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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Colombian Women January 2020 Teasers

The Colombian Women January 2020 Teasers, A storm causes havoc. Also, the hospital staff are summoned as witnesses.


The Colombian Women Wednesday 1 January 2019
(Episode 59)

Edna advises Angela to tell Julito the truth about his father. Juan Pablo finds it hard to get Trinidad out of his head. Raquel confronts Igor and Angela on the street.

The Colombian Women thursday 2 January 2019
(Episode 60)

Raquel is upset when she discovers who her maternity cover at the hospital is. Igor offers to babysit while Angela is working, but Julito has other plans.

The Colombian Women Friday 3 January 2019
(Episode 61)

Pedro goes to Angela’s house to talk to her about Julito. A storm causes problems for everyone. Diego and Nina discuss their future. Celeste has shocking news for Felipe.

The Colombian Women monday 6 January 2019
(Episode 62)

The storm continues to disrupt everyone’s lives. Felipe is overwhelmed by Raquel’s news. Trinidad wants to get to Pedro, but finds herself trapped by the weather.

The Colombian Women Tuesday 7 January 2019
(Episode 63)

A jealous Trinidad tells Angela to stay away from Pedro. Nina makes a decision about her relationship with Diego. Raquel shares her news with Igor.

The Colombian Women Wednesday 8 January 2019
(Episode 64)

Eric is not happy with the idea of James and Silvia dating. Trinidad wants to go on a holiday with Pedro and the girls. Raquel tries to get Angela in trouble.

The Colombian Women thursday 9 January 2019
(Episode 65)

Pedro helps an unwell Angela, upsetting both Trinidad and Igor. Edna sets up a campaign to help victims of the storm. Angela confronts Raquel.

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The Colombian Women Friday 10 January 2019
(Episode 66)

Igor threatens Raquel and asks her to leave Angela alone. Pedro asks Angela to reconsider her feelings. Trinidad is pleased to hear Pedro’s plans for the future.

The Colombian Women monday 13 January 2019
(Episode 67)

Trinidad is worried when Raul arrives looking for Angela. Felipe asks Celeste about her relationship with Manuel. Silvia demands that Igor tell her the truth.

The Colombian Women Tuesday 14 January 2019
(Episode 68)

Eric is rushed to the emergency room. Pedro warns Angela that Raul is looking for her. Silvia has an emotional conversation with her father.

The Colombian Women Wednesday 15 January 2019
(Episode 69)

Felipe makes an effort to mend his relationship with Raquel. Nina visits Celeste and tries to cheer her up. Juan Pablo and Alisson discuss a business proposal.

The Colombian Women thursday 16 January 2019
(Episode 70)

Edna visits Eric to offer him her support. Angela confronts Trinidad about bringing Raul to Chile. Juan Pablo makes a surprising discovery about Alisson.

The Colombian Women Friday 17 January 2019
(Episode 71)

Diego tells Manuel about the real estate company’s plans. Igor confronts Raquel about the charges she’s pressing against him. Alisson has some bad news for Juan Pablo.

The Colombian Women monday 20 January 2019
(Episode 72)

Igor asks Pedro to help him protect Angela. Leonidas asks Juan Pablo why his relationship with Trinidad ended. Raul warns Pedro not to mess with him.

The Colombian Women Tuesday 21 January 2019
(Episode 73)

A disapproving Marta confronts Celeste about Manuel. Raquel is furious when she discovers that the hospital staff have been summoned to testify against her.

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The Colombian Women Wednesday 22 January 2019
(Episode 74)

Angela is upset after receiving a threatening phone call. Juan Pablo tells Trinidad about his feelings. Pedro finds himself in danger when he gets into a fight with Raul.

The Colombian Women thursday 23 January 2019
(Episode 75)

With Pedro in the hospital in a critical condition, both Trinidad and Angela worry about him. Silvia is nervous as she waits to hear about her DNA results.

The Colombian Women Friday 24 January 2019
(Episode 76)

Angela tells Trinidad that she has proof she was involved in bringing Raul to Chile. Julio blames himself for what happened between his father and Pedro.

The Colombian Women monday 27 January 2019
(Episode 77)

Julio tells Matilda he doesn’t want to be her friend because of her mother’s behaviour. Pedro confronts Trinidad and Sofia. Juan Pablo is smitten with Raquel.

The Colombian Women Tuesday 28 January 2019
(Episode 78)

Felipe decides to win Celeste back and urges Juan Pablo to ask Raquel out. Pedro confides in Edna. Igor asks Angela if she has doubts about their relationship.

The Colombian Women Wednesday 29 January 2019
(Episode 79)

Edna asks James to keep her romance with Eric a secret. Bruno tells Diego to leave his mother alone. Celeste is deeply hurt by Trinidad’s words.

The Colombian Women thursday 30 January 2019
(Episode 80)

Angela asks Igor to move their wedding date up. Trinidad’s lies come collapsing down on her. Silvia makes a life-changing discovery. Raquel and Felipe argue.

The Colombian Women Friday 31 January 2019
(Episode 81)

Bruno goes to Nina’s shop and demands to know who his father is. Pedro has an angry conversation with Trinidad. Angela faces some discrimination at the hospital.

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