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Strange Love Teasers September 2021

Strange Love September Teasers 2021: The bonding between Aarav, Arnav and Sheetal upsets Khushi. Khushi finds Arnav and Sheetal’s college photos in the latter’s room. She asks Sheetal about Aarav’s father. What will Sheetal’s reply be? Read Full Strange Love Teasers September 2021 Below:

Strange Love Teasers September 2021

Strange Love Teasers September 2021

Star life Strange Love Teasers September 2021

Wednesday 1 September 2021
Episode 321

Daadi visits Guptas where he insults Khushi over living with Arnav, without a proper ceremony. Madhumati defends Khushi after Garima insults Khushi.

Arnav tells the parents that the wedding will happen at any cost. Shyam sneaks in to Shantivan later that night.

Episode 322

Daadi slams Khushi and her morals, while Naani defends Khushi. Daadi insists on meeting Garima when she hears of Garima. Garima gets panicked when she hears that.

Daadi gets an explanation from Arnav about Khushi’s adoption by the Guptas following her parents’ death.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Episode 323

Daadi reschedules Garima’s meeting with him until the next day. Garima leaves the house to avoid Daadi. Arnav learns from Daadi, that he will not be allowed to see the bride before the wedding.

He denies her suggestion and meets Khushi shortly after the shagun has been completed.

Episode 324

Garima uses Shashi’s health as an excuse not to attend her engagement. This upsets Daadi. Arnav goes through all of the customs to Khushi’s benefit.

Shyam sneaks into Shantivan at the event. Arnav spends time with Khushi after the ceremony.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Episode 325

Shyam is a smuggler for Anjali’s medicine. Arnav hires Shashi an assistant so Garima may attend puja. Arnav discovers that Shyam has billed him for the camera equipment.

Anjali meets someone out while the rest goes to the temple with Khushi’s family.

Episode 326

Garima goes home after seeing Daadi. Arnav is not only the first to enter the temple, but he also participates with Khushi in the puja.

Anjali discovers that the family has arrived at Shantivan. She invites Shyam. Shyam tells her that secretly he hates meeting her.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Episode 327

Anjali panics when Shyam returns to her home. Shyam hides. But Daadi is able to see his mobile.

Anjali receives new medicine from the doctor. Shyam, however, makes Anjali use the tampered drugs before she leaves. Garima informs Garima that Shashi will be taking her to a medical camp where she will stay for a week.

Episode 328

Madhumati asks Garima for a postponement of the trip to Khushi’s medical camp. It is revealed that Shyam, Daadi and Madhumati have an understanding. Daadi promises to help him recover his place.

Khushi requests Arnav to meet her in a restaurant. Shyam organizes to meet Anjali at the exact same restaurant.

Sunday, 5th September 2021

Episode 329

Khushi meets Arnav at a restaurant. Shyam and Anjali also happen to be at the same location. Anjali asks Shyam if he will attend her godh Bhai ritual.

Shyam gifted her jewellery, and promised to return for the ritual but disguised. Will anyone be able to spot him?

Episode 330

Shyam enters Shantivan in disguise. Garima meets Daadi to settle the issues. Daadi asks Naani, when guests question why Shyam hasn’t been there, to invite Shyam.

Arnav refuses Arnav to invite him. Nandkishore plans a party to calm Arnav in his bedroom.

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 331

Arnav tells Daadi about his desire to forget the terrible past. Garima overhears and decides not be with Daadi.

Shyam, still disguised, litters Anjali’s room’s doormat with broken glass. Arnav can be allowed to join Khushi’s mehendi rasam with Naani.

Episode 332

Anjali recognizes Shyam despite the disguise. Anjali switches the lights off when Arnav almost recognizes Shyam. Manorama introduces Garima, Daadi, in the darkness.

Shyam, having left Anjali’s bedroom covered in broken glass, asks Anjali to come and meet him in her room.

Tuesday, September 7th 2021

Episode 333

Anjali, who is in her room to meet Shyam for the first time, steps on the broken glasses. Shyam makes a trap by attaching live electrical wires to the staircase rail.

