The Evil Eye March 2021 Teasers Star life

The Evil Eye March 2021 Teasers: Piya tells Nishant about Vedashri’s demonic possession. Later, a furious Saavi berates Naman and Sanam for setting Panna free. READ FULL The Evil Eye Teasers March 2021 Below:

The Evil Eye March 2021 Teasers

The Evil Eye March 2021 Teasers


The Evil Eye Star life March 2021 Teasers

The Evil Eye Monday 1 March 2021
Episode 186
The household realises that Aditya has become a jaljeev whilst monitoring his whereabouts. Elsewhere, Saavi tries to frighten Tara.

Episode 187
Piya turns to a Jalpari to rescue Munna while Mohana joins the household. Afterwards, Tara supposes Mayank while Mohana shows her wicked actions to Vedashri.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 2 March 2021
Episode 188
Ansh and Nishant look for Piya while a bunch of sailors attempts to kill her. Afterwards, Tara gets an idea about the existence of dark power.

Episode 189
Piya and Ansh’s reunion is cut short by a bunch of sea bikers. Meanwhile, Tara finds the identity of this mysterious thing that was haunting her.

The Evil Eye Wednesday 3 March 2021
Episode 190
Following a difficult struggle, Ansh eventually saves Piya. Meanwhile, during Mayank and Tara’s first night, he informs her shocking truth about his mommy.

Episode 191

Piya saves Ansh in the sea lions while Nishant worries for her. Afterwards, Naman and Saavi bring the Makshika fairy to assist Piya.

The Evil Eye Thursday 4 March 2021

Episode 192
Mohana would like to fix Piya however, the Rathods deny her. Afterwards, Mohana aims Munna to create Piya and Ansh find her aid whilst Nishant becomes suspicious.

Episode 193
In an effort to rescue Aditya, Piya takes Mohana’s suggestion. Afterwards, Ansh is suspicious when Shekhar brings home a brand new issue.

The Evil Eye Friday 5 March 2021
Episode 194
Rahul uses his magic powers to torture Mohana. Elsewhere, Tara matches Sanam, Mayank’s ex-fiance. Can they have a battle?

Episode 195
Mohana makes a bargain with Kohra while Sanam learns about Panna’s wicked intentions. Elsewhere, Tara finds an essential clue. Mohana Is Scared?

The Evil Eye Saturday 6 March 2021
Episode 196
Tara spills the ginger juice hinder Panna’s manner while Piya kills Rahul. Afterwards, Piya admits the fact about her knife while Mohana shows Rahul’s individuality.

Episode 197
Mayank shows his identity to Tara and helps her escape by Naman and Saavi. Afterwards, Ansh informs the family that Kohra will strike them.

The Evil Eye Sunday 7 March 2021
Episode 198
Nishant learns about Rahul’s individuality while Tara conserves Mayank out of torture. Afterwards, Panna shows her devious goals.

Episode 199
Together with the guests in the home, Ansh and Mohana fight to conceal Rahul’s entire body. Afterwards, Tara teams up with Sanam to expose Panna.


Monday 8 March 2021

Episode 200

Panna eavesdrops on Tara and Sanam’s conversation and learns about their strategy. Elsewhere, Ansh and Nishanth plan to eliminate Rahul’s body.

Episode 201

Shalaka hunts for Rahul’s corpse and later threatens to kill Mohana. Elsewhere, Tara saves Mayank’s life and prevents Panna from torturing him.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Episode 202

Ayush discusses the disposal of Rahul’s body with Nishanth while Shakala faces him. Afterwards, Naman and Saavi learn a shocking fact.

Episode 203

In Neha’s Mehendi ceremony, Shalaka owns her while Tara witnesses a strange event. Later, Nishant informs Ansh a way to withstand Shalaka’s powers.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Episode 204

Ansh includes a plan to outsmart Shalaka while Tara stumbles upon a mysterious photograph. Afterwards, the Rathods are in a fix as Shalaka gets suspicious.

