Strange Love October Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love October Teasers 2021: Balwankar agrees to help Shantu in professing his love to a girl and asks him to keep his relationship with Sapna a secret. Meanwhile, Kalindi and Avadhoot confront Ankush for his misbehaviour. Niranjan thanks Anjali for her support. Kalindi shares her miseries with Astha’s grandmother.

Strange Love October Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love October Teasers 2021 Starlife

Starlife Strange Love October Teasers 2021

Friday 1 October 2021

Episode 380

A furious Renuka confronts Jyoti to stop her from interfering with Riya’s personal life. A staff member from the office of municipal officials informs Astha she is in violation without a valid food-related license for business. Are Astha or Shlok get the license? obtain the licence?

Episode 381

A distraught Astha tells Shlok about her experience with the municipal officer. In the following days, Astha, Shlok and Chaukasi are shocked when the police officer refuses to take back the food truck, despite paying the fine. What can they do to retrieve their food truck and then bring this officer in to court?

Saturday 2 October 2021

Episode 382

Apsara is stunned to be shocked to Shlok and Astha come back to their truck with food. Then, Sachin informs Astha about an order from a client to host a party. As a result, Varad spikes Niranjan’s juice to stop Niranjan being unable to attend the meeting. What happens if Niranjan be allowed to attend the scheduled meeting?

Episode 383

A furious Apsara confronts Astha over her rude behavior towards Sachin. Then, Astha gifts a cell phone to Shlok. As for the other, Varad asks Sojal to mix sleeping tablets into Niranjan’s glass as the one which he spiked earlier, and spills. Are you sure Niranjan be allowed to attend the meeting?

Sunday 3 October 2021

Episode 384

Jaya wants Sojal to visit the elderly residence to inquire about the whereabouts of Anjali. As they wait, Astha and Shlok inform Anjali about their decision to move. Sojal is able to see Kavya and Anjali discussing the issue at the old-age home. Does Niranjan find out about Anjali’s location?

Episode 385

Matron suspects Sojal. Anjali seeks the help of a family doctor to visit the home for seniors since Mrs Godbole is sick. At the same time, Raghu Bhai’s associates threaten individuals with money for protection; Astha is unable to provide. Does she invite trouble?

Monday 4 October 2021

Episode 386

The residents of the old-age home conceal their truth regarding Anjalis existence from their doctor. In the meantime, Astha and Shlok learn the truth about Raghu Bhai and his associates. Shlok confronts Raghu Bhais’s associates whenever they attempt to be a nuisance. Are Shlok pulling the tail of the sleeping animal?

Episode 387

Chaukasi apologizes for his actions to Raghu Bhai, on behalf Shlok. He promises Raghu Bhai that he will persuade Shlok to accept his apology however, Shlok is unable to apologize. In the meantime, Rekha informs Astha that Chaukasi has taken Shlok on a trip to Raghu Bhai. Is Shlok taking a risk in exchange for nothing?

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Episode 388

Anjali is having an unsettling nightmare. In the meantime, Shlok is enraged reading an threatening letter. Then, Raghu Bhais associates wreck Shlok and Asthas food truck. Rekha informs them of Raghu Bhais’s goons attacking Chaukasi. Can they reconcile to Raghu Bhai?

Episode 389

Raghu Bhai informs friend Manoj about his plans against Astha. In the meantime, Anjali prays to God in prayer for Shlok and Asthas health. Then, Shlok is frightened seeing Asthas purse and is accompanied by Raghu Bhais’s goons. Manoj is abducted by Shlok. Is Raghu Bhai be successful in his scheme to defeat Astha?

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Episode 390

Chaukasi informs Astha about Raghu Bhais associate abducting Shlok. As a result, Raghu Bhai threatens Shlok. Then, Astha informs the inspector that Raghu Bhai kidnapped Shlok as well as lodges a case against him. Are the police successful in locating Shlok?

Episode 391

Anjali is at her Agnihotri House to meet Kavya. Anjali is angry with Sojal because of her indifference to Kavya. Then, at Kavyas request, Anjali prepares a sweet dish for her. As she cooks, a distraught Astha asks God for Shloks health. Will Shlok return home safely?

Thursday 7 October 2021

Episode 392

Chaukasi and Rekha launch Shlok along with Asthas food trucks. Sojal and Kavya are a bit snarky about Jaya. While Kavya is in the background, Raghu Bhais associate informs him that police are looking for him because Astha has filed a complaint against him. Are the police capable of capturing Raghu Bhai?

Episode 393

Raghu Bhai along with his accomplices leave their hideout just before police arrive. A furious Raghu Bhai is shot by Shlok. The inspector later informs Astha they’ve discovered a dead body, and wants her to identify the body. Is it Shloks?

