Strange Love October Teasers 2021

Strange Love October Teasers 2021: Shlok is intoxicated and Astha helps him to his room. Next day, she prepares breakfast for everyone, but Sojal plans to take the credit for it and impress Niranjan. More Strange Love Teasers October 2021

Strange Love October Teasers 2021

Strange Love October Teasers 2021

Star life Strange Love Teasers October 2021

Friday, 1 October 2021

Episode 380

Niranjan feels anxious when Mr. Pawar threatens Niranjan to expose himself in front his family. He finds out that the evidence has been delivered via courier. Shlok is visited by several couriers. Niranjan sneaks into Shlok’s room to search the right courier. Will he be caught or not?

Episode 381

Niranjan invites Shlok into Sidharth’s home for a ritual in which he will not play the DVD. Renuka becomes upset with Jyoti (and her baby) later. Siddharth’s husband consoles Jyoti. Sojal’s mom tells her of Varad hugging someone at the Sangeet evening.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Episode 382

Riya is with Jyoti as he visits the Agnihotri residence. Astha wishes Shlok, however, to watch the DVD. Niranjan conceals the DVD from his study. She is determined that he will be exposed and finds the DVD.

Episode 383

Astha locates the DVD. Niranjan, however, arrives and takes it apart. Shlok is informed. She plans to meet Mr. Pawar, in order to obtain the DVD. Riya continues to learn about Shloks and Astha. Astha apologizes that she played a prank with Riya.

Sunday, 3 Oct 2021

Episode 384

Astha is given Mr. Pawar’s phone number by Niranjan. She calls Mr. Pawar to ask for the original copy. Anjali suspects Astha may be hiding something.

Episode 385

Varad asks Sojal’s mother not to create problems between him, his wife and their children. Niranjan pretends to have fallen off the staircase. Shlok recollects Astha carrying oil. He makes fun of her in front all. Later, Niranjan refuses Siddharth’s farewell.

Monday, 4 Oct 2021

Episode 386

Astha acquires the DVD for Mr. Pawar. Niranjan is informed about the evidence by her. He intends to separate Astha & Shlok. Mansi, however, wants Varad shopping for her. He refuses. She is later shocked to see Varad with his family.

Episode 387

Niranjan sets fire to his study. The family tries extinguish the fire. He pretends that he has lost his consciousness. Shlok blams Astha. He goes to Niranjan’s aid. Later, Nirangan regains his consciousness.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021

Episode 388

Astha tells Shlok Niranjan lit the study on fire. Shlok is furious and raises his hands to touch her. She tells the men about the old home. Niranjan pleads innocence. Astha plays the DVD front to everyone.

Episode 389
The DVD won’t turn on. Astha suspects Niranjan to have altered the DVD. Shlok asks her to apologise to Niranjan. Astha does not agree to apologize and asks her to leave. What happens if Astha refuses to do so?

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Episode 390

Shlok divides their house into two. Varad tries and convinces Astha not to divorce. Anjali is supported by him and Varad. Later, Niranjan informs Astha about Mr. Pawar’s demise. He informs her that Mr. Pawar was informed about his offer to purchase the DVD. How will Asthat feel?

Episode 391
Shlok hears Astha telling Shlok that the society must be repaid for the partition. Niranjan apologizes to Astha for the division of his house. He pretends he is trying to comfort him. Shlok is mad at Anjali because he supported Astha.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Episode 392

Astha tells Anjali that Niranjan should eat before her, breaking the tradition. Niranjan becomes angry and flees without food. He attempts to instigate Shlok on Anjali. Siddharth has plans to move to larger premises.

Episode 393

The priest invites his family to the Janmashtami festivities. Niranjan says that Anjali and Astha are forbidden from attending. Sita is asked to inform Sojal of the Krishna idol. She forgets to remind Sojal.

Friday, October 8th 2021

Episode 394

Astha is criticised by the society for not understanding the rituals. Shlok defends her. Anjali requests Niranjan that they not be separated. Shlok decides it is time to make juice.

Episode 395

Astha tells Anjali, “I want to change Niranjan’s perspective.” He overhears and vows that he will teach Anjali something. Mansi also requests Varad’s company to spend the night.

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