried?.. Later avinash and chaitali speak about things of Mohona..

On the other side Aditya goes inside room and is about touch walker…

Mohana think? that if my blood Ansh, Aditya or Pari touch my thing, I shall be free and able to control that person..

Avinash inform about mohona things and run, aditya touch stick, when Ansh throw it away.. Piya inform that stick belong to Guru maa..
Pari find shoes and wear them.. She show shoes and happily? tell that shoes fit her perfectly.. Ansh and Piya ask her to remove, though Pari is not ready, but Ansh scold her, than she removes..
Rathods ask about her well being, Mohona speak which pari repeats saying yes.. Nishant ask to destory Mohona belongings and they burn using patal ketki.. While going out Pari touch flower pot which turn black..

Naman try to find egg? when sanam appears suddenly.. Both have cute fight and see egg? going out.. They both follow on earth and sky respectively.. Naman get into trouble by striking to cars??, when sanam save him.. People shout at him, but he is not able to hear anything and think? his ears are damages due to that egg?…

Everyone ask Pari to open gifts but she act weired.. Ansh and Piya scold her, but Avinash and Shekhar ask them not to do, saying she is birthday girl.. Everyone decide to open vedshree gifts first.. Egg? is shown reached at rathod house..

Mohona ask Pari to get up from sleep?.. While going out Pari bang door, which make sound making piya awake.. Piya goes to check, while Pari see egg ?in balcony near moon?.. Piya finds Pari in balcony but doesn’t see egg?.. Piya notice Pari behaviour of watching moon? and send her inside to sleep?..
While going Piya notice laundry room open and goes to check but Ansh intrupt her and both talk about Pari odd behaviour and decide to check on her in morning..
Pari see egg? in laundary room, and Mohona order her to keep egg? safe.. While.sleeping Aditya touch egg? and get shock, he find nothing and sleep?. Mohona order Pari bring egg? to Bandap.. Pari stand on bus? with egg? in her braid and goes there.. She free mohona using and day happens suddenly..

Mohona and Pari stand near Barat and dance???? on song Main ganni balvi ho gayi???? later both grab life from all persons showing how Mohona turned young doing such thing before.. Later Pari ask too feed egg? with Pizza? but Mohona instruct her somthing.

In morning Piya and Ansh get shocked seeing Aditya increased size.. They order to stop him, when Aditya inform them about missing Pari… Family try to find but Pari arrive with bag and states that she went to play and goes inside for hiding egg?..

Nishant scold Naman for his carelessness and surprise and shocked???? to know that egg? burnt Naman hand which is increasing rapidly…

At rathod house Chaitali and Vedshree serve Samosa in breakfast and Aditya shout in pain due to burn in hand… Pari smiles? evily.. Ansh call Nishant and inform the same.. Nishant tell them its due to egg? and shall not effect aditya due to his powers.. But Piya and Ansh inform that Aditya burn is spreading making vains glow… Nishant get shocked?? same with Naman as well…

Nishant ask family for not touching egg ?at any cost.. Piya and Ansh try to find egg?.. Ansh feel sad?? that due to him Basmika got that egg?.. But Piya specify saying we shall fight with every hurdle to save everyone.. Pari smiles? and say I have hidden that egg, Mohona says good…

Everyone try to find egg?, when Pari shows them.. Nishant decide to pick when chaitali open flash light.. Nishant get surprise knowing that it light didn’t affected egg? and make conclusion that egg? is fake…

At room everyone try to console aditya when they discover that due to egg? shock, whatever Aditya touch it stick to his hands.. Nishant and Saavi try to free using chemical but in vain… Piya, Ansh and whole family cry?? and try to give strength to Aditya.. Pari watches outside and smile? evilly..

Naman and Sanam have talk while Sanam write and Naman shout… Naman remembers Flashback that Sanam told Chudail can’t read or write!! He ask her?? She says she learnt.. Sanam write I love you hi hi hi.. Naman to say I love you…?????

Ansh decide to find egg using his powers and cry ??that he can’t protect his family, when Piya console him and show faith in him.. Rather piya add that its due to their powers and pari that evil are behind them again, but ansh stop her saying that its his good luck to have piya and pari back.. Ansh hug Piya and say he felt incomplete for 6 years without Piya…

On the other hand Mohona take egg? to Nishant hidden place, where she tell that egg at rathod house was fake as she need to come here so that egg? can eat powers of evils.. Suddenly she realise she need one more, so she capture sanam there as well.. Sanam shout for help, and Naman can’t hear.. Mohona tell Sanam that due to Sanam Villians lost battle now bear consequences… Egg? start to glow by eating powers.. Sanam to start to faint.. Nishant and Saavi arrive, Mohona get clue that its time to run but see egg shockingly..

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