Friday 8 October 2021

Episode 394

Raghu Bhai is confused to find his friend’s dead body, instead of the one Shlok was in. In the meantime, Astha is delighted to be able to see Shlok alive. Shlok confronts Raghu Bhai and inspires people to speak out against his heinous acts. What happens if Shlok be successful in making Raghu Bhai to the book?

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Episode 395

An angry Shlok is beaten by Raghu Bhai. The police are able to arrest Raghu Bhai along with his accomplices. On behalf of all, Chaukasi and Rekha thank Shlok and Astha for their assistance. In the meantime, Varad tricks Niranjan into signing the property papers , without having read the documents. Will Niranjan discover Varads misdeed?

Saturday 9 October 2021

Episode 396

At Varads request an employee from the bank contacts Siddharth regarding his loan that he has approved. In the meantime, Shlok and Astha relocate to their new home. In the following days, Astha informs Anjali about Shlok being arrested. Raghu Bhai and his gang detained. What happens when Siddharth discover the truth about Varads great gesture?

Episode 397

Kalindi decides to gift the house to Ankush however, Mala tells Kalindi that Ankush is not interested in the property. However, Astha is delighted to be able to meet Anjali and warmly welcomes her to the home. Then, Ankush is furious and confronts Renuka for calling her insults on Kalindi. Does Ankush find out about Mala’s mistake?

Sunday 10 October 2021

Episode 398

Astha tells Anjali regarding their truck for food. Later, Anjali informs Shlok about Niranjans misdeeds. Shlok apologizes to Anjali for his error. Anjali informs Shlok as well as Astha about Niranjan’s birthday however, the birthday boy is unable to mark it.

Episode 399

Mala deliberately damages the property documents. Then, Anand informs Niranjan that Varad is deceiving him , and asks him to go to their office. Niranjan decides to go to the office to discover the truth. What happens if Varad succeed in his crime against Niranjan?

Monday 11 October 2021

Episode 400

An angry Niranjan hits Varad for lying to him. Niranjan takes on Varad over changing the business without approval. He is devastated after Varad tells him he is the sole owner for the business. How does Niranjan move forward? Is he able to take his company back from Varad?

Episode 401

Niranjan is confronted by Varad for being deceived by him. Varad accuses Niranjan for being a lover of Shlok and places him in his room. In the meantime, Shlok performs a puja at the temple on the celebration that Niranjan’s birthday. Is it possible that Shlok be able to learn about Varad’s behavior in relation to Niranjan?

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Episode 402

Varad tells Ms. Chaudhari that Niranjan is mentally unstable. At the same time, Kavya frees Niranjan from his bedroom. Then, a furious Niranjan hits Varad for the misdeed. Varad is able to cast Niranjan from the Agnihotri home. What happens next? Shlok react when she learns of Varad’s blunder against Niranjan?

Episode 403

Anjali becomes emotional while Shlok and Astha take care of her legs. In the meantime, Varad lies to Mr. Chaudhari that Niranjan left the Agnihotri house , and apologizes for his actions to Ms. Chaudhari on his behalf. Then, Sojal tries to keep Shlok and Astha’s locations hidden from Niranjan. What happens if Niranjan be able to reach Shlok?

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Episode 404

The matron at the home for old people refuses to divulge Anjali, Shlok and Astha’s locations to Niranjan. Then, Varad’s friends pretend to take care of Niranjan and attempt to send him to a mental facility however, Niranjan is successful in getting away. What happens next? Will Shlok be able to find out about the misdeeds of Varad?

Episode 405

A thief takes Anjali’s necklace. At the same time, Shlok is worried as Astha informs him that Anjali was at the temple by herself. In the next moment, Niranjan observes Anjali running after the thief and is following her. Niranjan apologizes at Anjali for his errors and informs her of Varad. Will Shlok forgive Niranjan?

Thursday 14 October 2021

Episode 406

Mala decides to declare her love to Ankush. Kalindi is depressed, thinking that Ankush is leaving the house in the near future. Anjali brings Niranjan home with her. Astha thinks about what Shlok is going to react once he meets Niranjan. Do you think Shlok be able to welcome Niranjan back?

Episode 407

Shlok says to Anjali that he doesn’t believe in Niranjan. Siddharth engages Jyoti. Anjali tries to calm Niranjan down. Niranjan requests Anjali to ask Shlok to forgive him. Kalindi demands Mala to deliver the papers pertaining to the property to Ankush.

Friday 15 October 2021

Episode 408

Shlok refuses to accept Niranjan back. An angry Niranjan leaves the premises without telling the others. Jyoti promises Siddharth that he’s her love of life. Jyoti learns about Varad casting Niranjan out. Then, Niranjan apologizes for his actions through the media.

Episode 409

Jyoti is a rage in the house to vent her anger at Sojal for having Niranjan kicked out of the house. Meanwhile, Varad learns about Niranjan’s TV interview. In the end, Niranjan asks Shlok, Astha and Anjali for forgiveness. Shlok fogives Niranjan. Can Varad manage to conceal his true motives from Shlok?