Episode 205

The Rathods outsmart Shalaka while Sanam and Tara get some shocking details. Later, in an attempt to conceal Rahul, Ansh attempts to escape a giant Shalaka.

Thursday 11 March 2021

Episode 206

Mohana decides to join hands with Shalaka and help her locate Rahul’s murderer. Elsewhere, Tara and Sanam find some surprising facts about Panna.

Episode 207

Ansh and Piya desperately hunt for Munna while Mohana strikes the Rathods. Later, facing Panna, Tara shows a shocking details regarding her to Mayank.

Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 208

As Mohana tries to kill Vedashri, she has chased by Chaitrali. Afterwards, Panna threatens Tara, while Nishant adopts a poisonous potion to combat Mohana.

Episode 209

Piya struggles with Shalaka to conserve Adi while the Rathods struggle to Eliminate Mohana’s illusions. Elsewhere, Sanam informs Naman about a magic parrot named Heera.

Saturday 13 March 2021

Episode 210

Despite being cautioned by Nishant, Ansh takes a big risk and stabs Vedashri. Elsewhere, Heera disappears after changing into a human being.

Episode 211

Ansh kills Piya and the rest of the household as a helpless Nishant looks on. Elsewhere, Tara shows Heera’s identity to Mayank.

Sunday 14 March 2021

Episode 212

The Rathods return in time. Vedashri is planning Ansh and Ruby’s union while Mohana makes a comeback, but where is Piya?

Episode 213

Ansh measures on Piya’s earring and gets a glimpse of yesteryear. Afterwards, he throws holy water on Ruby while the Rathods are shocked.

Monday 15 March 2021

Episode 214

Ansh attempts to assist the Rathods recover their memory while Mohana brews a wicked plan. Afterwards, he manages to locate Piya.

Episode 215

Teaser unavailable.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Episode 216

Nishant traps Ansh with Pataal Ketki. Afterwards, the Rathods visit him while Ansh makes desperate attempts to escape from his captivity.

Episode 217

While the Rathods keep Dilruba from fulfilling her goal, Ansh struggles to prevent Piya and Naman’s wedding.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Episode 218

Piya recalls the past while Mohana takes Munna with her. Afterwards, as the Rathods make their escape, Mohana attempts to kill them.

Episode 219

Ansh and Piya find Munna whilst Nishant helps them attain the gift. Afterwards, Piya is concerned as Mohana goes missing. Where is she concealing?

Thursday 18 March 2021

Episode 220

Piya and Adi are trapped underground whilst Nishant makes a shocking revelation. Meanwhile, Ansh desperately attempts to find Piya and Adi.

Episode 221

An unexpected source helps Ansh save Piya and Munna. But his look throws them . Who is he?

Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 222

Ansh and Piya find a shocking truth about Karan’s past. Afterwards, Saavi and Naman team up to snare Panna.

Episode 223

Nishant strikes Karan with Pataal Ketki and discovers a shocking truth about him. Afterwards, Naman decides to wed Sanam while Saavi warns him of the consequences.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Episode 224

Karan plots against Piya and Adi. Piya suspects Karan. Meanwhile, he keeps Nishant trapped while an extravagant Dilruba marries Naman.

Episode 225

The Rathods fall prey to Mohana and Karan’s evil trap while Nishant warns Ansh. Elsewhere, Saavi intends to expose Dilruba.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Episode 226

Nishant rescues the Rathods and warns them about Karan’s adorable trick. Afterwards, Naman finds Sanam missing while Saavi learns a shocking truth.

Episode 227

Ansh and Karan exchange punches after the latter converts Piya and Adi to a rock. Elsewhere, Naman is baffled while Pro Ma learns about Sanam’s actual identity.

Monday 22 March 2021

Episode 228

Karan is baffled to learn about Mansi’s individuality while Mohana shows the truth. Meanwhile, Guru Ma and Saavi intend to deceive Sanam.