Anjali is brought in contact by the wires and falls. She is taken to the hospital. But will the fall endanger her baby?

Episode 334

Anjali, distraught, refuses believe that her baby died. Anjali is devastated when she learns of her miscarriage and begins to cry bitterly.

Khushi, comforting Arnav in his grief, shares his sorrow with him.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 335

Khushi requests that Anjali be comforted and met by Arnav, who is hesitant. Shyam pretends that he is devastated by the miscarriage. Arnav beats and tries fling him out, but Daadi intervenes.

Shyam plans for Anjali’s miscarriage, to bring Shantivan back to him. Arnav warns everyone that Shyam should not be allowed to return.

Episode 336

Daadi fought for Shyam’s release, but Arnav refused. He says that Shyam tried and killed him. She doesn’t believe it. Arnav wants to obtain a temporary restraining order for Shyam.

Shyam manipulates Anjali, already mad, to get into Shantivan. Anjali will Arnav ask for Shyam’s release.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 337

Anjali agrees to Shyam’s manipulation and pleads to Arnav to bring her back. He refuses. Enraged, Daadi blames Khushi.

She compares Khushi to Arnav’s mother and forbids her from tending Anjali. Will these tactics have an impact on Arnav?

Episode 338

Shyam sneaks inside Shantivan, where he meets Anjali. Anjali then experiences a sudden happiness surge. Khushi spots Shyam escaping from Anjali’s home and realizes that Anjali was happy to see him.

Arnav asks her about it. Madhumati, however, plans to visit Anjali. Garima resents going to Shantivan.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Episode 339

Anjali pines for Shyam and accuses Shyam’s family of only pretending they are caring for her. Khushi brings Shyam to Arnav’s house against Anjali’s refusal of eating and worsening health. Anjali is glad to see Shyam. What will Arnav think?

Episode 340

Arnav feels Khushi had broken his trust in him by bringing Shyam to India. In a fit he shouts at Khushi for leaving. Shyam apologizes before the Raizadas and explains that what happened was an error.

Arnav warns him that he would be thrown out when Anjali recovers. Khushi answers Arnav’s call later. Do you think she will respond?

Saturday, September 11, 2021
Episode 341

Khushi feels guilty for not answering Arnav’s call. He does not pick up the phone when she calls him back. Anjali, Naani persuade Arnav not to forsake Khushi.

Manorama, Nandkishore and others also attempt to bring them all together. Anjali performs Khushi’s second mehendi ritual. Khushi accepts Arnav’s apology. They apologize to Khushi.

Episode 342

Arnav thanks Khushi that she did what was necessary to Anjali’s happiness. Daadi (and Shyam) conspire to stop this wedding.

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Guptas get surprised when the Raizadas perform haldi rasam in Gupats’ houses. Will it go without a hitch?

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Episode 343

Shashi is unhappy to see Shyam visit his house. However, Garima tells Shashi that he has now reformed. Shyam, who is recording the ritual on his camcorder, secretly admires Khushi for her beauty.

Madhumati asked Garima to apply Daadi haldi when she panicked. Shyam sees Garima’s anxiety.

Episode 344

Daadi cannot recognize Garima by the haldi that she has on her face. Shyam, who is watching Garima, notices that she has a box in her cupboard.

Daadi tells her that Arnav’s parents killed themselves because Garima Gupta, a woman by the name of Garima, is responsible. Shyam plans then to reveal Garima’s secret.

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 345

Shyam manages Garima’s and Daadi’s separation. Daadi accuses Garima’s of having an extramarital affair, with Arnav her father, and breaking up their family.

She decides that this will be used as a reason for stopping the wedding. Garima begs Khushi to forgive her.

Episode 346

Garima tells Daadi her ignorance that Arnav’s father was married during the affair. Daadi is sceptical and threatens Arnav by telling her the truth.

She surprises Khushi later by gifting her a pair of bangles. This is a family heirloom. What are Daadi’s plans for Khushi?

