The End of Paradise Telemundo Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

The End of Paradise
Written by Zee Lover

The End of Paradise Telemundo:  Two years later and Catalina is the new director of the DEA in Colombia. This is where the action begins on The End of Paradise, the spin-off to Telemundo’s The Way to Paradise, which ends this Wednesday (11 November). Three episodes of the anthology series Decisions air from Wednesday to Friday and The End of Paradise premieres on Monday (16 November). Carmen Villalobos reprises her role as Catalina and Fabián Ríos, Catherine Siachoque, Gregorio Pernía all return as Albeiro, Catherine and Aurelio. The most notable change is that the role of La Diablo is played by Kimberly Reyes instead of Majida Issa.

The End of Paradise

The End of Paradise

The End of Paradise Full Story/Plot Summary on Telemundo: 

2 years after, Catalina, la grande (Carmen Villalobos) assumes her new duties and responsibilities as the new manager of the DEA at Colombia, her daughter Mariana (Stephania Duque), El Titi (Gregorio Pernía) and also Dayana (Elianis Garrido) they’ve correlated with Yésica Beltrán (Kimberly Reyes), their worst enemy, whose aspirations are becoming more and more hazardous.

It was catastrophic to reunite with a powerful weapon because La Diabla includes a brand new face due to a entire face transplant. This eventually manages to infiltrate the business of the DEA just with the support of Mano Negra (Juan Pablo Gamboa).

Without being aware of it, Catalina Santana works hand-in-hand with Yésica however that presents herself beneath a new identity, which of Valeria Montes with the intention of gradually destroying her to finish the developing competition that has existed between them for 3 years.

Meanwhile, Catalina, la grande might need to fight the area of drug trafficking along with a brand new cartel of criminals who threaten to flood the nation with a brand new synthetic medication that will activate a war between good and evil which may place Catalina’s planet to the evaluation. And of those around her, such as her buddies Paola (Alejandra Pinzón) and Vanessa (Estefanía Gómez), recruited by the DEA.

Additionally, Catalina, la grande is going to be cornered by Zoraya Fuentes (Eileen Roca), that became Ingrid Román about her husband Santiago (Roberto Manrique), who’s unjustly in prison due to Zoraya.

On the flip side, calm ultimately comes to Catalina, la Medina (Carolina Gaitán) and Hernán Darío (Juan Pablo Urrego), that are awaiting their first kid. But this happiness is very likely to be short lived, because its opponents now have more energy than ever, particularly Mariana.

The End of Paradise Cast and characters on Telemundo: 

Main characters:

Recurring characters:

  • Giancarlo de Sousa as Michael Rubens
  • Juan David Galindo as Rocco Candela
  • Ricardo Leguízamo as Álvaro Mendieta
  • Margarita Reyes as Pilar
  • Gloria Pinilla as Mirta Muriel
  • Margarita Torres as Lizeth Muriel
  • Alejandra Monsalve as Sandra
  • Alí Humar as Pablo Morón
  • Carlos Baez Carvajal as Young Sebastián Sanín

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  • The end of paradise all sucks
    Please look for another director because this season is more annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This movies is sad cus the actors are awesome but the storyline and script are terrible especially from the second season, those involved in it should be ashamed of themselves for thinking you can just present this crap to their audience, they add useless scenes and characters only to have them killed, and they forget about those scenes, cos they think those watching it are stupid. It’s really annoying.

  • This the worst series I’ve ever watched. This particular season is full of contradictions and storylines that do not follow suit. Martial gave his wealth to Hilda and her family and somehow they are poor again. Sebastian and Marianna want to kill their parents is.completd BS. Alberio is imprisoned by Jessica and yet he can’t recognise her voice when she pretends to be Valeria. How about a first lady becoming president. With flash back within

    flash backs. The worst storylines ever. I have this stupid season.

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