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Roshni bumps into her but doesn’t recognise her.
Roshni leads DD to the first aid room.
Simran and Sid’s Grandmother takes food to Misha’s room.

As Simran is about to open the covers, she hears Kritika screaming at the help.
Kritika is upset that there is no food left for her.
The help says he will prepare whatever she wants.
She raises her hand to slap him and Simran holds the hand.
Simran says everyone was right about Kritika and they asked her to get Kritika under control but it seems like she is becoming more and more evil.
She tells her that if she wants to eat breakfast, she should wake up early and the help is much older than her!
She tells her to apologise!
Kritika says she won’t apologise as he is nothing more than a servant!
Simran gives her a hard slap across the face.
Kritika is shocked.
Simran apologises to the help.
Sid’s Grandmother tells Simran to calm down.
Simran says her eyes are opened now. She has always protected Kritika and in the process, she has ruined Sid’s life and her daughter-in-law’s life as well.
She says her husband always told her that she was wrong about Roshni but she was blinded by the love she had for Kritika and that’s the only reason she has been making mistakes.
She tells Kritika to leave!

Kritika says Roshni’s family deserve what’s happening to them because DD killed her husband.
She says she will try her best to stay away from Simran and her precious family!
She storms off.
Simran blames herself and cries. She tells Sid’s Grandmother that she couldn’t take care of Sid, Roshni and Krutika. Grandmother consoles her and asks her to think about the future. She asks her to make Krutika be on the right path and begs her to try and bring the happiness/peace back into their family.
Misha is now disguised as a Doctor wearing a surgical mask.
She goes to the morgue but meets the Police there. She is stopped by the security and he gave her gloves which had fallen from her pocket.
Roshni and DD meet the Inspector and he informs them of the earring found in Shiv’s hand and tells that maybe Shiv struggled to save himself, thus get hold of the earring.
DD says it’s a great clue.
Sam serves Yash’s niece and nephew some food but they say they don’t want it because they want omelettes.
Sam goes to report them to Yash.
Yash tells her to make the omelettes.
Sam says She’s a Vegetarian and won’t touch eggs.
He suggests she orders the omelettes from a restaurant.
She says she is tired of taking care of them and he should do it himself! He asks why she’s creating a fuss if they want omelette? He tells her she doesn’t know how to love anyone and that’s the difference between her and Roshni.

Sam says he has finally said it and the truth is that he still loves Roshni.
She tells him Sid has made the way clear for him now, so he can call her up!
Yash loses his temper and almost hits Sam. He says She’s insecure, and he can’t help it. He says Roshni is his best friend and Sam has to deal with it!
Misha peeps into a room and sees Shiv’s body.
She sees the earring on a tray beside him.
She enters the room to get it, thinking there is nobody inside but She’s shocked to hear Sid talking to the Doctor.
She freezes on the spot with her back turned.
The Doctor asks who she is and tells her to turn around!
Misha is still rooted to the spot.
Sid stares at her in curiousity.

DD and Roshni enter the room and DD is upset that Sid is there.
Sid tells her to calm down and reminds her that it is a morgue and tells her that he came for his friend and he can’t be at peace until he catches his killer, and says nobody can stop him. Roshni asks them not to make drama.
Misha picks up the earring and runs out of the room.
DD asks for the evidence.
The Doctor looks and doesn’t see it.
Sid reminds him a female Doctor just left the room then he runs out looking for her. Sid says she is the killer, if that earring is with her.
Misha runs as she sees him coming. He finds someone standing there and took her to be the killer. He sees her face and says sorry.
Misha runs into the file room and he follows.
He locks the door to the file room and tells her to come out and says it is enough of hide and seek game. Misha is still hiding. Sid looks at her from behind.