Episode 229

Whilst Mohana and Mansi assault the Rathods, Karan does the unthinkable to save Piya and Adi. Elsewhere, Naman catches Guru Ma red-handed.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Episode 230

The Rathods are displeased with Ansh’s decision. Elsewhere, Naman learns a shocking truth as Saavi accuses Sanam.

Episode 231

Mohana pushes Ansh off the roof while Naman confronts Sanam about her intentions. Afterwards, a baffled Ansh finds Adi missing from the daycare.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Episode 232

Mohana is overjoyed in her program’s success. Elsewhere, Naman conserves the Chudail’s life while Vedashri learns a frightening truth about her wound.

Episode 233

Mohana endangers the children as a distraught Piya struggles her with all the might. Elsewhere, Naman has difficulty controlling Dilruba.

Thursday 25 March 2021

Episode 234

When Mohana’s proposal is denied, she makes Vedashri bleed. Elsewhere, Sanam turns violent after spotting a burglar in Guru Ma’s room.

Episode 235

Mohana provides an obnoxious bargain to Ansh which puts him in a dilemma. Afterwards, the Rathods are baffled on discovering Vedashri missing.

Friday 26 March 2021

Episode 236

Ansh does the unthinkable while Mohana and Piya challenge each other. Elsewhere, Saavi rebukes Sanam as Naman loses control over the circumstance.

Episode 237

The Rathods gear up to celebrate Adi’s birthday while Piya is suspicious about Vedashree’s behaviour. Elsewhere, Sanam and Naman find a corpse missing from the coffin.

Saturday 27 March 2021

Episode 238

Piya tells Nishant about Vedashri’s demonic possession. Afterwards, a furious Saavi berates Naman and Sanam for placing Panna free.

Episode 239

Piya decides to cut Vedashri’s hair. Elsewhere, Naman, Sanam and Saavi find hidden signs while Piya conserves the Rathod Mansion from a catastrophe.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Episode 240

Mohana makes a deal with Panna and plays her trump card. Afterwards, Vedashri gets hospitalised following Piya’s attack as a dejected Ansh berates Piya.

Episode 241

Mohana interrupts Vedashri’s lifetime while Piya’s rash behavior leaves Ansh heartbroken. Afterwards, Sanam takes the form of Guru Ma with a strategy in mind.

Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 242

Mohana threatens to kill Vedashri. Afterwards, Naman plans a trip with Sanam while she’s suspicious of Masi’s illness.

Episode 243

Piya’s audacious step leaves the Rathods in pain while Ansh struggles to manage Adi alone. Elsewhere, Nishant and Saavi accompany Mohana to discover her secret.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Episode 244

Piya puts forth a state facing Mohana while Ansh supposes her for taking Adi away from him. Elsewhere, Sanam is accused of murder.

Episode 245

Kalindi instructs Astha to keep away from Shlok. Astha decides to attend the meeting and help the people of the old age home. Meanwhile, Shlok decides to instruct Astha a lesson. What does Shlok have on his head?

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 246

During a dispute over Adi, Piya ends up stabbing Ansh. Elsewhere, Nishant indicates a risky strategy to save Vedashri.

Episode 247

Upon not finding Adi, Ansh kills Piya and threatens to murder Mohana. Elsewhere, Nishant provides Shekhar a solution.



The Evil Eye Full Story/Plot Summary Star Life:

The Evil Eye Season 1:

Mohana Rathod, a 251-year-old daayan, sustains herself by draining the life-force from her victims. She enchants Mridul Rathod and marries him. They have two children, Ansh and Kajal. Mohana helps him amass great wealth through black magic while she slowly drains his vitality, resulting in his premature departure. Worried Vedashree Rathod seeks help from her friend Divya Sharma, a psychic wizardess along with a reevaavanshi (member of a clan of monster-hunters) who wards off the evil eye by slashing Mohana’s plait, rendering Mohana powerless. Once cornered, Divya seals Mohana in a temple ravaged by Mantras. Divya goes missing soon after. Vedashree and Shekhar adopt Ansh and Kajal.

