Sunday Written update On Twist of Fate 9 August 2020

The episode starts with Mitali telling lady guests that Pragya gave mouth to mouth respiration to save Abhi and tells according to her it is a kiss. Ladies say Pragya is very intelligent and romantic. She then makes Tanu jealous with same. Tanu gets irked. Abhi comes down. Ladies surround him and says they heard about his romantic stories. He sees Pragya with guests and drags her to their room.

Purab sees them and thinks why is Abhi taking Pragya up. Bulbul stops him and tells he has forgotten her since his friend has come. He says he is not. She says she has something to tell. He says he knows. She says Pragya kissed Abhi. He asks him to describe herself. She gets shy.

Abhi takes Pragya to a room and shouts at her why is she doing this. She says what did she tell. He asks her not to act and asks if she did not tell that she kissed him. She gets emotional. He asks yes or no. She says yes. He says why she is ruining his reputation and asks if she wants to garner free publicity by associating her name with his and says it is very cheap publicity and he hates it. Pragya sadly walks out crying. Purab listens to their conversation silently and once Pragya leaves, he asks Abhi why did he scold Pragya unnecessarily. He says Pragya is spreading fake news that he kissed her. Purab says he heard someone else instead of Pragya and did not even give her a chance to explain. He says when he was shot and was dead, Pragya gave him mouth to mouth breathing and brought him back to life. She gave him second life and this party is because of Pragya. Abhi feels guilty.

Tanu stops Pragya and tells Abhi loves only her and Pragya cannot take her place any time. She goes to abhi and hugs him. Abhi does not reciprocatess. She thanks him. He walks out from there. Tanu looks at Pragya and smirks.

Pragya sadly walks towards her room. Bulbul asks where is she going. Pragya says she is not feeling well. Bulbul asks if she asked Abhi. Pragya says no. Bulbul says why did not she tell and says she is forcing her to take a step which she does not want to. She goes in center and asks guests to pay attention. She says as everyone knows this party is in Abhi and Pragya’s honor and calls Abhi near her. Abhi hesitants goes on stage. She says she wants to question him and says it is not a difficult question and says without Pragya she will not question Abhi and asks Pragya to come. Purab thinks bulbul will create a problem and and asks her to stop. She says him something and sends him away. She calls Pragya and asks Abhi if he knows the question or should she ask. Daadis see Abhi and Pragya silent and think something is wrong between them. Pragya tries to walk. Bulbul stops her and says everyone knows jiju dances and sings well and asks Abhi if he would like to dance with his wife Pragya Mehra. Everyone clap for them.

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Bulbul pushes Praga towards Abhi to dance. Ishq bulawa jaane kab awe…song..plays in the background. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and dances with her silently. Pragya sees his face and sadly dances. Bulbul while dancing with Purab tells they are behaving as if they are strangers. Purab tells he already told her not to do this, but she did not listen to him. She says she will speak to them. He says there is no need. Abhi and Pragya stop dancing. Everyone clap for them. Pragya leaves,leaving Abhi one stage guilty.

Bulbul takes Purab to a corner and tells him that his friend is behavnig rudely with Pragya. Purab says Abhi is confused as Pragya proposed him. She asks where is confusion in this and says she proposed him and he did not react then.

Abhi speaks to himself and thinks of apologizing Pragya. Tanu sees him going towards room and thinks why is he so tensed. Abhi sees Pragya standing sadly and nervously thinks why he is not getting courage to apologize. He switches off lights to lessen his nervousness.

Abhi going to room and nervously touching Pragya’s shoulder. She turns back. He apologizes her. Tanu watches them standing outside door.

Purab tells Bulbul that Abhi is different than him and he does not know to behave properly. He worked hard since childhood to become rich and had Tanu along her since childhood, so he thinks he loves her, but he does not, he is confused. He does a lot for his family. She asks what did jiju do to didi. Purab says he does not believe she is asking this when she knows Abhi rescued Pragya from kidnappers and even was shot.

Abhi tells Pragya he know knows why she kissed him and holds her. She gets emotional. Tu meri jaan hai……plays in the background. Tanu feels dejected seeing them intimate and leaves.

Bulbul tells Purab that she will confront Tanu and show her real place. He says she should not and wait for some time until Abhi and Pragya’s confusion clears. She says she will create a situation where they will accept their love for each other. He says she should not. She says she will not create any problem and leaves telling him to wait and watch.

