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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Evil Eye January 2021 Teasers On Star Life

The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021
The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021

The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021: Mohana supports Vedashri when she advises Ansh to marry Piya. Nishant and Piya plan to learn more about Divya’s whereabouts from Mohana when she visits them. READ FULL The Evil Eye January 2021 Teasers Below:

The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021
The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021

Star life The Evil Eye January Teasers 2021

The Evil Eye Friday 1 January 2021
Episode 69)
Mohana worries the effects of Piya joining with Ansh. Risk strikes Piya, while Ansh uses his powers to locate her. Ruby strikes a bargain with Naman.

Episode 70)
Ansh utilizes his powers and rescues Piya. Vedashri and others escape from Naman after he transforms into a witch and threatens them.

The Evil Eye Saturday 2 January 2021
Episode 71)
Vedashri, Chaitrali along with others Attempt to shield Mohana out of Naman. Piya dismisses Ansh while Saavi sets out to assault Mohana.

Episode 72)
Influenced by Mohana, Saavi Attempts to spare a witch. Naman threatens to damage Kajal following Mohana assaults him.

The Evil Eye Sunday 3 January 2021
Episode 73)
The witch attempts to snare Piya after Saavi frees her. Piya and Ansh opt to attack the witch. Shekar prevents Naman from tormenting Mohana.

Episode 74)
The witch casts a spell on Piya and Ansh’s home which makes it hard for them to escape. Meanwhile, Mohana finds out a way to receive her powers back.

The Evil Eye Monday 4 January 2021
Episode 75)
Naman retains Mohana captive. Piya stays trapped within the home. The witch misleads Ansh and has hold of Piya’s dagger.

Episode 76)
Mohana punishes Naman later Vedashri assists her in recovering her powers. Dilruba disguises herself in various kinds and goals Piya.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 5 January 2021
Episode 77)
Mohana ousts Ruby in the home for encouraging Naman. Piya assaults Dilruba if she attempts to hurt Ansh.

Episode 78)
Mohana attempts to attract Dilruba to action after learning that she’s disguised herself as Piya. Vedashri advises Ansh to acknowledge his feelings to Piya.

The Evil Eye Wednesday 6 January 2021
Episode 79)
Mohana decides to assist Dilruba. Saavi’s dad produces a magical potion that may help her communicate with her mommy.

Episode 80)
Dilruba, disguised as Piya, misleads Nishant about her individuality. Meanwhile, the Piya faces a risky situation.

The Evil Eye Thursday 7 January 2021
Episode 81)
Nishant and Ansh look for Divya while Mohana attempts to keep her from the sight. Dilruba manages to obtain Ansh’s sympathy.

Episode 82)
Ansh and his family learn the witch has disguised herself as Piya. He cried his folly and decides to locate Piya.

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The Evil Eye Friday 8 January 2021
Episode 83)
Dilruba is elated as Ansh suggests to her! Meanwhile, Piya regains her understanding.

Episode 84)
Mohana overpowers Dilruba if she struggles with her. Ansh prevents Mohana from damaging Dilruba and manages to acquire Dilruba’s trust.

The Evil Eye Saturday 9 January 2021
Episode 85)
Dilruba needs Vedashri handover her mangalsutra and forces Ansh to marry her instantly.

Episode 86)
Mohana dances enthusiastically and provokes Dilruba to perform the same. Ansh motivates a unwilling Dilruba to dance simply to get Piya from her wicked grasp.

The Evil Eye Sunday 10 January 2021
Episode 87)
Mohana assaults Piya. Nishant and Ansh try to snare Dilruba when she goals them. Afterwards, Mohana attempts to help them reach their objective.

Episode 88)
Mohana implements her wicked plan to snare Dilruba and to eradicate Piya. Afterwards, Ruby’s life is in danger when she attempts to shield Ansh.

The Evil Eye Monday 11 January 2021
Episode 89)
Mohana supports Vedashri when she counsels Ansh to wed Piya. Nishant and Piya intend to find out more about Divya’s whereabouts out of Mohana if she visits .

Episode 90)
An adamant Nishant intends to assault Mohana to find out Divya’s whereabouts. Afterwards, Mohana takes his loved ones to fulfill Divya.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 12 January 2021
Episode 91)
Divya agrees to have Piya wed to Ansh after contending with Mohana. Afterwards, a huge snake strikes Ansh in his property.

Episode 92)
Mohana rescues Ansh in the gigantic snake. Ansh informs Vedashri that somebody had been spying on him. Afterwards, Mohana faces the Naagin. Who’s she?

The Evil Eye Wednesday 13 January 2021
Episode 93)
Piya transforms into a Sarpika and promises to avenge her mother’s departure. On learning that she’s fooled, Mohana assaults Piya facing Ansh.

Episode 94)
An infuriated Piya faces Mohana for murdering her mother. Afterwards, Nishant tricks Mohana and successfully executes his mortal plot .

The Evil Eye Thursday 14 January 2021
Episode 95)
Nishant and Saavi are ruined when Mohana returns home using Piya, who later shows a shocking fact into both.

Episode 96)
Mohana requests Keetrani to kill Nishant. Saavi informs Piya that just a Sarpika may kill the Daayankeet. Piya saves Nishant out of Keetrani.

The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021
Episode 97)
Piya and Vedashree execute their strategy from Mohana. In the reception, Ansh is loath to dance with Piya. Why?

Episode 98)
Mohana defends herself and attempts to get Ansh’s support when Piya handles to expose her.

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The Evil Eye Saturday 16 January 2021
Episode 99)
The Rathods as well as the Sharmas search for Mohana’s weak areas. Afterwards, it’s match on with Piya hard Mohana!

