The Evil Eye 30 March 2021 update: Nishant and Saanvi meets Piya in jungle. They show her witch mountain which is hanging there. Nishant says Mohana must have hid Vedsheree’s soul jar here.

Piya says we have to reach there to get it. Nishant says Nishant says its not easy, evil powers are there and we cant reach easily. Piya uses her powers to attack it but it doesnt budge. Nishant says it not that easy. Piya says I wont lose hope. She breaks witch mountain using her power. They see jar they need hanging there. Nishant says who can reach it? Piya recalls Ansh flying and says Ansh can do it.

Ansh break things in anger and says we dont need devik here. Piya calls him but he doesnt pick up.


Mohana comes to Nishant’s house and tells Piya to not try contact Ansh and his family, why were you calling him? Piya looks on. Mohana says you thought I wouldnt know? Flashback shows how she used her powers to hear everything they talk about in house. Mohana says to Piya that accept your defeat, why dont you leave this city? I am tired of seeing your crying face. Piya says I am ready to leave this city but I have a condition, I want my son, I wont leave without him.

Dilruba comes to cave and sees jewelry there. She asys this is all mine. Mausi is trying to go inside but someone strikes her.

Mohana says to Piya that I will do it if it makes you leave this city.
Mohana comes out of Ansh’s house to steal Adi. Inside Ansh says to Shekhar says my heart doesnt accept this. He feels Piya’s presence and leaves from there. Mohana comes to Adi and says lets go. Adi becomes of stone. Mohana uses Piya’s earring and says your mother sent it. Ansh hears noise and says why I feel Piya is here? Adi? He comes to his room and sees Adi missing. He sees Piya’s earring and says she took Adi from there? He screams Piya..

Naman comes to jungle and meets Dilruba. He sees Mausi lying there and stabbed. He says you killed her? Dilruba says I was not here, I didnt kill her. A woman sees Mausi’s body and says murder. She runs from there. Naman says police will come and think I killed her. Dilruba says you can run. Naman says I cant leave my Mausi like this. Dilruba says I promise on imli that I didnt kill her. Police comes there and Dilruba goes missing from there. Police arrests Naman.

Naman comes home with police. He tells policeman that my wife didnt kill Mausi. Witness says I saw her there. Police says where is she now? Laundry man comes there and says she is a monster.

Scene 1
Piya hugs Adi. She says the earring saved him. Piya says give me my earring. Mohana says I left it there. Piya says Ansh would see it. Mohana says I didn’t have time. Piya says Ansh can come here. Mohana says he better does. He will kill you. They all go from there. Ansh comes.

Ansh asks nishant where is piya? He says I am working. Ansh says I know she is here. Nishant says go find her then. Ansh sees mohana in frame. He says that means Mohana wasn’t doing all that. It was Piya. She brought adi here. Nishant syas she isn’t here. Piya is hidden.. Nishant says I can help you find her. Let’s go from here. Ansh feels something. He pulls Piya. He says never knew you would stoop this low. Piya says let us go. He says give me Adi. Piya stabs him. Ansh falls down. Nishant says run Piya we don’t have another option. They run from there. Mohana comes out. Ansh takes the dagger out.

Police comes and says to Naman your wife did a murder. You can’t go anywhere. Bring her to us or we can arrest you. Ansh says what is all this? I didn’t do anything. I will tell you if I see my wife.
Nishan has adi. Piya asks them to run. Ansh is looking for Piya. Ansh says Piya.. He comes out. Namna says why did you run? Sanam says I was scared. I didn’t kill anyone. Naman says then who killed her.

Chitali says to Avi bhabhi’s condition is getting worse. Shekhar says I can’t forgive piya for what she did. Chitali says she stole her own son? Nishant says she did this to save him. Mohana took him to Piya. Nishant says why would she listen to piya? Nishant says I will tell you everything.
Shekhar says to save vedeshree piya sacrificed everything? She even got away from her child. We were so wrong. Avi says I hope their misunderstanding clears. Vedeshree’s condition worsens. nishant says only that liquid that Mohana had can save her.

Naman asks dil ruba when did you go to the cave? She says I thought it was mausi someone was following me there. It was a heel sound. Naman says who could it be? Ama says it was a woman? Naman says we have to go there to find her.
Avi says Nishant we have to do something. Nishant says Piya wont let anything to happen. Chitali says she is a devik. Shekhar says but I can’t sit. I am really scared. Nishant says there is nothing is our hands. Wait for piya to come home. A box falls. Nishant picks. Shekhar says what is it?

Ama, naman and dilsurba come near the cave. He says mausi was murdered here. But there are no footprints. He says I think the killer came from the tree.
Shekhar says you don’t need to know what it is. Shekhar says please tell yes. Chitali says can we save her from this? Nishant opens it Two lights come out. He says these are life and death capsules. One of them can save Vedeshree.


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