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 347

Daadi shows friendship with Garima during the sangeet ceremony. Shyam uncovers Garima’s box and sees a photo with Arnav.

Daadi promises Khushi that she will make her pay. Shyam makes copies of the photo, and decides that she will wait for an opportunity.

Episode 348

Arnav, overjoyed and dancing in the sangeet ceremonial, proposes to Khushi. Khushi proposes to Nandkishore that Arnav host a bachelor’s celebration.

Shyam loses Garima Garima, Arnav’s father’s photograph. But someone finds it. Who owns this photo?

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 349

Payal is harsh with Khushi and says that a bachelor party involves alcohol and other ladies. Arnav tells Khushi that it was a trick to fool her.

Khushi is surprised when he performs a planetary show in their farm house. They spend their time together in love and have romantic moments.

Episode 350

Khushi breaks Arnav’s bangles as she gets ready for the wedding. Garima thinks back to the time Khushi took her in as her mother.

Arnav is told by Daadi that Garima has broken up their family. Daadi then takes Arnav to the hall and shows him a photo of Garima, his father.

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Episode 351

Arnav doesn’t attend the wedding. Daadi, in front of the guests, reveals Garima’s secret from the two families.

Garima tries explaining that she did not know Arnav’s father was married, but Daadi insults Garima. Payal, Khushi, and Payal defend Garima.

Episode 352

Daadi breaks Arnav’s and Khushi’s alliances and takes back the bangles she had given Khushi. After Garima’s humiliation Payal refuses join the Raizadas.

Anjali worries for Arnav. Khushi is hopeful Arnav will return. However, Arnav recalls the past and cries.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Episode 353

Arnav Singh Rizada recalls the words of his mother about not hurting people for crimes they did not do.

On his way from the airport to the wedding hall, he collides with an accident. Khushi Kulani Gupta accepts Garima’s apology for ruining her wedding.

Episode 354

Khushi is Arnav’s decision to marry. Daadi mentions Garima to Arnav. Arnav then tells Daadi his father is to blame for deceiving the women and then committing suicide out of shame.

Arnav and Khushi plan to wed. Will it all work out?

Saturday 18th September 2021

Episode 355

Arnav & Khushi discover Shyam’s spy camera in Arnav’s bedroom during their wedding night.

Khushi, Arnav, and Khushi both learn from Anjali about Shyam’s laptop work the entire night. What will they do next??

Episode 356

After the family has gathered to unwrap Khushi & Arnav’s wedding gift, they sneak into Shyam’s space to check his computer. Will they find the spy camera’s videos?

Sunday, September 19th 2021

Episode 357

Arnav, Khushi, and Shyam are convinced that he is responsible. What can Khusi accomplish to expose the truth?

Episode 358

Khushi requests Arnav to gather evidence against Shyam before he surrenders Shyam to police. Khushi & Nandkishore plan to prove Shyam wrong. What secrets will they teach Shyam?

Monday, September 20, 2021
Episode 358

Teaser unavailable.

Episode 359

Khushi takes Anjali’s medicine and gives it to Shyam. Shyam accuses Anjali, accusing him of giving him the wrong drug. Khushi to Anjali: When will Khushi reveal Shyam’s true nature?

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Episode 360

Shyam is electrocuted when he touches the fairy lights that Anjali had hidden in their rangoli, which was made to surprise them on their wedding anniversary. Anjali apologizes. Arnav then asks Anjali to tie his rakhi. Why?

Episode 361

Nandkishore (and Khushi) expose Shyam in front the family. They reveal the videos that show him prescribing Anjali medicines, placing glass in her bedroom, playing with electrical wires, as well as planning Anjali’s miscarriage. Will Shyam confess his crimes to the family?

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Episode 362

Shyam confesses before the Raizadas to his crimes. A devastated Anjali slaps him. Arnav takes him out of the home. Nandkishore calls the police. Anjali, will you allow Shyam to be arrested?

Episode 363

Arnav decides that he will take Khushi to horseracing, but she convinces her to let him watch a movie instead. The rest of the family joins them for the movie. Arnav and Khushi have to be seated separately in the theatre.

