Sunday update on Zara’s Nikah 7th February 2021

Zara’s Nikah 7 February 2021 Zee world update: Kabir is looking for Zara. Ruksaar calls him and asks if he found her? He says no. She ends the call and cries. She tells Salma that Zara is missing and what if something happens to her? Salma gets jittery and says I can’t lose Zara again. Ruksaar asks Irfan to take Salma to the doctor. He leaves with Azra and Salma. Ruksaar smirks at the kids.

Zara is in the hospital. She wakes up and tries to say Kabir’s name.

Kabir’s car breaks down. He helps an elder couple on the road and brings them to a hospital. Zara is there in the wardroom but Kabir doesn’t see her.

Ruksaar brings the kids to a room and says Zara is away from all this, she is in a happy place. She won’t come back. You want to go to Zara’s place? They nod. Ruksaar says you need guts.

The doctors are worried about Zara. Kabir doesn’t see her and leaves from there.

Azra calls Kabir and says we have to find Zara. Salma is not well.

Ruksaar tells a story to kids and says if you want to meet Zara then you have to follow flowers as she is in the flower world.

Ruksaar says to Azra that I have made kids sleep, she leaves. Azra prays for Zara.

Kabir comes to the police station and writes a complaint about Zara.

Ruksaar enters Irfan’s house silently and enters the kids’ room. She sees them sad and worried for Zara. Kids say that we have to follow flowers as Ruksaar said that Zara is in the flowers world. Ruksaar leaves roses on the way out of the house. Kids follow them and say we are going to find Zara. Kids keeping following the path. Ruksaar goes behind them.

Salma comes back to the house and tells Irfan that I feel something is wrong. Irfan says don’t worry. She says I will check up on the kids. She starts going to their room. She doesn’t find kids in the house. She calls Irfan and Azra. Azra says they were here only. She calls Kabir and tells him about the kids missing.

Kids are on the road and still following the flower.

Kabir is on his way. He says where are you Zara? Rukhsar calls Kabir. He says did you find her? Kabir says no I couldn’t find her. I am looking for her. Rukhsar starts crying. She says Zara is nowhere. Kabir couldn’t find her. We have lost our Zara. She left us in an accident what if we lose this Zara as well? Salma says no I can’t lose Zara. She is fainting. Irfan takes her to the hospital. Rukhsar says to the kids, let’s go upstairs.

Kabir looks for Zara. He sees an old couple. Kabir says where are you going? I can drop you. They say, our daughter is admitted here. Kabir brings them to the hospital. They say thank you. Zara says Kabir’s name in the ICU. Kabir is outside.
The kids ask Rukhsar what happened to Zara api? She says your Zara api has gone far away. there’s no one to annoy her there. She can’t come back there. She was afraid of what if someone takes her Zaid, Firdous, and Alisha. She left the world, where your parents are. All our loved ones are there. Zaid says but Kabir is here. She says Kabir will go there too. He wants to there like you want to go to your Zara api? Do you wanna go there? They all nod. She says you would need courage for that. Would you do that?

The nurse says the patient’s condition is critical.
Azra calls Kabir and says aunt fainted when she heard the news of Zara missing. What would the kids do. Kabir says don’t tell anyone anything. I will find Zara.
Rukhsar says you need courage like bari khala’s kids. Kids ask who is bari khala? She says she was your Zara’s sister. She wanted flowers, she was kept in that world with flowers. but she need her kids. She was missing them. So she made a path of water. The kids walked in the water and went to their mom. The kids say we want to meet Zara api. She says I will show you the path there.
Azra asks Rukhsar where are the kids? She says the kids are sleeping. They are better.

Kabir goes to the police station. He reports Zara is missing. Rukhsar sneaks into kids’ room. Kids are worried for Zara. They say how will we go to Zara apa. Firdous says how will we go there. Alisha says bari apa’s kids saw the way of flowers and went to her. Alisha says I smell flowers. Rukhsar throws flowers in the way. Kids keep collecting them. Zaid says Zara api is calling us. Rukhsar says their names in Zara’s voice. Alisha says let’s go there. Alisha says let me get apa’s photo. Firdous says we are coming to you Zara api. They collect flowers. Alisha says we have to follow these flowers.

Salman and Irfan come home. Salma asks where are the kids? Azra says they’re sleeping. Salman says I feel like something is wrong. Irfan says this is a bad day but it will pass. Don’t worry. She says let me go and check the kids. Salma goes upstairs.
The kids are on the road following the flowers. Salma says Zaid.. Firdous.. Alisha. Where are the kids? She sees the window open.
Salma says Azra where are the kids? They all look for the kids. Salma says where are the kids? Azra says Rukhsar said they’re asleep. I should check downstairs. Irfan calls Kabir. Azra says Kabir, kids are gone somewhere. We don’t know what to do.


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