18 years later

Ansh and Kajal develop their cousins, Neha and Rishi in Mumbai. Ansh discovers his superpowers, but is unaware that he’s a daavansh, the hybrids of a daayan/daanav along with a human. He can be spared from turning into the dark side only with a girl with Durga’s trishula symbol as her birthmark, and is referred to as daivik (divine conduit). Divya’s daughter Piya Sharma, has that symbol behind her neck. Separated from her parents at a very youthful age, Piya comes to Mumbai in search of her lost mother. Sparks fly between Ansh and Piya. Piya finds her father, Nishant Sharma who happens to be her college professor. Mohana sends a puppet daayan, Ruby, with a fake daivik emblem to wed Ansh, so that she can return. Ansh and Vedashree fall under Ruby’s control, during which Ruby and Ansh are married. Mohana is discharged from the seal and regains her abilities. Mohana returns back to Ansh and that he sees about his actual mother.

Piya’s childhood friend and obsessive lover, Naman, attempts to marry her by taking advantage of his unwell mother, and Piya’s guardian, a visually-impaired priestess, but Ansh stops the marriage. Fearing Ansh’s budding romance with Piya, Mohana sends a message Ruby’s father, Bhaisasur, an asura out of Paataal Lohk to scare away Piya. Bhaisasur attacks Ansh rather than Piya, much to Mohana’s horror. A desperate Piya invokes Devi-Maa to get assistance. She enters into a religious dance and kills Bhaisasur together with her trident. Everyone learns that Piya is your actual Daivik. Nishant realises that Piya is his daughter. Ansh learns about his Daavansh self and Mohana and Vedeshree are half-sisters.

Piya’s sister, Saavi is hypnotised by Mohana and releases Dilruba, a chudel, to different Piya and Ansh. Dilruba casts a raakhchakra, (hex) to capture Piya and Ansh, but Piya saves Ansh and finds himself trapped inside Dilruba’s hex. Ansh fools Dilruba because of which her hex breaks, freeing Piya. Mohana agrees to Ansh and Piya’s marriage and devotes Divya, who is later revealed to be a Sarpika(serpent). Connecting the dots, Divya realises Mohana’s intentions. Mohana kills Divya however Divya outsmarts Mohana by transferring her serpentine forces to Piya. Ansh and Piya are married.

Piya learns Mohana’s real motive of wanting to feed Ansh on the afternoon of red moon eclipse: to become immortal. The churel makes Piya fall into an eternal sleep. With Piya gone, Ansh turns into the dark side and becomes a very powerful Daavansh who cares for no one but himself. Piya returns with the help of trinetra-mani, a stone powered by Shiva’s third eye and brings Ansh straight back to his senses. Piya exposes Mohana’s intentions to the Rathods, after which Ansh expels Mohana. Later, Piya and Ansh consummate their union.

Dola, Mohana’s twin sister and Ruby’s mother, a two-headed daayan who rules the Swapna-Lohk (Dream World) unleashes horror and threatens to kill Ansh. The Rathods manage to kill Dola, but she’s restored by Mohana. The sisters fool Piya to moving her serpentine powers to Ansh. Considering that Piya is devoid of powers, the sisters try to burn her living using Tharal-agni that a Daayan fuel. Piya invokes Devi-Maa for assistance and her daivik powers go back. Mohana and Dola are turned into stone statues, but are now freed by Ruby. A Sarp (snake-man) hypnotises Ansh and steals his Sarpika powers. He disguises himself as Ansh and goals Piya’s Trinetra-mani gem. Ansh and Piya unite their abilities and conquer the Sarp. Mohana feeds on the serpent disguised as Ansh during the muhurta of this moon eclipse and becomes a Sarpayan possessing combined forces.