Pragya walks out of room reminiscing Abhi hugging him and thinking how come she became so bold and feeling so good…Bulbul comes and says Abhi cannot be so rude to her and she will confront him. Pragya stops her and says Abhi apologized and hugged her. she asks if she lying. Pragya asks to see her smile and realize. Bulbul hugs her and says she is happy for her. She asks if she asked reply from Abhi or not. Pragya tries to escape, but Bulbul holds her and repeats. Pragya says when Abhi hugged and apologized her, she forgot in confusion and happiness. Bulbul says nothing can happen to her. Pragya holds her ears and apologizes.

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Abhi thinks he is so relaxed like he finalized deal worth crores. He calls Purab. Purab says he does not want to talk to him as he misbehaved with Pragya, because of which Bulbul is angry on him and his love life is at risk. Abhi says his life is not at risk and says he with great courage apologized Pragya. Purab asks him not to lie being a big rockstar. Abhi takes his guitar’s promise and then Daadi’s promise. Purab says if he is taking daadi’s promise, he believes him and asks what was Pragya’s reaction. Abhi says she did not reply anything and says if he would have forced, Pragya would have complained daadi. He asks him to handle the situation for some days.

Sarla tells Daadi that she thinks Pragya and Abhi are behaving differently. Daadi says it is for good. Daasi says she will cfront them from tomorrow.

Abhi goes to bed and thinks before Pragya comes he should sleep. He takes pillows and goes to balcony. He thinks she may come here to check and remove lampshade’s bulb and thinks she will not see her. Pragya enters, takes blanket, and thinks before abhi comes she should go to balcony. She sees darkness in balcony and thinks it is good, else he would have come here. They both clash each other and hide behind chairs and asks who is it. Abhi then runs into room and thinks when nobody is here, then he would have clashed with a ghost and gets afraid. He hides under blanket seeing Pragya’s shadow. Pragya comes and thinks if she sleeps on sofa, Abhi may see her, so she sleeps on floor. Abhi peeps out from blanket and falls back asleep. In the morning, abhi while rolling in sleep falls on Pragya. They both get up and see each other. Abhi holds her mouth.

Abhi’s jokergiri. He rolls in bed falls on Pragya who is sleeping on floor and panics. He nervously comes out starts his usual senseless talks and nervousness. He thinks why did she sleep on floor. Robin comes and asks who slept on floor. Abhi says he does not listen to him when he calls and no he listened his murmur. He gets into his rehearsal room and asks Robin not to send anyone inside. Pragya comes and asks Robin if he saw Abhi. He says Abhi is inside rehearsal room and asked not to send anyone in. Ugly mined vamp Tanu comes calling Abhi. Abhi thinks of taking her help and takes her in. Tanu smirks at Pragya, gets into room and locks door, leaving Pragya sad. She tries to manipulate Abhi against Pragya, but he says she saved his life and her kiss was mouth to mouth breathing to save his life, so he should apologize her instead. Tanu vamp thinks he is getting attracted to Pragya again and she should stop.

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Bulbul confronts Purab and tells how can Abhi ignore Pragya for Tanu. He says Abhi knows Tanu since childhood and is comfortable with her, but he gets nervous seeing Pragya. She asks that means Pragya should not go in front of him. He says she is right, if Pragya does not go in front of Abhi, he will start missing her. Pragya asks what is he gets angry on her and leaves her (independent, educated professor behaving like an illiterate villager). Bulbul says he will not and they will see if Abhi loves her or not and she will have to listen to them to check that. She takes Pragya down in hall where Daadi and other ladies are around. Daadi asks servant to bring Abhi. Tanu asks Aaliya vamp why is she calling Abhi. Sarla who is present there asks why did she call her, if she made any mistake. Daadi says yes, she did.

Abhi comes down and asks Daadi why did she call him. Daadi asks what is he doing even after many days of coming back. He jokes he was constructing taj mahal with Pragya. She asks him to start Bulbul and Purab’s marriage functions and finish their marriage soon, says tomorrow should be bulbul’s mehandi function. Aaliya says it cannot be, daaadi says it will. Sarla asks how will she arrange function so soon. Abhi says it is his responsibility and asks her to just attend the function.

Purab and Purab start following Abhi. He sees them and asks why are they following him. They say they are searching Pragya and asks Abhi where is she. He asks how can he know. o She says he is her husband and should know where she is. Purab says Pragya is not even in room. Abhi gets happy hearing that, he enters room and starts his jokergiri, shouting and mocking his concert. Bulbul and Purab peep and see his jokergiri. Pragya comes and asks what are they seeing. Bulbul says rock concert and takes her from there.

Abhi gets restless not finding Pragya and thinking without him, he cannot find any of his things. He reminisces Pragya keeping his diary in cupboard and picks. He continues his restlessness. Purab and Bulbul see his restlessness and smile.


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