Misha is hiding behind a shelf.
Sid sees her from the other side and tries to take her cap and surgical mask off her face, but she pushes the shelf and it lands on Sid, throwing him to the ground. Misha attacks him with a knife and runs off and out of the room.
Roshni enters the room and sees Sid is bleeding from a cut in his hand.
She ties it with a handkerchief.
DD enters the room and berates Sid for coming in and making a mess of things once more by letting the doctor (Misha) get away!
Sid says she may have gotten away but he got the evidence.
He shows them the earring.
DD is surprised.
Sid says they just have to find out whose earring it is by going through the photos to check who was wearing it at the engagement.
He says he’s going home and anyone who wants the information can come to his house.
He leaves and Roshni tells her Mother that they don’t have a choice but to go to Sid’s house.
DD says she knows.
Roshni meets Sid at the hospital Car park and apologises on her Mother’s behalf.
Sid says he never takes DD’s words to heart.
DD sees Kritika getting into a taxi in front of the hospital and calls Roshni’s attention to it.
Roshni says she didn’t see anyone so DD might have been mistaken.
Yash is at DD’s house, he complains that he can’t reach her on the Phone.
Kesar says there is a problem with DD’s phone.
Yash tells Kesar to give him DD’s phone to fix and tells Mona to let him know what happens.

When he leaves, Mona says Yash seemed very upset and she doesn’t know why.
Misha returns to the house and enters her room through the window.
The Photographer comes with his laptop to show Raj and his family the pictures from the engagement.
Raj says they have to find out who was wearing the earrings.
Misha overhears them and panics.
Sid arrives with Roshni and DD.
DD hesitates by the door but Roshni takes her inside.
Raj’s Mother welcomes her in.
They start looking at the photos on the laptop.
Kritika arrives and Misha hides.
Kritika is drinking from a Can.
Misha throws a stone at her and Kritika throws the Can away in shock but the Can lands on the laptop and spills it’s content on the keyboard, thus ruining the photos.
Everyone is upset with Kritika. Sid shouts at her. Krutika says I am your Sister. She says she didn’t do anything intentionally. She says something hit her and the Can flew off.
She says it’s just a laptop.
DD says the laptop contained the photo of her husband’s killer!
Simran tells Kritika to apologise!
Kritika doesn’t apologise but leaves the room.
Simran tells the Photographer that they will order him a new laptop.
He tells her not to bother as he can have that one fixed and will still give them the photos.
DD tells Roshni that they should leave.
Roshni says she will join her later.
DD leaves in anger.
She gets home and starts complaining about Sid and how Roshni is still supporting him. She tells her Mother that they didn’t get the proof, all thanks to Sid and his family!
Her Mother tells her to calm down and eat something.
DD says she won’t be able to eat till she finds out who killed Shiv. Sid enters the room to find Misha crying.
She asks why he left her all day?
He says he checked up on her but she was sleeping.
He sits with her on the bed and she holds on to him.
Roshni gets a hot towel to clean the wound Misha sustained when she stepped on broken glass.
Misha screams and says Roshni wants to burn her leg. Misha hugs him tightly and kisses him to make Roshni feel jealous.
Sid tells her Roshni would not do that.
She keeps talking and Sid gets stern with her, so she allows Roshni to continue.
Roshni is using the iron to heat up the towel she’s using to clean the foot.
Misha pulls the iron cord/wire with her foot and the hot iron falls on Roshni’s hand.
Sid goes to Roshni.
Misha calls him back and Roshni lies that she is fine.
Misha pulls Sid back down.
Roshni leaves the room and Sid meets her in the Corridor.
He applies an ointment on her burn.
Roshni sees he is also hurt and she applies the ointment on his hand.
Sid says their love is forever and when she’s hurting, he’s hurting.
Roshni reminds him he is engaged to another.
Sid says it’s just for a short while till Misha recovers.
They hold each other and he tells her he will marry the one he’s in love with. Roshni looks on emotionally.
Sid says I will marry you, and kisses her. Roshni gets emotional and Roshni gets a call from her Grandmother asking her to come home.
The family members are gathered in DD’s room. Roshni reminds DD that she was the one who told them not to be sad over Shiv, and should remember him with happiness, so DD needs to eat then.
DD asks why she should listen to Roshni when Roshni doesn’t listen to her? DD says I don’t want you to meet that guy. Roshni asks her not to change the matter and says we will not eat if you don’t eat. Jigna says even she will not eat. DD laughs. Roshni reminds her that Shiv will be happy seeing her happy and try to convince her to eat. She tells her that if she doesn’t eat, then the rest of them will also not eat.
DD agrees to eat.
Yash brings DD her Phone and tells her hat he had it fixed.
She takes it and listen to her voice mail on speaker.
It’s the voicemail message Shiv left her when he called from the Phone booth while he was being chased by the thugs.
Everyone listens to Shiv’s voice saying he and DD have to save Roshni’s engagement, otherwise that crazy woman will separate them forever!
DD, Roshni and Yash are in the Police station.
The Inspector tells them where the Phone booth is located?
Yash tells DD that someone else must have sent her the text message she got, using Shiv’s Phone.
Roshni says so this was what DD was trying to hide from her when she was asking for her dad.
Yash says they need to find the Woman.
DD says Shiv took a taxi from the factory and they need to go to the taxi stand to find the driver.
The Inspector agrees.
Next morning, Roshni tells Sid to stay with Misha and she will call him if they run into any problems.
He tells her to look after herself.
He is waiting outside the Psychiatrist’s Office for Misha.