Dola sees Mohana’s horoscope, which predicts that Ansh’s kid will put an end to her. The Rathods celebrate Piya’s pregnancy. Ansh learns about Mohana’s intentions to kill Piya and their unborn child. Realising the danger he poses, Ansh heavy-heartedly divides from Piya until the infant is born. After six months, Piya gives birth to a baby boy in an abandoned Shiva temple. Mohana tries to kill the child many times, but neglects.

6 months later:

Piya and Ansh are overwhelmed to find the superpowers of the son, Aditya Rathod. Mohana has not given up her mission of killing Aditya. She kidnaps him and pushes him off a cliff, but Aditya is saved by Ansh. Aditya smites Mohana dead using a trident. The Rathod family drop her ashes in a river.

Vedashree starts becoming evil and becomes fond of heavy jewellery and things a daayan enjoys. Piya grows suspicious about Vedashree’s altered behaviour and finds out that she’s come to be a daayan. Vedashree successfully converts Piya into a daayan, but the daayan’s power can’t overpower the celestial powers within her. Piya succeeds in convincing Vedashree about the kindness inside her. Vedashree removes her daayan plait and throws it to the exact same river in which Mohana’s ashes were thrown earlier. Mohana acquires a mermaid’s body and yields for revenge when she reacquires her plait. Mohana tricks Piya to turning into a mermaid so she can return. But, Mohana is threatened to be return to Kohra-Lohk, the graveyard of all evil forces and realises that just a Daivik can save . Mohana helps Piya recover her human form under the condition that Piya has to help her in return. Shalaka, the queen of Kohra-Lohk poisons the Rathods and upon realising her mistake, she provides the Kohrayan dagger to Ansh which has the capability to push a person back to their previous life. Ansh stabs his family and himself sending everyone back into yesteryear. Rathods travels two years back in time. Ansh touches Piya’s earring and remembers everything. He discovers Piya, makes her remember the past and the two reconcile. The Rathod family reach Pravesh Dwar. They jump through it, and return to the present.

The Evil Eye Star Life

The Evil Eye Star Life

Two years later:

The Rathod family return to the current. Naman becomes a better man and trains himself to become a Revavanshi. He Marries Dilruba. Ansh discovers he has a twin brother, Karan (Harsh Rajput) who is handicapped but possess magical powers. Karan, controlled by Mohana, supposes it was Divya who left his spouse, Maansi and their kid, Krish into rock statues, comes back to take revenge on Divya’s family. Karan punishes Rathods to help him save his wife and kid without revealing that Piya and Adi will turn to stone, while Piya is suspicious about Karan since she knew that Divya can never strike innocent people. Nishant and Ansh know Karan’s motives but they could not save Piya and Adi. Karan shows his bewitching wings and rips out Ansh. Maansi and Krish are freed from their stone form . however, it is disclosed that Maansi is a daayan and also a puppet of Mohana; Mohana had sent Maansi to obtain Karan’s magical wings. Ansh and Karan staff up and attack Mohana and Maansi. Karan makes a tough choice to turn Maansi, Krish and himself to rock so as to save Piya and Adi, leaving Ansh heartbroken, but prior to leaving, Karan transports his magical wings into Ansh.