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Episode 364

Khushi plans on wearing a modern dress and watching an English movie to please Arnav. She organizes a fashion showcase in his office.

Arnav’s Birthday, she plans to throw a party. Will Arnav appreciate the effort?

Episode 365

Arnav feels sad when no one in his family wishes him happy birthday. Khushi makes Arnav his usual home food. Khushi returns birthday cakes sent by clients to Shantivan.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Episode 366

Khushi, when Arnav is upset at Khushi about not wishing him happy birthday, explains that she was forced to because he doesn’t enjoy celebrating his birthday.

Khushi is furious with Arnav. Arnav makes jalebis for Khushi as an act of repentance.

Episode 367

Arnav learns from Khushi that she had met a boy at the designer shop. Khushi and Nandkishore later meet the same child at the vegetable marketplace. Khushi attempts to rescue him when he is kidnapped by some criminals. Who is this kid?

Saturday 25 September 2021

Episode 368

Arnav runs into his college friend Sheetal with her son Aarav. Khushi saved Aarav from the kidnappers. Arnav rebukes Sheetal for putting her life at risk. Khushi is unable to justify her actions.

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Episode 369

Khushi wonders what Aarav and Arnav look like. Arnav loves that she makes pancakes in bed.

Arnav interviews Sheetal, who is applying for a position at his office. Aarav is later found unconscious in a toy shop. Khushi finds Aarav and takes him to Shantivan.

Sunday 26th September 2021

Episode 370

Sheetal is introduced to Arnav’s family by Sheetal. Khushi becomes dismayed when Khushi learns that Arnav and Aarav have many similarities. Khushi, what will Arnav say to Khushi regarding Sheetal?

Episode 371

Khushi is upset to learn that Sheetal has been Arnav’s exgirlfriend. Sheetal later visits Shantivan for Aarav’s prescription. Khushi informs Sheetal that Aarav suffers from diabetes.

Monday 27 September 2021

Episode 372

Khushi thinks Aarav is Arnav when she hears from a doctor that the boy suffers from diabetes. Khushi invites Sheetal to come stay with her and Aarav. What is Khushi trying?

Episode 373

Aarav refuses his father’s identity. Khushi tries desperately to find his father’s name on the admission form she finds in the Principal’s office but fails. What will Khushi do next?

Tuesday, 28th September 2021

Episode 374

Aarav refuses his father’s identity. Khushi tries desperately to find his father’s name on the admission form she finds in the Principal’s Office, but it is not possible. What’s Khushi next step?

Episode 375

Khushi uses chewing gum to secretly stick to Aarav’s hair to test his DNA. Arnav receives the DNA report. How is Arnav going react?

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Episode 376

Khushi tears into the DNA report after Arnav insults her and tells Khushi he never had an intimate relationship with Sheetal. Khushi, will you find Aarav’s dad?

Episode 377

Arnav and Sheetal argue over who is best at basketball in the match organized by Khushi to please Arnav. Aarav Nandkishore, Akash, and Akash are part of Arnav’s team. Khushi and Manorama are Sheetal’s.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Episode 378

Khushi is shocked by the bonding that Aarav, Arnav and Sheetal have. Khushi finds Sheetal, Arnav and Sheetal’s college photos in Sheetal’s bedroom. She asks Sheetal what happened to Aarav? What will Sheetal say?

Episode 379

Sheetal promises that he will arrange a meeting between Aarav (his father) and Sheetal. The Raizada Family is interested to know the reason for Aarav’s good mood. What is the secret to Aarav’s happiness?


Strange Love 31 August 2021

The Episode starts with Sojal getting angry on Varad and asking him the answer. He says he does not need to tell her anything, I have done all duties towards you, you hold your limits till home, whatever happened is because of you too. He says you did not understand me ever, when I try to talk to you, I get to hear such world gossip, you don’t think about me. He says do you care for all this. She says you are asking me this, and cries. He leaves. She says she won’t be quiet, she will talk to Niranjan and he will stop Varad. Ankush comes home on his bike. Kalindi scolds him asking is this the place to park the bike here. Ankush argues and says he will park here only. He races the bike to trouble their ears.

