The Evil Eye 16 April 2021 update: Mohana says to Urvashi that if Piya comes back then we wont be able to fight back. Urvashi says dont worry, I have an idea.

Piya asks Pari how she is using her powers? Pari says some days. She grows her braid. Piya is scared and prays for her. She hides her braid. Nishant comes there and offers Pari ice cream, she runs away with is. Nishant says her powers are increasing but it wont be easy to stop her powers like we did with Adi. Piya asks if something happened? Nishant says no but you have to accept that she saved Adi.

Sehkhar asks Ansh if he decided for sure. Ansh says yes, Adi needs Piya so I will bring her back but we have a lot to cover, we separated for a long time.


Piya says to Nishant that Ansh is starting a new life but I have to know that Adi is fine.

Nishant gets Vedsheree’s call. She says I want to know where Piya is, you must know. Nishant sees Piya behind and says I dont know where she is. Vedsheree hears Pari’s voice and says I could hear Piya, does she have a daughter? Nishant says yes. Vedsheree says I didnt know she moved on, I wont ask about her anymore, she ends call.

Ansh is on road and he sees a woman getting attacked by a big bird. He sees that old woman is Mohana.

Piya is taking Pari out, she asks her to not use her powers even if to save people as then they will get scared.

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Vedsheree tells family about Piya’s daughter and says she married again. Shekhar says we have to tell Ansh. They see Urvashi leaving, she says I cant stay here anymore. She starts leaving but glares at Adi. She is about to open lift but Ansh comes out of with with Mohana limping behind. All are shocked. Chitali says witch bhabhi is back?

Piya is changing Pari’s school and says other school is better. Pari starts leaving with her but uses her powers in principal office.

Scene 1
Vedsheree asks Ansh why he brought Mohana here? Urvashi says her head is bleeding, I will bring first aid, she leaves. Ansh says I couldnt leave her like that. Vedsheree says I dont trust her. She starts throwing Mohana out of house but Mohana says Adi’s life is in danger and thats why I am here. All are shocked.

Nishant and Saanvi comes to patal waterfall and says we can use this against evil power.

Mohana says to family that I was living my life after palai war but there is an evil power, I dont know her but she has powers that are dangerous. Vedsheree says priest talked about same powers. Mohana says that evil power attacked me too, ask Adi. Shekhar says dont lie. Ansh says she is right, I saw some evil power too, she had wings but was evil, she attacked Mohana infront of me. Urvashi says what are you saying? Vedsheree says we have a past that had evil powers, you can leave to protect yourself. Urvashi says I cant leave you in this situation like this. Ansh says she is part of our family. Urvashi smirks.

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Urvashi creates fire around Adi and says now you see what I can do? Dont try to emotionally blackmail Ansh or else nobody could save you from me. Ansh comes there. Adi recalls Pari and thinks that she can save me. He says to Ansh that I am going to school.

Scene 2
Nishant and Saanvi jumps in patal waterfall.

Ansh comes to Adi’s school. Piya is leaving with Pari. Pari says I want to say bye to my friend before leaving, she goes in school and strikes with Ansh, she says sorry and leaves.
Pari comes to class and says to a kid that if Adi comes then tell him that I am leaving this school, she leaves. Adi comes in class, kid tells Adi about Pari leaving school.

Mohana says to Urvashi that you have to marry Ansh but Adi is a hurdle. Urvashi says nobody trusts me, everyone thinks that he is emotionally disturbed, nobody can stop me as nobody has powers like me. Mohana smirks.

Piya is leaving school with Pari. She sees Adi’s picture with first prize award on board. She gets emotional. Pari starts leaving with her. Adi runs behind them but Ansh stops him and asks him to go inside school. Piya leaves with Pari.

Nishant and Saanvi comes inside a cave, they see a braid of first Ekayan, he says Divya locked her here and patal liquid cant let her goo, she will help us if she wants to live. He says Ukayan you dont know us but we know you. Ukayan says I know you well. Nishant says she is hungry from years so be careful Saanvi.

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Guru Maa says to Naman that you have to find Sanam, you ask for hunter’s help. Naman says I didnt talk to them for 6 years, I fought for my wife but she is gone now. He goes in room and recalls his moments with Sanam.


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