Episode 100)
When shadowy forces overpower Ansh, Piya pacifies him. Afterwards, Piya receives a message from your deceased Divya! How?

The Evil Eye Sunday 17 January 2021
Episode 101)
Mohana decides to expose Piya’s actual individuality to Ansh. Meanwhile, Ansh and Piya spend some intimate moments with one another.

Episode 102)
Nishant informs the household about Piya’s critical health state. Meanwhile, the Ansh’s strange behaviour leaves his household members puzzled.

The Evil Eye Monday 18 January 2021
Episode 103)
As a final resort, Vedashri will the unthinkable to handle Ansh. Meanwhile, Nishant requires a risky measure to reach out to Piya.

Episode 104)
While Nishant transforms Piya to a doll, Ansh breaks free from his shackles and does the unthinkable.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 19 January 2021
Episode 105)
Nishant and Saavi try to stop Mohana from obstructing their own strategy. Vedashri gets her cool when Ansh crosses the line.

Episode 106)
Nishant and Saavi get prepared to cancel Mohana when she return to shoot away Piya. Afterwards, Ansh unites with Mohana to attack them.

The Evil Eye Wednesday 20 January 2021
Episode 107)
Nishant and Saavi face barriers when they attempt to revive Piya. Mohana attempts to snare Dilruba. Meanwhile, Ansh is up to something bad!

Episode 108)
Nishant and Saavi feel helpless over Piya’s plight. Afterwards, everyone is shocked in Ansh’s conclusion.

The Evil Eye Thursday 21 January 2021
Episode 109)
Nishant requires a radical step for Piya’s sake. Guruma along with the pundit look for a gemstone that will revive Piya. Naman provides aid to them!

Episode 110)
Guruma Attempts to reach out to Piya. Further, Mohana exposes Dilruba into Ansh! Can he marry her?

The Evil Eye Friday 22 January 2021
Episode 111)
Ansh, who’s determined to marry Dilruba, does the unthinkable to Mohana when she attempts to prevent him from making a major mistake.

Episode 112)
Vedashri faces Ansh’s ire when she attempts to prevent him from marrying Dilruba. Can Piya arrive punctually and cease Ansh?

The Evil Eye Saturday 23 January 2021
Episode 113)
Running out of choices, Piya transforms into a Sarpika and tries to handle Dilruba, who’s determined to wed Ansh.

Episode 114)
Ansh is shattered to find out about Vedashri’s curse. Afterwards, Mohana utilizes a devious strategy to instigate him from Piya.

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The Evil Eye Sunday 24 January 2021
Episode 115)
Running out of choices, Piya transforms into a Sarpika to conserve Vedashri. Can Ansh take Piya after learning her identity?

The Evil Eye Monday 25 January 2021
Episode 116)
Saavi is excited to learn about the strange indication. Meanwhile, Ansh finds himself in a helpless position.

Episode 117)
Vedashri returns to her form following Ansh plays a mysterious ritual. Piya faces Mohana for her misdeeds after she shows her true identity to Vedashri.

The Evil Eye Tuesday 26 January 2021
Episode 118)
Ansh requires a shocking stand following Mohana assaults Vedashri. Afterwards, Piya is shocked to find out about Nishant’s entrapment.

Episode 119)
Matters’warmth’ up involving Ansh and Piya, while Ruby, in Naman’s disguise, is planning her sin. Afterwards, Ansh is held accountable for a fatal injury!

The Evil Eye Wednesday 27 January 2021
Episode 120)
Piya strives to save Ansh when he lands in deep trouble. Afterwards, Ruby disguised as Naman creates a sin to Ansh along with his loved ones.

Episode 121)
Ruby disguised as Naman warns Ansh’s household that her mum will aim Ansh if he’s sleeping. Elsewhere, Ruby’s mother threatens Saavi to place Ansh to sleep.

The Evil Eye Thursday 28 January 2021
Episode 122)
Vedashri’s elder sister, Dola stuns her family by threatening to kill Ansh. Afterwards, she puts forth a shocking need before Piya.

Episode 123)
Mohana and Piya plot against Dola. But, Dola threatens Piya of murdering Ansh if she does not eliminate Mohana!

The Evil Eye Friday 29 January 2021
Episode 124)
Piya misleads Dola roughly Mohana. Further, Nishant decides to knock out Dola and asks that the Rathods to bring him a couple of things to reach the same.

Episode 125)
Even though Ansh’s family struggles to maintain Dola inhabited, Nishant generates a magic weapon to kill her. Will his plan work?

The Evil Eye Saturday 30 January 2021
Episode 126)
To be able to shield Ansh, Piya palms over her bewitching sarpika powers into him. Afterwards, as her daivik powers return to her, Piya struggles Dola and Mohana.

Episode 127)
Nishant finds a shocking secret about Ansh’s powers. Afterwards, Ansh chooses the kind of a Sarpvanshi while the unidentified enemy plots against him.

The Evil Eye Sunday 31 January 2021
Episode 128)
Disguised as Ansh, the Sarpwanshi misleads Piya along with her Loved Ones. Meanwhile, Ruby revives Mohana, employing a magic potion.

Episode 129)
Even though Ruby regains her entire body, the Sarpwanshi teams up with Dola and Mohana. Afterwards, despite Piya’s objection, an dumb Vedashri commits a blunder.


  1. Who gave Piya the role of a divine being please, or who wrote her script? Seriously! She and her whole act are annoying!
    She only knows how to use her powers against Ansh!

    And so many lies heh!

    How did Naman see/get the fuel?

    And Saavi?

  2. This movie is so full of fiction, something that shows that it’s unrealistic,and pita is irritating I don’t even know the use of her powers 🤦🤦

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