The family celebrates Adi’s first birthday. Mohana turns Vedashree into her puppet, to receive her things done. Vedashree tries to tarnish Piya’s picture in front of Rathods, especially Ansh. Piya accidentally throws Vedashree off the terrace, who receives hospitalised while Mohana transfers Vedashree’s life to some Praan-Pyala and threatens Piya to depart the Rathods eternally by breaking Ansh’s heart. Piya acts cold towards Ansh and leaves the House with no Adi. Nishant and Saavi follow Mohana and discover the Praan-Pyala is hidden in a daayan-island floating in the skies. Mohana needs Piya to depart the city; she insists on the condition that she needs her son with her. Mohana helps and begs her to get Adi but blatantly leaves Piya’s earring in Ansh’s area to fool him. An enraged Ansh goes to Nishant’s office to get Adi back, however he learns that Piya remains innocent. Ansh and Piya reach the Daayan island however Mohana flees in the place together with Vedashree’s Praan pyala. Piya provides a part of her life to Vedashree to rescue her, but begins to lose her power. Nishant attracts his sister-Trishila, a Revavanshi, who has the power to give life to the dead. Trishila promises the family to rescue Piya, and succeeds, while Ansh is suspicious about Trishila’s intentions. Ansh finds out that Trishila is here for another purpose and finally finds out that she has come back to bring Piya’s mother, Divya back to life to ensure Divya can permanently put an end to evil forces.

Divya creates a sword called Pralay-Talvar. Divya and Mohana hear a disembodied voice which reveals that after the Pralay-Talvar is released, the Pralay-Yuddh / war between divine powers representing Divya and Evil powers representing Mohana will begin. The one that blood flows will be defeated and the whole clan of theirs will get ruined. Rathods learn about the war and attempts to stop it. Ansh and Piya attempts to ruin the sword but in vain. Divya, sacrifices her life by stabbing herself with the Sword to conserve a poisoned Ansh and also to kick start the war. The Pralay-Yuddh starts with the supernatural evil entities at one side and all of the Revavanshis, Rathods and Ansh on the opposing side. To appreciate her mother’s sacrifice, Piya transforms to the MahaKali Avtaar and destroys the wicked forces and vows to destroy the entire world. Mohana flees, while all other evil entities gets burnt to death. After Piya comes to her senses, she regrets not encouraging Divya and realises that Divya was right and her actions were to the benefit of the forthcoming generation. Piya burns Divya’s pyre and she and Ansh sacrifice their abilities to stay away from evil and live a normal life. They reduce Adi’s powers. However, Piya remains able to use her abilities and injuries Adi by mistake, angering Ansh and believes that Piya didn’t sacrifice her powers purposefully. Piya gets tired of yanking and Ansh’s accusations and leaves the home. Piya realizes that she’s pregnant , and that her abilities are those of her unborn child. Piya goes to admit to Ansh, but he doesn’t give Piya a opportunity to speak. Later a heartbroken Piya returns to her house to stay with Pro Maa.

6 Years after:

Ansh and Piya live individually with Adi (Diaan Talaviya) and Pari (Kisha Arora), the latter possesses daayan powers. Mohana conjures a monster called Bhasmika (Sana Amin Sheikh) with the powers of all of the evil entities. Mohana names that the monster Urvashi, who enters the Rathod home to marry Ansh and bear his child. Adi sees through the true kind of Urvashi but is bullied anyway.

Piya brings Pari to Mumbai for her studies. Adi and Pari become friends at college. As soon as they realise they are siblings, both attempt to produce their parents reconcile. Urvashi always attempts to kill Adi as he is a significant hindrance between her and Ansh. During the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, Urvashi, in an attempt to kidnap Adi, kidnaps Pari by error. Piya returns to the Rathod household after six decades and demands the release of her own daughter. The Rathod family learns that Pari is Piya and Ansh’s daughter. The Rathods capture Mohana in the same temple in Bandap. Adi reveals Urvashi’s authentic form and has kidnapped with Pari on an island. Ansh and Piya recover their powers and with the assistance of the children they conquer Urvashi and return to the Rathod home.

The Rathod family wants Ansh and Piya to return, but Piya is reluctant because of Ansh’s mistrust, her six-year separation from Adi, and being abandoned throughout her pregnancy. Meanwhile, the ghost of Bhasmika rises from the ashes and possesses Piya to get intimate with Ansh. Ansh realises this and stabs her with all the daivik dagger. Bhasmika successfully gets her actions done, produces a pearl and leaves while Piya’s soul ascends to Namah Lohk. Shiva and Narayan invite her to ascend to heaven but her soul is reluctant. Ansh sacrifices himselfreaches Namah Lok in which his love is tested from the Gods, and retrieves Piya’s soul. Ansh and Piya reunite and the family celebrates with the event of Pari and Vedashree’s birthday which fall on precisely the exact same day.