He goes to his room. Aankush fills water and washes the bike in the living room. Ajju sees this and is shocked. She asks whats all this, how can be you out in the house. She scolds him and he turns a deaf ear. He laughs and taunts her. He asks Ajju not to be angry as he will do something. Kalindi comes there and sees water on the floor. Ankush makes a paper ship and puts in the water. Ajju and Kalindi looks on. Ankush says see, you can go now in this and roam the city. He laughs. He says don’t sit in it else…….

Ankush laughs misbehaving with Ajju. Ajju scolds him. Kalindi feels ashamed. Ajju says one day your pride will make you fall. Ankush falls and Kalindi worries for him, He says stay back. She gives him a lecture that if you do bad, you will get bad in return. Ankush taunts her back and says you left a small innocent child and now giving lecture to me. He leaves. Kalindi cries. Astha talks to man and asks him to show the land for the college. The man asks will you come alone or with Shlok. Shlok walks in and hears them. She says she will come alone. The man says sorry, I heard Shlok and you have problems. Shlok gets angry and scolds him. He kicks him out. Astha asks why did you do this, I was talking to him.

He asks her to come. She says how can you do this. They argue and walk into the lift. The lift goes down and she asks him not to interfere in her work, else………….. He says what. The light fluctuates and the lift stops. Shlok says watchman has switched off the mains. She is stunned. Astha says what will happen now, it means we have to be here tonight. He says no, book a room in 5 star hotel. Shlok calls out the watchman for help. She smiles and says you have to be here all night, that too with me. He holds him and asks him to go, she won’t stop him. He backs off her and calls for help.

She says relax, don’t take tension, I m with you, don’t get afraid, I have solution of everyone, just wait and watch. She calls on intercom. It does not connect. Shlok looks on as she keeps trying. He says is it over, shall we go now, did you call watchman? He says the phone is off since two days. She says what, it means we are really caught and shouts for help. He says don’t shout, your voice won’t reach there, even we won’t network. She checks and says mine too. She says help, I m feeling suffocated. He says don’t take tension, I m here. The light fluctuates, Astha gets worried and says Aai hugging Shlok being scared……

Anjali worries for her at home. She calls him. Anjali tells Niranjan that Astha and Shlok did not come till now. He says he will come soon, he is responsible, don’t worry about him, I don’t care if Astha stays here or not. Niranjan goes away and says Shlok and Astha did not come, are they together. Shlok and Astha hug. He looks at her. She moves away. Shlok removes his jacket. She asks what is he doing. He says what every man does, taking advantage of the situation. She asks what. He says he knows her mind, she might be thinking naughty, he is feeling hot so removed it. She says I m feeling suffocated, do anything. He says don’t expect me to be a hero.

He says there is not even network to call anyone for help. Astha asks the watchman to open the door. He says he won’t hear her, he is sitting very far. He sees the fan and holds Astha. She says what are you doing, we are stuck and you are thinking romance. He says yes, that’s remaining you, we have to open the fan so I m lifting you. She says how will I do, am I an electrician. He says fine, then you lift me. She says did you see your size, do yourself. He says nothing can happen of you, you are mad. He jumps to reach the fan and could not.

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She holds his hand onto her and asks him to lift her. He lifts her and she puts her phone in his pocket. She says you said women did not use the mind, see I have smartly opened it, you will know it when I win the project. He says I will win it. She says its done and smiles. Shlok gets an idea to leaves her, while she hangs to the fan inlet. She says Shlok, I will fall.Shlok leaving Astha to hang to the fan. She asks him to make her come down please. He says on one condition, that you will shut your mouth. She says fine and he gets her down. They have an eyelock. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………plays………….. They get the fresh air through the fan inlet. They look at each other. At home, Niranjan is worried for Shlok and keeps trying his mobile. He says where did Shlok go. He calls the watchman and asks for Shlok. He says how can this be that he is not there, did you lick all cabins yourself, fine. He says where are you Shlok.

