Strange Love 26 March 2021 update: Astha coming home. Many kids welcome them. Astha is excited to reach home. Astha tells her parents that she is back. She could not find them, and thinks no one is at home. Shlok is driving a taxi and the taxi driver asks him to drive slow and asks him a mad man.

Shlok tells him I m in a hurry as my father is waiting for me. His dad is shown doing the puja and his mum is welcoming guests. Shlok’s mum scolds her bahu once again for giving her the Gayatri Mantra. She looks at the clock and thinks when will Shlok come. Astha gets a surprise from her mum. She says I missed you a lot. Her mum says I missed you too. Ajju says no one needs me. They hug Ajju too. Astha asks for her dad. Shlok is driving the taxi in full speed. She gets stuck at a check point. Astha is looking for her dad in the house. She asks where is he. Her mum says he went outside for work. Astha says who is more important to him, work or me.

Astha calls her dad but his phone rings at home. Astha’s father comes to Shlok’s house for some work purpose. Shlok’s mum shows her husband doing puja and asks him to sit. The puja is going to end in 15 minutes, and Shlok did not come till now. Shlok’s mum is angry. Astha thinks she will argue with her dad when he comes home. Astha’s mum sees the wound on Astha’s wrist and asks what happened. Astha makes an excuse. Her mum asks are you lying. Astha says no. Her mum says I will bring medicines for you. Astha thinks she can’t tell her mum about Shlok and wished Shlok reaches his house on time. The puja is completed and the pandit asks him to eat something. Shlok’s bhabhi asks her husband to make hid dad drink water. He says I don’t want to impress anyone.


Shlok’s mum gives him water to end his fast. Shlok reaches home and thinks how he left the house once. He had an argument with his mum saying he cannot live with his mum. He thinks before stepping inside the house. He comes and says Baba. His dad turns and looks at him. His dad says I knew it my son will come. His mum stops him at the door and turns the glass and asks him to come inside the house. Shlok takes the water from her hand and gives it to his dad. His dad hugs him with love. Astha’s dad sees everything. Shlok makes his dad drink water. His dad asks him to drink water too. Shlok says even I was fasting. His dad breaks his fast. Shlok’s mum says you came late, thats why I called you to remind. His dad takes his side. His dad asks what happened. Shlok tells him about his journey and the girl he met.

He says he got late after meeting Astha. He tells him everything. His dad says its good that you came.Everyone smile seeing Shlok. Shlok comes to his room and thinks how he left the house. His dad requested him to stay with him, but shlok did not listen to him. His dad says she is no more. Shlok says but mum is here, whenever I see her…. He left the house one year ago. Shlok’s dad meets Astha’s dad and thanks him for coming on a holiday. Astha’s dad says sorry for forgetting the papers at home. Shlok’s dad says have your time.
Astha’s dad calls Astha and tells her to bring the important papers at Shlok’s residence.
Astha says I will bring it soon. Astha reaches Shlok’s house. Shlok is also roaming in his house. Astha’s papers fall and she bends down to pick them up. Shlok could not see her.

Astha talks to her dad and gives him the papers. She asks him whose house is this. He asks for the papers. Shlok’s dad introduces him to Astha’s dad. Astha and Shlok are shocked to see each other.

Shlok and Astha getting shocked seeing each other. He asks her what she is doing in his house. She says I came with my dad. Shlok says get out of my house. Shlok’s dad says do you talk like this with guests. Astha’s dad looks on. Shlok tells his dad that she is the same girl about whom he told him. He says its because of this that everything bad happened with me. Astha’s dad asks him is this true. Astha gives her explanation and says Shlok is wrong. She says I will tell you the truth. Astha’s dad asks Astha to say sorry. Shlok says this things has not ended, she has to say sorry. Everyone looks on. Astha says its not my mistake and tells them everything that happened on the way. She says he reached his house because of me, I gave him his wallet. Astha’s dad says you have to say sorry. He insists. Astha says sorry to Shlok. Shlok says the mistake which your daughter did for that I cannot forgive her. Astha’s dad is tensed. Shlok’s dad says what happened to you? He says Atul’s daughter said sorry to you, now its your turn to forget everything.

Shlok’s dad apologizes to Astha’s dad Atul. Shlok stops his dad from apologizing. He says what are you doing, its fine. Astha says sorry to everyone. Shlok’s mum looks at her.


Shlok’s dad asks Astha to do the Lord’s darshan. He takes Atul with him. Shlok’s mum looks at Astha. Astha calls her mum and tells her everything. She says they will be coming late, so don’t wait for us for dinner. Astha’s mum is worried thinking something might have happened. Shlok sees Astha and taunts her saying women either cry or lie. Astha gets a call from her friend Gauri. Shlok’s mum is keeping an eye on her. Astha goes to Shlok’s room to get the network. Gauri says I have to meet you. Astha says I m at Shlok’s house. Shlok comes there and stares at her angrily. Astha realizes its Shlok’s room. She says I actually…, He says how can you come in anyone’s room like this, did you come here to steal anything. Astha says I did not steal it. He says then why did you say sorry. She says for my dad’s sake. Shlok taunts her. Astha scolds him. Shlok says stop it. She tries to open the door. He gets closer to her. He touches her hand and the music plays. Shlok says don’t forget this is my house and my room. He opens the door for her.

Astha leaves. Astha’s mum is still worried. Astha says she does not want to stay in this house for a moment. She asks someone for water. The maid tells Shlok’s mum that Astha needs water. She says give it. Astha thinks this is a strange house, even they take permission to give someone water. She says I will take my dad and leave soon. She is waiting for her dad. shlok’s mum comes to her and asks her where are you going. Astha says I was looking for my dad. Shlok’s mum says women don’t disturb men in our house. Astha takes the prasad. Shlok’s mum taunts Astha. Astha says she reacts based on the situation. Shlok’s dad comes with Atul. Astha leaves. Astha finds her dad worried and asks him what happened. He says nothing. he greets Shlok’s dad and leaves.

Astha comes home with her dad. Shlok’s mum is angry on Astha. She thinks Astha was not a nice girl maybe her parents did not give her good values. Shlok’s dad talks to Shlok and asks are you still annoyed with me. Shlok’s dad tells him about Atul and says we got the school permission. Shlok’s dad says now I cannot handle all this alone, I get tired, now I need a new way which you can give. Shlok is silent. His dad says come back home, I need you. Shlok leaves. Astha’s dad tells his wife that Shlok’s dad Niranjan Agnihotri asked for Astha’s hand for Shlok. Astha’s mum gets happy and smiles. Astha hears this too and is shocked.


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