Mohana returns her daayan type after sucking all the life force from Bhasmika and accelerates Bhasmika’s powers. Nishant, Naman, and Saavi realise the pearl has grown into an egg. Pari falls under Mohana’s spell and helps her come from captivity employing the wicked powers of the egg. Mohana whisks off the egg to the right place . From the egg includes the very first Ekayaan of the world, called Prathmayan/Prathima (Salina Prakash), who is the birth mother of Vedashree, Mohana and Dola. She’s the origin of evil entities in the world. Her primary aim is to flip her younger daughter Vedashree in an Ekaayan instead of her older daughter Mohana, as the latter’s sensible and incredibly cunning nature pose a threat for her. To achieve her motive, she wants to defeat the great represented by Goddess Durga using the wicked at Dussehra. Pratima, Mohana and Pari begin forming an evil army of individual beings with the support of Prathmayan mantra, Naman, also, comes under Prathmayan’s spell. Nishant prepares a potion that prevents them from falling under the spell of this prathmayan mantra. Naman and Pari break out of the spell and join their family to combat Prathmayan. Piya uses celestial energy to invoke Goddess Durga’s blessings and forces to kill Prathmayan using a Rama Setu arrow that they made with the assistance of information written in Divya’s journal.

Following Prathmayan’s departure, Piya is unable to fix her daivik dagger. She immerses it in water where the dagger is refixed by another Daivik Dev (Stavan Shinde). Dev reaches the Rathod House through the anniversary celebrations of Ansh and Piya disguised as Ruchi (Piya’s cousin)’s fiancé. Dev wants to win Piya at any cost and he enhancements a Daivik raksha dravya on Piya’s body to prohibit intimacy between Ansh and Piya. On the day of Karva Chauth Dev attacks Ansh and leaves him for dead. He hypnotises all the family members allowing him to marry Piya so as to save Ansh. Mohana conserves Ansh and assists him save Piya. Dev finally abducts Piya and forcefully ties his Kalasutra around her neck to enslave her. Piya outsmarts him and turns him into an ice statue. Ansh and Piya return home safely with their kids on Diwali. Mohana get a chance to re-enter the Rathod’s home for a return of her favours for helping Ansh and saving Piya.

The Evil Eye Star Life

The Evil Eye Star Life

Throughout the Diwali celebrations, Chaitali proceeds to the brand new neighbor’s home to greet them. She learns that the new neighbour is actually Vedashree’s twin sister and also a daayan, Kalashree (Ritu Chaudhary). Her purpose is to unite with Vedashree to develop into a daayanjod, or a mahadaayan. Mohana constantly attempts to warn the Rathods regarding the presence of a daayan from the neighbourhood, but her warnings are dismissed and she is imprisoned at a patal ketki dome. Since Vedashree refuses to consent to Kalashree’s demands, the latter targets the Rathod household and locks them in a daayan mirror. Everyone but Adi and Pari are locked inside the daayan mirror and Vedashree learns of her twin sister’s actions. With the help of Daayan gem acquired from Mohana Adi Pari and Nishant brings the family back from the mirror. Vedashree, who had consented to Kalashree’s requirements within her helplessness turns into ash. Mohana cautions the Rathod family about the hazards of the ashes and demands that they dispose of it. The Rathods disagree in the hopes of bringing Vedashree to life. Meanwhile, the Naman becomes a chudail and faces much problem to continue as a Reevavanshi. Saavi gives him the task to catch a wicked power in order to continue being a Reevavanshi. Dilruba misreads the Naman and considers Naman is in love with Saavi.

