The Evil Eye 7 April 2021 update: Ansh and Piya falls in a pit. Ansh says I dont know why I couldnt use my wings. He sees skeletons there and says these people couldnt go ahead. Skeletons get up to attack them.

Piya and Ansh fight them off before they can hurt them.

Avi tells Nishant that he is trying to reach Ansh and Piya but network is not coming. Nishant says it means they will have to fight Mohana, Divya and Palai sword alone there.


Piya and Ansh see more skeletons there. They move forward and see a cliff. Ansh says we have to leave.

Nishant says to family that Ansh and Piya have to know difference between truth and illusion. Vedsheree says this is all my fault. Avi says we might have a way? Nishant says that sword needs to be destroyed for war to not start.

Ansh and Piya come near patal fire and sees Mohana and Divya there. They both glare at them.

Chitali says if powers dont work there then Mohana is useless. Nishant says she might try to bring Ansh on her side. They have to finish that sword otherwise nobody can stop this war.

Divya asks Ansh to give sword to them and leave. Piya says we will destroy this sword. Divya says I wont let you do it. Mohana and Divya point weapons at Ansh. Divya throws arrow at Ansh but Piya comes infront and gets stabbed. Divya is stunned. Piya falls down. Mohana asks Ansh to give sword to her. Ansh is about to attack her but rushes to Piya and hugs her. Piya wakes up and recalls Nishant’s words. She says this is all illusion, patal fire is dangerous so they cant come here, this is just an illusion. Ansh looks up and says you are right, they are not real. Mohana and Divya move toward them but Ansh says we know you are not real.

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Family prays for Ansh and Piya.

Guru Maa comes to jungle. Naman comes to her. Guru Maa says we have to take this mani to its right place. Guru Maa touches her feet and sees it chudail’s feet. Dilruba takes her real avatar and says give my mani back to me. Guru Maa tries to run but Dilruba says I wont spare her.

Scene 1
Mohana and Divya comes to Adi. Mohana says we cant use him if he is of stone. Divya tells Adi that if you dont become alive then you cant meet your parents. Adi becomes alive. Mohana says now we can use him against Ansh and Piya. Divya attacks Mohana with patal liquid and says everything is fair in war, I have to get that sword, she leaves with Adi.

Ansh and Piya comes near patal fire. Ansh says I will destroy it alone. Piya says no we will do everything together. She takes sword. Ansh asks her to be careful. Piya closes her eyes to walk forward without hurting her eyes. Ansh guides her through fire. She is about to destroy the sword but Divya comes there and says dont destroy this sword, it can help us finish evil in this world. Ansh says dont listen to her, its an illusion. Divya says your son cant be an illusion, she brings out Adi and says we need to end evil powers from world, take sword and comeback. Piya says not all evil powers are bad. Divya says if you dont give sword to me, I will jump in fire with Adi. Piya says no, she gives her sword and says give Adi to me.

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Dilruba and Panna trying to snatch mani from Guru Maa. Guru Maa comes to mandir and throws mani away. Panna says this is not good, Mihana can use this now.

Ansh and Piya comes out of fire area with Adi. Piya says I had to give her that sword. Ansh says dont worry, we are together. Piya says its not that easy, it will be a fight for your duties. Ansh says we are together, our love and trust will win in the end.

Scene 2
Nishant meets Piya and Ansh in house. Nishant says Mohana and Divya will do anything to start war to win, he gives malas to everyone and says we have to wear them to be safe. All wear it. Nishant says this will protect us. Shekhar says what if they fool us? Nishant says we have to keep trusting each other and dont get fooled. Mohana comes there and says he is Divya’s husband and will choose her only, maybe you people will be trapped by Divya if you trust Nishant, he is a witch hunter so you cant trust him, Mohana tells Ansh that I am your mother, they wont even leave Adi when they kill witches. Vedsheree says your trap will not work, you cant break us apart. Mohana says you all will die together, you married Ansh to a devik but it will kill Ansh, they will kill him, Divya will spill his blood first. Vedsheree is tensed. Mohana leaves. Nishant says they will try to fool us but if anyone goes on their side then our trust is broken.

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Divya says I will start this war and my grand son will spill witches’ blood to start this war. Flashback shows how she made Adi as a snake and brought him to her side.


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