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Sunday Update On The Heir 6 October 2019, Zee World

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Mohini saying Preet is very clever, she took away the blessings, why did Raj not let her go. Raj says I m thinking why is she so calm, what is she thinking. Sakshi says you think she is calm, she moved me and took the blessings, she will sit in mandap and you will not think anything. Raj says I m thinking she may have a big plan in my mind. He hears anklet sound and says Mannu will not sit quiet, we have to keep an eye on Haldi. Mannu says they will keep an eye on me, I m going to tailor and come back, if lahenga is not made exacly, it will he problem. She goes. Amba looks for Simran. The man say she was looking mad and laughs. She threatens them. They tell her that Simran went with a girl . She asks them not to tell this about anyone’s daughter.

Mannu meets the tailor and asks him for the lahenga. He asks her to call Bajwa family and confirm. He calls at Mannu’s house and asks her about the lahenga. Mohini does not hear anything. She asks why do they call when they have nothing to talk. The man says why two lahenga for bride. Mannu says there is no mistake, I will explain, bride wants to lose weight, she is dieting, she will wear second lahenga is he loses weight. She asks him to take her measurements. He agrees.
Amba asks lady for Simran. Rohan looks for Simran. He says I left her here, where did she go. Simran says I won, you lost. She calls him useless. He recalls Harjeet. Amba thinks what to do, I will go and see in jungle once. Rohan angrily takes Simran to his car. Amba gets shocked seeing them. Amrit waits for Mannu as rasam is going to begin. Raj looks at the door.

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Sakshi asks for whom are you waiting. He says Preet…. She gets shocked. He says she is very clever, we have to keep an eye on her. She says Mohini will see her, everyone is waiting, go and get ready. Raj thinks why is my sight finding Preet. The girl dance. Sakshi talks to Mohini about Preet. She says I wish I locked her in the room, Mannu never sits with peace. The lady asks Armit to apply haldi to Raj first. Amrit asks Raj to think again, he is already married to Preet and now he wants to marry Sakshi. She applies haldi to him. Mannu gets ready and comes. Raj gets mesmerized seeing her. Amrit smiles. Lady compliments Mannu and asks her to dance. Mannu dances with the girls. Raj looks on. Amrit observes Raj’s sight on Mannu. Raj holds Amrit’s hand and stops her. He says I know you are going to apply my haldi to Preet, why, I m your son, even then support Preet, why,
Mohini asks Amrit to wash her haldi hands. Raj says I will never wish my hadli to be applied to Mannu. Mannu worries. Raj asking Amrit to wash hands. Mohini washes Amrit’s hands. Amrit asks Mannu what will we do now, I could not get haldi for you. Raj smiles. Mannu says these rituals did not happen in our marriage, I want all rituals, I will marry Raj, Raj’s haldi will be applied to me, just see. Rohan comes home and takes Harjeet’s blessings. Simran is in the car. Mohini looks on. Rohan says I got something, you will be proud of me, come with me. Harjeet says you got mad in drunken state, you are wasting my time. Rohan says no, just see her once, you will be proud of me.

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Mohini goes. Rohan takes Harjeet to the car. He opens the car door. He sees Simran gone. He asks Harjeet to trust him. Harjeet scolds him. He says Raj wanted you here, so I have called you here. Amrit asks Mannu to do something fast. Raj dances with girls. Mannu smiles seeing him. She goes and sees the nail. She runs and picks the nail. Raj looks at her. Tose naina lage……plays….. Mannu goes to Sakshi.

Sakshi asks her to attend rasam well, I want you to apply Raj’s haldi to me. Mannu smiles and says why not, you sit here, groom’s haldi will be applied to bride. The ladies play dhol. Mannu goes to Raj. She stumbles intentionally and falls over Raj. His haldi gets on her. Mannu imagines this and walks to Raj.

Rohan comes. Raj goes to hold him. He says you have come, where did you go, I told everyone, I won’t do this marriage if you don’t come, I m very happy. Rohan says keep your favor. Raj says you are my brother. Rohan pushes Raj. Mannu runs and holds Raj. They fall down. Raj’s haldi gets on Mannu. Everyone gets shocked. Raj sees Sakshi. Mannu asks why are you seeing me, I did not do anything. Amrit says Raj’s haldi got on Preet. Raj gets shocked. Harjeet scolds Rohan. Raj asks Mannu not to be happy, Sakshi will get the haldi. He goes to apply haldi to Sakshi. Sakshi stops him and says I want to apply it my way. She sees Mannu. She gets close to Raj and gets haldi from his cheek get on her cheek. She says your bride got your haldi like you wanted. Mohini smiles. Sakshi kisses Raj on his cheek. Everyone gets shocked. Mannu cries.

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