Nishant discovers that Kalashree wants Prathmaayan’s vow to become a mahadaayan, which is sent to her via the latter’s hair. Piya, with the help of Mohana prevents mahadaayan from being born. Mohana assists the Rathods in reviving Vedashree. In return, Mohana needs the Rathods support her in her cooperation with Angad (Malhar Pandya) whom she fell in love with, unaware of his identity. Angad is a Singha (a monster who is the sworn enemy of supernatural entities). Mohana enjoys Angad deeply and becomes a good person. Ansh on studying Angad’s goals, kills him about the day of her wedding to protect Mohana and his family. Mohana is traumatized after Angad’s loss making her return to the dark side and swears to take revenge on Ansh. Mohana forgets all that she’d promised herself when she’d been in love, as her heart fills with turns and hatred vengeful. Ansh submits himself facing Mohana so that his family is shielded from Mohana’s vengeance. But Mohana outsmarts him transfers Pari’s life force into a Praan-Pyaala. Ansh and Piya manage to rescue Pari through the help of Dilruba who sacrifices herself after giving birth to Dafli (Naman and Dilruba’s daughter). But, Mohana had mixed her bloodstream into Pari’s Praan-Pyaala allowing her to reside inside Pari.

Mohana implements her revenge in the Rathod house and manages to damage Vedashree and framework Piya. Piya gets arrested by a CBI officer called Abhay. On the other side, Naman is astonished to discover the supernatural forces of his newborn daughter. Ansh saves Piya from prison and retains a Christmas party in house and informs Abhay the reality. Barkha (Mohana’s lookalike) enters and shocks everybody. Nishant learns that Mohana would like to drink a potion 2 Chaand raat Ras, which is available only during a nighttime with two moons. The Rathods and Reewawanshis trusts Barkha and set a snare for Mohana but the latter kills Abhay and Barkha from the process and escapes with the potion. Mohana tricks Ansh into drinking the potion which makes Ansh, the King of all Evil Powers, who becomes wicked than ever before. Piya’s long lost brother, Ayush (also referred to as Adrishi) appears. With the support of Adrishi, Piya successfully attracts Ansh back to his perceptions, no matter how the potion enters into Ayush, which makes him evil. Mohana and Ayush team up to put an end to Rathods. They intend to send Rathods to moom, but Ayush contributes to his senses and realises Mohana’s intentions. Ayush forcefully takes Mohana into the moon . Mohana escapes from Ayush but loses her emotional stability. The Rathods take advantage of her reduction of powers to heal Piya, but Mohana regains her powers and learns about a near future of her death by the hands of Ansh. She tips Piya into promising to assist kill her murderer, who is Ansh, in exchange to leave their lives eternally.

At the end she eventually reveals that it was Ansh who would be her murderer. Ansh jumps into lava made by Mohana to rescue Piya from Mohana’s snare but she follows him. As Mohana is crowned queen of the witches, Ansh and Piya rise from the dead, and Ansh kills Mohana for good.

The Evil Eye Star Life Full Story

The Evil Eye Star Life Full Story

The Evil Eye Season 2:

Madhulika pushes her younger brother Apurv as he prepares to meet a potential suitor. Afterwards, she does the unexpected every time a Daayan tactics the house. After an explosive battle, Madhulika hums a haunting melody to stop some witnesses from revealing her secret. Later, Apurv’s union is underway. While a magical bond grows between Palak and Apurv, Madhulika tortures the bride and kills her. Later, Naina, Palak’s sister matches with a fatal accident. As a result of that, Palak requires 10 hundred thousand rupees to conserve Naina. Meanwhile, the Vishala Daayan, Madhulika’s sworn enemy, strives to suck Apurv’s life but is caught. Palak agrees to marry Apurv, in order to take 10 hundred million rupees, but Madhulika utilizes all her powers to stop the union, but in vain. Due to that, she loses all of her Daayan powers.

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