The Cost of Love July Teasers 2021

The Cost of Love July Teasers 2021: Preoccupied with the thoughts of decoding the cryptic message sent by Sheetal, Pankti fails to finish the song for Ahaan in time.

The Cost of Love July Teasers 2021

Glow tv The Cost of Love July Teasers 2021

Thursday 1 July 2021

Episode 191

Pankti finally manages to find her way from the cake store she was locked in. However, when Reyansh also arrives in precisely the exact same store, she gets suspicious and questions how he came there.

Episode 192

Sensing foul play, Pankti decides to discover the man who locked her up in the cake shop. She faces the manager of the store and demands that he show her the CCTV footage.

Friday 2 July 2021

Episode 193

Pankti’s mission to catch the perpetrator finally bears fruit. As the director of the cake store visits Reyansh to collect his bribe money, Pankti arrives . Reyansh tries to run but she finally catches up to him.

Episode 194

Desperate to catch the perpetrator, Pankti provides money to the cake shop manager to know the identity of the individual who had locked her up from the store. Sheetal becomes suspicious of Reyansh when she starts noticing similarities between him and JD.


Monday 5 July 2021

Episode 195

Reyansh is set to foil the parties with his sinister plan. What’s Reyansh’s strategy, and will Pankti and Ahaan fall prey to it?

Episode 196

Reyansh and Virat join forces with a common agenda, the devastation of Ahaan-Pankti! On the other hand, determined to know the identity of the hooded guy who locked her up from the cafe, Pankti invites the director of the cafe into the celebration.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Episode 197

Sheetal’s suspicion leads her to Reyansh’s room where she receives the shock of her life. She realises that Reyansh is none apart from her husband JD, who’s still alive!

Episode 198

Sheetal appears jittery when she comes face to face with Reyansh. Her unsettling behavior makes Reyansh wonder if Sheetal has discovered his secret.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Episode 199

Sheetal attempts to alert Ahaan and Pankti about Reyansh’s actual identity. Anticipating Sheetal’s course of action, Reyansh includes a strategy to counter her movement and maintain his secret intact.

Episode 200

JD warns Sheetal from revealing his secret to anybody.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Episode 201

Sheetal’s surprising decision to go on a holiday to London leaves the household stunned. Convinced that someone is trying to prevent her from fulfilling Sheetal, Pankti sets out on a desperate mission to fulfill Sheetal before she leaves the country.

Episode 202

Pankti and Ahaan attend Tara’s grand birthday celebration. But little do they realise they are walking right into a deadly trap laid by none other than Tara and she plans to kill all of the guests.

Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 203

Sheetal’s effort to escape from the vehicle and expose JD fails miserably as JD holds her captive. He threatens to kill her and informs her that he’ll go to any length for Pankti back.

Episode 204

Preoccupied with the ideas of decoding the mysterious message delivered by Sheetal, Pankti fails to complete the tune for Ahaan punctually.


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