Sojal comes to him bringing the milk glass. Sojal tries to tell him about Varad and Mansi. She says she has to tell something. He says hmm, yes tell me. She says Varad….. He says what Varad? She says he has an affair with some girl. Niranjan is shocked. He says you might be mistaken, you should solve the fights. She says no, I m not mistaken, I saw his pics with him. He is shocked and says fine, a husband goes out, what he does and why, a wife should not think about this. Sojal is shocked. He says so I told Anjali to keep her bahus at home, as such thoughts come in mind if they sit idle, an empty mind is devil’s workshop. He says Varad works in media, he meets many people including girls, if he takes a pic, then you should not think he has an affair, he is your husband and you should respect him.

He says Varad has always given you everything, then whats your problem. He says don’t know what are you thinking. She says I have everything, but not his love. He says the problem will be when he gets the girl in this house, I trust him, he won’t do this, if he does, then I will think how to solve this matter, now you go. He scolds her and asking her to understand whether she can go back to her mum’s place. He says you have a good life here and got habitual to it, you are happy here, all this is yours, you are Varad’s wife, don’t take this matter out, else you will also face problems like Anjali and Astha. Sojal is shocked.

He asks her to go and sleep now, its late, good night. Sojal cries and leaves. He says woman always make an issue, don’t know what they get doing this. He says no one used to come with small complaints, anjali used to take care of it. He says he has to do something about Astha and Shlok. Its morning, Shlok and Astha are inside the lift and everyone see them. Niranjan comes and sees them. Shlok scolds the watchman and leaves with Astha. Niranjan asks everyone to go and do their work. He scolds the watchman too.

He thinks its danger if they both come close. He says he has to end it and he knows how. Astha takes tiffin from Anjali. Anjali asks her to come on time, else she will have to spend the night in lift. They smile. She says she was worried. Astha says Shlok is with me, I will come on time, my presentation will end soon. She leaves. Mansi cries. Varad comes to meet her. She hugs him. He asks her why is she crying, tell me. She says you know Sojal came home, she scolded me so much. She has slapped me too, I did not tell you. He says what, serious. She says yes. He says sorry, Sojal should have not done this. He pacifies her.


He says he knows its tough for her, but let it go. Mansi says Sojal will trouble you a lot which I don’t like, so I decided I will go to Singapore tomorrow. He says are you mad, you won’t go anywhere, you accepted her as my wife, she will also have to accept you, sorry for this. He says he can’t live without her and hugs her. Astha sits to make presentation. Shlok comes there with his coffee mug. She gets busy in phone. His hand touches the mug and it falls on Astha’s laptop. He quickly cleans it till she is looking at other side.

He gets tensed as she turns. She sees him cleaning the coffee. Astha says her presentation is gone and cries. She says I m not getting my file. She starts her lecture on how much she worked hard and uses the tissues. He says Astha, don’t cry. She says what will I do now. He says please don’t cry, you know I can’t see you crying. She looks at him. Khuda………………plays……………….He says Astha, I mean I will help you in making your presentation. She says really. He says yes, as coffee got spilled because of me. She looks on. He says I would have given this time to my project but. She says no need to do favor, I will do myself, so I kept your name Sadu.

She says you can’t change and always taunt me. Shlok keeps a file in between them. She says I collected data from many sources, it takes many hours to make presentation and one coffee to spoil it. She scolds him again and says she will do herself. He says he knows, do it fast. He goes to see my files. Astha thinks she saved the presentation and is happy to get the file. She thanks Bappa and does not tell Shlok. She thinks she is foolish to cry, Shlok said he will help me, and I did not take his help, I would have got some time with him, I will ask him to help me. She goes to Shlok and asks him to help her.She says my presentation went because of you. She asks him to win fairly. She provokes him to help her. He says whose work is it. She nods mine. He says then request, say please. She thinks she will see how he does not help her.

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