DOBLE KARA Episode 40
Here is the recap for yesterday’s,episode courtesy of @Aqua Starlet and @Eunice Olilah. Much appreciation to both ladies for filling us in.
First is Aqua’s recap;
Lucille discovered about Sarah’s new house that Antonio bought her and went there furious to cause havoc. They exchanged words and slapped each other. Sarah is so hard headed and rude. She did not spare Lucille. Later Karah went to visit Sarah in her new mansion to try to talk to her not interfere with Antonio and Lucille but give them space to work things out between themselves. Sarah could not stand being lectured by Kara and was so rude that she poured juice on Kara’s face. Kara got mad and for once in her lifetime, slapped Sarah and pushed her into the pool. Sarah pretended to be drowning and when Kara was trying to reach out her hand to help her, Sarah, pulled her inside the pool too and tried to drown her. Itoy and Andy were going to visit Sarah and they reached just on time to find Sarah trying to drown kara. Andy jumped into the pool and stopped the fight by separating them and helped Karah out. Itoy and Andy were so much angry at Sarah and they left. Antonio was rushed to hospital after a stone fell on him from the high floor of a building they had gone to speculate with Lucille. Their clients building. They had to go there together because they share the company. Lucille cried as Antonio was being rushed to hospital. She asked God to save Antonio’s life, and she will forgive him and give him another chance. It was so. Antonio got out of the hospital and Lucille forgave him. They are still so much in love. But on the other hand, Lucille’s mother Babra cannot stand that! She is against Antonio but Lucille is still in love with him. Meanwhile, Ishmael and Laura went to visit Sarah after itoy told them she tried to drown karah. They were not happy with what Itoy told them. They found Sarah having her Liquor and she was so rude to them. She told them they always defend Kara. She did not want to listen to them.She opened the door and told them to get out of her mansion and that she will never go back to the slums to live with them. They left. Very bitter. Laura shed silent tears as they walked away. But their last words to her from Ishmael was that, they hope one day, she will not need them and realize they are no longer there for her.
(Meanwhile….. Lucille forgave Antonio and accepted him back on one condition….To cut his links with Sarah and Kara. I hope he disconnects from them both so that Sarah will have no one to support her and eventually suffer. As for Kara, she will be fine because she is living with Laura & Ishmael and again she has Sebastian by her side. A shoulder to lean on).
# SlapYourRival
Here is Eunice’s input;
Just to add on @Aqua Starlet’s comment………
Sebastian went on a mission with their church father and while there he mistook some lady for Kara so he called his sister to ask if Kara had dropped by for which she answered no and teased him for missing her so soon.
When he returned from the mission his sister asked him if he liked Kara and he answered that they wouldn’t be friends if he didn’t like her.
There her sister insisted that they look for signs to show whether he was meant to be a priest or not,,,, one of which was for Kara to come with blue roses. Later Kara went to visit and coincidentally the jacket she wore had the blue roses and for Sebastian’s sister the first sign had come to pass.
Sebastian went to Kara and for the first time he opened up to Kara and there we find out that like Kara, Sebastian and his sister are also their father’s illegitimate children the only difference is that their father’s wife knew and they stayed at their father’s till he died after which they left since the wife had started treating them badly.
When Kara went back home her mother asked her if there was anything going on between Sebastian and her and she said that they were only friends.
While Kara and her mother were having supper Edward had come to bring Kara a CD along with the dragon from when they were young so he knocked and left the CD at the door. Kara followed him and begged him to let her go for which he agreed and blamed himself for being persistent on pursuing Kara. He admitted that it was his fault that he was hurting now and said sorry for hurting Kara. He promised to let Kara go if that would make her happy.


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