Misha is in the Psychiatrist’s Office, threatening him to continue to say she is undergoing treatment!
She gives him some money and jumps out of the window.
DD, Roshni and the Police come to the taxi park.
They meet the driver who gave Shiv a ride and show him Shiv’s photo.
He says he gave Shiv a ride and describes where he dropped him.
Misha is in the warehouse, underground.
She shows her engagement ring off to her Parents happily. She shows them their engagement pics.
One of her thugs rushes in to inform her that DD and Roshni were talking to a taxi driver who was directing them to the warehouse.
DD Roshni and the Police enter the warehouse.
DD finds Shiv’s shirt button and picks it up.
They notice the underground door latch.
They open it and they are shocked to see a stairway.
The Inspector tells them to be careful.
Roshni and DD go underground.
Sid sees a Couple carrying their child at the hospital and he imagines he and Roshni with their own child. He thinks if his ex Mother-in-law has gotten the proofs or not.
He suddenly remembers Misha and goes into the Doctor’s Office.
He sees the Doctor bleeding from the head and the Doctor says Misha escaped.
Misha orders her thugs to switch off all the lights underground!
She takes her Parents whose hands are still tied and mouths gagged and she hides them.
DD and Roshni are coming with the Police.
They use flash lights to find their way in the dark.
Misha is hiding with her Parents.
They can’t call for help because of the gags.
Roshni suggests they leave but DD says just 1 min. She tries to look through the torch light and looks in the direction where Misha and her Parents are. She asks Roshni to help her move the things.
She starts pulling the Cartons away but the Police Inspector calls her, saying they have found someone.

DD and Roshni run to meet the Inspector.
Misha thinks it is her goon. The Inspector asks him to tell who is he? DD asks him to tell about Shiv’s killer.
Sid is furious that Misha escaped.
He warns the Doctor that if anything happens to her, he would lose his license. He then calls Raj and tells him that Misha went missing because of the hospital’s carelessness.
The Police are torturing the thug they found.
He insists he doesn’t know anything. DD asks him to tell about the killer and his relation with the killer.
He sees Misha watching him and she gives a signal that indicates she will kill him if he snitches on her.
Misha gets a call from the Doctor and she tells him she would be there to sort it out.
Sid is still raising hell at the hospital. Sid insists to see the CCTV footage. The hospital staff says that they don’t have.
A ward boy informs them that Misha has been found.
They go inside the storeroom and see her hiding in a cupboard.
DD tells that she can’t be at peace until she catches the criminal.
At night, Sid calls Roshni and she gives him an update.
He suggests they investigate the case without anyone knowing.

Roshni says she will see him tomorrow then.
He says he doesn’t want her to come to his house because he doesn’t like how Misha treats her.
Roshni says it’s okay and he should be around Misha because she needs his support.
He says he wants to support her instead of Misha for the rest of his life because he loves her more than anything in the world.
Roshni doesn’t respond.
He tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that he loves her. He tells good night and feels bad. He hangs up and Roshni gets emotional and sadly says she loves him too.
Next morning, the second thug calls Misha to tell her that the Police investigation is getting closer. He then asks Misha to do something, else they will be caught!
Misha becomes worried.
She overhears Kritika talking on the Phone about being tired of the people in the house and she wants to take their Money before leaving!
Misha decides since Kritika wants to leave the house, she will help her and nobody will ever know Shiv’s real killer, as she will send Kritika to Jail, and thinks to play wise game so that no one will know the truth.

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