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The Evil Eye 11 February 2021 update:  Family is playing with Munna. Chitali says they saved Munna. Vedsheree says he must be scared of Mohana. Chitali says he must have been crying. Ansh says no he was strong.

Chitali says but he is a small baby. Munna starts following his ball, he gives order for sofa to move in air and takes ball from underneath, all are stunned to see his stunt. Piya says our Munna have powers. Ansh says he saved us from Mohana. Piya says I didnt know he had powers like these. Shekhar says that is a good news. Avi says I cant believe it. Vedsheree says he must have powers, he has Ansh and Piya’s powers. Munna crawls and goes on wall, all are scared that he might fall down. Neha says he is spiderman. Vedsheree sees a black cat sitting on wall.

Nishant says to Saanvi that Naman made Mohana leave. Saanvi says I have Mohana’s hair, we can find out truth. Nishant says Mohana is free and can attack Munna.

All family members are in car going to mandir. Suddenly some bats attack their car. Vedsheree says what is all this? Avi says this is not safe, I will try to scare them. He goes out and tries to fire them. Bats are hovering over them. Piya covers Munna in cloth. Bats leave. Vedsheree says they left when we he hid Munna.

Saanvi says to Naman that you are a fool to let Mohana go. She sees something and goes to it.

Ansh tries to start car but it breakdowns. Shekhar says what we will do? Avi says there is a bus stand nearby, we will go there. They put Munna in pram. Vedsheree says cat was staring at Munna. She sees someone behind tree. Ansh says there is no one there. They around to see tree walking towards them, they are stunned. Chitali says this is ghost. Munna’s pram starts going towards glowing tree. Piya and Ansh runs to it. Piya tries to use her powers but pram goes near tree and Munna becomes of stone. Tree vanishes and Munna becomes fine again. Piya runs to Munna and takes him.

Saanvi says to Naman that I will use Mohana’s hair and tie it to witch tree and we will know what she read in paper. She does it and finds out what was in paper.

Piya says there are some good powers and bad powers but they were bad powers. Nishant comes there and says Munna has danger from all bad powers as he has powers that they want. Piya says he cant live a normal life. Nishant says we have to snatch his powers to give him a normal life. Piya says but he saved his life using his powers. Ansh says Nishant is right, this is all happening because of his powers. Piya says Munna saved himself using his powers, what if we take his powers and then someone attacks him? Vedsheree says when he doesnt have powers then nobody will attack him, he cant live life that, danger will keep coming to him. Nishant says these powers are a curse for him. Piya says no, we should think about it. Ansh says he will remain near danger, I want to give him normal life, he would not get any friend, he will be confused like me, I dont want my son to live that life. All family members ask Piya to agree. Piya asks Nishant how he will do it? Nishant says I have a solution.

Scene 1
Nishant shows fairy to family and says it can take Munna’s powers, we cant force this fairy. This fairy can detected bad powers and can fight against them. He opens fairy jar, fairy gets scared. Nishant says she detected some bad powers here. Ansh says she must be scared of me. Nishant says he didnt do anything wrong but he is witch’s son. Ansh says I can talk to Makshika fairy. Nishant says be careful. Ansh says to Makshika that I am davansh but dont punish my son for that. Makshika attacks him with her fire powers. Ansh pleads to help his son. Piya says leave Ansh, he is not bad. Ansh says dont come near, she will get more scared. All plead for Makshika to leave Ansh. Piya says he will die. Munna goes to Ansh and starts crying. Makshika stops her attack. Ansh falls down. Piya says to Makshika that Munna came to save Ansh, he is not bad. Nishant says please help us, Ansh is not bad. All request her. Makshika smiles. Ansh holds his baby and hugs him. Makshika smiles seeing it. They leave Munna with her. Makshika starts extracting powers from Munna. She takes them and goes in jar. Piya and family runs to Munna. All hug him. Shekhar says Munna is safe? Nishant says Makshika has his powers now.

Saanvi tells Naman that this girl doesnt remember anything too. Saanvi says I read that we need a key to fight creature, I dont know what that key is. Priest comes there and shows them key, he says they found in Ansh’s house when that girl was there. Saanvi says this key will be needed by creature so he will come here. Key starts lighting. Priest says its signaling creature that key is here. Saanvi hides key in her dupatta.

Nishant comes to garden and leaves Makshika in open, he says you are safe here, thank you, he leaves.

Munna is in park. Ansh says he doesnt have danger on him now. Piya looks on. Ansh says he is safe without powers. Piya says what if he gets in danger again? did we do a mistake? he could fight evil powers, now even small danger is big for him. Ansh says we are with him, we will save. Ansh sees a slide about to fall on Munna. He runs and holds it. Piya holds stairs of slide. Ansh says something is happening to me, I cant hold it. Piya says my powers are not working as well. Ruby comes there and throws slide away. Piya and Ansh runs to Munna.

Scene 2
Creature comes to Saanvi’s house. Saanvi and Naman hides. She takes out knife. Naman says it cant do anything. Saanvi throws book in other direction. Saanvi and Naman goes in witch room. Creature tries to go in but gets current. Naman says what if he comes inside? Saanvi says he cant touch. Creature throws water at door, makes it off ice and breaks it.

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