The Evil Eye 18 April 2021 update: Pari sees Adi hanging from balcony. She climbs the building like Ansh and asks him to give his hand to her. He moves towards her but falls down. Pari holds him with her braid and bring him down. Urvashi comes on balcony and sees Adi gone. Adi thanks Pari and tells her about an evil woman trying to become his mom. Pari says we will teach her a lesson.

Naman comes in jungle and sees footmarks going towards patal waterfall. He jumps inside waterfall and sees Saanvi and Nishant dug inside a dig. Naman says let me save you.

Family is worried about Adi but he comes back. Ansh says were worried about you. Adi says I have stopped worrying so dont worry. Urvashi thinks he was scared and now he is smiling? Pari hides in kitchen and gives him a thumbs up. Mohana says to Urvashi that find out what he is upto.


Family comes on balcony for rituals. Pari comes there and sits with kids. Vedsheree sees her recalls Piya used to draw on pots like her. Adi shows Urvashi to Pari and says she is evil one. Urvashi says I will help Adi. Pari leaves from there. Urvashi says hi Adi, sit. He is scared. Urvashi says how did you jump from balcony? if you dont tell me truth then I will throw you from balcony this time, dont tell anyone, also I will break that handi so dont even try, she leaves. Pari hints at Adi. Adi gathers courage and says to Urvashi that what if you are not able to break the handi? Urvashi says you think that? if that happens then I will leave your and Ansh’s life.

Naman is breaking ice on ground with a knife but its not working. Saanvi says look behind. Ukayan’s braid catches him. Naman cuts it with pata knife. Nishant punches ice ground and breaks it.

Scene 2
Ansh is playing with kids and let them try to break handi. Urvashi says I can try. Vedsheree says why not. Pari hides and looks on. Urvashi asks Ansh to help. Ansh lifts her, Urvashi is about to break handi but Pari holds handi away from her with her braid, all laugh at Urvashi.

Naman brings Saanvi and Nishant up. Naman says what are you both doing here? Saanvi says doing picnic, we are witch hunters. Naman says I can help you but I want help too, my wife is missing. Saanvi says your witch wife? Naman says stop it, she wants to marry Hirthik now.

All look around but Pari hides and keep moving handi away.

Scene 1
Pari keeps moving handi away from Urvashi, all laugh at her. Adi says let me try, maybe you are not reaching it rightly. Ansh lifts him and Adi breaks handi. All clap for him. Urvashi is angry. Pari says she cant beat my friend now. Ansh turns to see her but Pari hides.

Adi coems to his room and tells Urvashi to leave as you lost. Urvashi says you think you can fight me because of a silly challenge? Vedsheree comes there and asks Urvashi to get ready for mandir. They leave.

Adi meets Pari and tells her that Urvashi tried to scare him but he didnt. Pari shows his, Ansh and Piya’s picture. She says what my mom is doing with your dad? He says what? Shekhar comes there so Pari hides. Adi asks Shekhar who is a woman in that photo? Shekhar cries and sits with him. Vedsheree says she is your mom. Pari hears it too. Adi caresses her photo. Adi says why she doesnt live with us? Vedsheree says sometime fate plays and we have to separate, you wont understand this now but you will soon, she cries and hugs him. Vedsheree says its not fair to Adi.

Scene 2
Mohana says to Urvashi that you have to handle Adi or else you wont be able to marry Ansh. Urvashi says he was scared and suddenly he has guts to face you. Mohana says he has some powers helping him.

Dilruba comes to a shoot and thinks its Hirthik there, she runs behind him and hugs him, she says marry me please. Naman turns around and says I am already married.

Adi comes to Pari and says you are sad? I am your brother, you should be happy. Pari says our parents are separated, they fight a lot. Adi says we can patch them up, Pari says we can pray to God to reunite them.

Ansh is driving and comes to a festival. Piya is there too. They both recall their first meeting. Man asks Piya to buy a lantern and says it can fulfill your hopes. Piya imagines Ansh flying lantern with Pari and cries.

Adi says to Pari that why would our parents fight? Pari says I dont know but God will reunite them.

Pari thinks that its been 6 years but I couldnt forget him, God give him happiness. She raises her lantern in and turn to see Ansh there. Ansh sees her too.


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