Strange Love 28 March 2021 update: Shlok’s family getting ready for the function. Astha is in an auto going home and thinking about Shlok. She is with Gauri having a bouquet for Shlok. Gauri asks what happened.

Astha says we got only one day. Shlok comes to the function venue with his family. Atul comes there with his family Niranjan greets them and welcomes them. Shlok signs autographs for his fans. Atul says this is my wife Kalindi. She says Astha would be coming in some time. The function starts giving honors to few people. Astha reaches the venue. Shlok is invited to come on the stage. Shlok’s dad hugs him. Astha says I have to talk to him before he goes on the stage. The reporter hears this. Astha goes to talk to Shlok. The reporter follows her. Astha comes to Shlok. Shlok looks at her angrily.

Astha says Shlok, listen to me. Shlok says what do you want now. The reporter captures Astha and Shlok. Shlok’s dad is happy to see Shlok’s achievements. Shlok gets angry on Astha.
Astha calls the girl. Shlok recollects who she is. The reporter shows their talk to everyone on tv. Shlok says are you blackmailing me. Astha says you rusticated one girl instead of four students because she is a girl. Astha says this is wrong. Astha says you have to take this girl back in your college. Shlok says I won’t take. Everyone are shocked. People start speaking against Shlok. Astha says why won’t you take, because her name is Anjali and you hate this name. Suresh comes there and says everyone are watching you live in tv, stop. Shlok is shocked.


Niranjan asks Shlok is this all true. Everyone looks at Shlok. Shlok says yes. Niranjan says you made a mistake and now you have to correct it. Shlok and Niranjan go on the stage. The reporters ask questions. Anjali looks angrily at Atul. A female reporter insults Shlok. People say we should not give respect and the award to Shlok. Niranjan says I can understand what questions you have and we can’ answer you. He says I want to call Astha on stage.

Niranjan says whatever Astha did was right. Niranjan says I was proud of Shlok, but today I regret after seeing that. He speaks in Shlok’s favour. He says you should realize your mistake. He says I m also responsible for this mistake, so I apologize for this. He says Shlok did one mistake, so you can’t forget his hard work and should forgive him. He says Shlok will take back the girl Anjali in his college. Shlok says I take her back. Astha is relieved and smiles. Shlok looks at Astha. Niranjan says Anjali will be getting the scholarship also. Everyone clap for them. A person announces that we should give the award to Shlok seeing his past works. Shlok’s brother gets a call and leaves. Shlok says I can’t take this award, I don’t deserve this. He says I will accept that award when I make myself the one who deserves this. He greets everyone and leaves from the stage.

Everyone speak against Shlok while walks outside the venue. He looks at Astha. Anjali thanks Astha. The reporters follow Shlok and question him. Shlok is angry and does not reply them. The reporter taunts Shlok saying you don’t respect your mum, so what else can you do. Shlok realizes that this reporter did that live tv scene. Shlok looks at them angrily.

the reporter taunting Shlok. Shlok gets angry and looks at him. The reporter smiles. Shlok goes to him and catches his shirt. Suresh asks Shlok to leave him as the media is seeing everything. Shlok says how dare you take my dad’s name. The reporter still speaks against Shlok. Astha and Gauri come to Shlok. Atul apologizes to Niranjan. Anjali taunts Atul and his wife saying girls should be in their limits. Niranjan says stop it. Shlok looks at Astha and beats the reporter. Astha sees the fight between Shlok and that reporter. Shlok’s brother and his family run to stop Shlok. Niranjan sees Shlok beating the reporter. Shlok stops seeing his dad. The media covers this fight. Shlok says he spoke against you so I could not control myself. The reporter asks police to arrest Shlok.

The inspector says we have to take Shlok to the police station as he has beaten the reporter infront of everyone. Anjali asks Niranjan to do something. Niranjan says let it happen. The inspector takes Shlok with him. Astha and her family looks on. Shlok looks at his dad and goes with the police. Astha’s mum scolds Astha while she is crying. She says this happened because of you. Astha says I tried to talk to him before the function. Astha’s mum Kalindi says you did not think about him. Kalindi says Astha planned this since yesterday and did not tell us.
Shlok thinks about Astha and whatever happened in the function. He thinks his dad got insulted because of him. Shlok’s brother says forget it. He brings Shlok home and asks him not to overthink. Atul talks to Astha and says you said no to Astha, but Niranjan took your no happily, and what did you do, you made them insulted. Still they are not blaming you. Astha cries. Anjali tells Niranjan that Shlok came home. He looks at Shlok and says you made a mistake. Shlok says yes it was my mistake. Atul says this was not right. Atul says if you told me, I would have talked to Niranjan about it. Niranjan asks Shlok to take every step calmly. He says we will work hard, do good work and will erase this bad history. Astha says yes I did a mistake, I m sorry. Astha apologizes to her parents. Shlok also apologizes to Niranjan and says you will never face such day again in your life. A new member comes in the family. He is Shlok’s uncle. He congratulates Shlok while Shlok looks at him.

He asks Shlok to have sweets by his hand. Anjali takes the sweets and says don’t you know what happened in the function. He says I know everything, he got a lesson. He laughs. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says I m glad to see you after so many days. Anjali asks him to freshen up and she will send food for him. He says let me speak once. Anjali says Niranjan that Shlok will not be able to work with you, the reason is Astha. Niranjan says if this proposal was fixed, this would have not happened. Shlok hears this and is shocked. Its raining, and Astha is walking alone at night. She is talking to Ajju on phone. Shlok follows her and stops her. Her phone falls and breaks. Astha us shocked to see Shlok. Astha says you. Shlok says I have to teach you a lesson. He says I will teach you such a lesson which you will remember your whole life, I won’t spare you. He gets closer to Astha… Its actually Astha’s dream. She wakes up screaming.

Shlok is walking in his house at night. Astha thanks Lord that it was only a dream. She wishes she does not see Shlok again. Shlok comes to his room and thinks about Niranjan’s words regarding his marriage. He thinks of Astha and says you have insulted me and my dad, you have to pay for this.


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