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Saturday 16 October 2021

Episode 410

Jyoti is unhappy with Varad’s blunder against Niranjan. Shlok is shocked by the latest developments and condemns Varad for his reformed persona. Then, Varad finds Indrajeet Sarkar’s nameplate on his desk’s door. Who is Indrajeet Sarkar?

Episode 411

Varad as well as Sojal are exiled from the home and their property is taken. Indrajeet Sarkar is forced to move into the Agnihotri home to stay together with his mum. Indrajeet promises to eliminate Niranjan’s life.

Sunday 17 October 2021

Episode 412

Astha attempts to distract Shlok’s attention in order to help him escape more mental pain. Meanwhile, Ahilya asks Indrajeet to tidy Niranjan’s room for Kavita. Shlok assures Niranjan that they will return their belongings. He decides to travel back to Pune with his family. What happens if Shlok find out Indrajeet Sarkar’s true identity?

Episode 413

Shlok and Astha return to Pune along with Niranjan along with Anjali. Shantanu and Mishty have a disagreement with their tutor which makes her angry. She walks out. Varad is enraged by his actions and decides to ask for forgiveness.

Monday 18 October 2021

Episode 414

Ahilya offers treats to Shantanu as well as Mishti despite the fact that Indrajeet has been punished. Astha is trying to soothe Shlok and he does not heed to her suggestions. Varad and Sojal are able to ask Niranjan and Anjali for forgiveness , and they oblige.

Episode 415

Kalindi finds out that Ankush had been lying to be a changed person. In the meantime, Varad apologises to Shlok and Astha however, Shlok refuses to allow him to try again. Niranjan tells Shlok the fact that Varad was a victim of Indrajeet Sarkar. Do the Agnihotri family unite against Indrajeet Sarkar?

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Episode 416

Kalindi faces Ankush along with Mala. Niranjan and Shlok are able to stay together with Varad in his home. Indrajeet Sarkar presents Shlok and Astha’s photos to Ahilya, and promises to destroy all members of the family. In the meantime, the Agnihotri family gathers for dinner.

Episode 417

Niranjan realizes the error and apologizes to his family. Kalindi informs Ankush of Astha’s arrival. As for the other side, Shlok plans to gather details about Indrajeet Sarkar. He also invites Astha to join an interview at his home. What happens if Shlok’s plan is successful?

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Episode 418

Jyoti worries about her family’s whereabouts and their condition. In the meantime, Astha is interviewed by Indrajeet Sarkar to be the as Indrajeet Sarkar’s personal assistant. Astha is unable to present her credentials and she is asked five questions. What are the chances that Astha have the ability to secure the job?

Episode 419

Renuka confronts Jyoti to delay her wedding day. Astha conceals her identity from Ahilya and tells the girl that it is Sapna. She is thrilled when Ahilya is hired to be Indrajeet’s personal assistant.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Episode 420

Indrajeet Sarkar is delighted to welcome Purnima along with Kavita. Riya’s mother-in law cancels the wedding because Siddharth put off the wedding as well. Renuka accuses Jyoti for the delay. Then, Jyoti decides to leave the home. In the meantime, Ahilya has a piece of advice to Kavita. But who is Kavita?

Episode 421

Anjali makes lunch for Astha since it’s her first day of work. Astha notes down the job instructions provided by Ahilya. Shantanu and Mishty make the mistake of thinking Astha as a governess, and start arguing with her. Shlok thinks over Astha then decides to contact her.

Friday 22 October 2021

Episode 422

Ahilya And Indrajeet Sarkar do not trust Astha since she is the only one who is the one who knows everything about the home. Indrajeet insists that she leave early , and later follows her. In the end, Astha manages to outwit him. Shlok decides to go meet Indrajeet.

Episode 423

Astha is inquiring Shlok to assume the role of a caretaker at the house of Indrajeet, however, he says no. Shantanu and Mishty make a mess within the house. Shlok attempts to get into Indrajeet’s office to work as an electrician. Anjali is asking Shlok to consider the suggestion of Astha. Would Shlok be willing to take on the role of an caretaker?

Saturday 23 October 2021

Episode 424

Indrajeet demands Astha to remain with him while he conducts an interview Shlok who conceals who he is from Indrajeet and finally introduces himself to Astha as Balwankar. In the end, an angry Indrajeet confronts Shlok for his behavior and Astha demands Shlok to calm his anger.

Episode 425

Ahilya recommends Indrajeet choose Balwankar as his caretaker after watching his performance. The family members are thrilled when Shlok informs his family members that he was selected for the job. Indrajeet is adamant with Shantanu and Mishty to make fun of the servant.

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Sunday 24 October 2021

Episode 426

Astha, Shlok, Niranjan and Anjali are devastated when Ankush uncovers his true identity. Kalindi is determined to show her innocence following which Astha apologizes to her. In the meantime, Mousami agrees to help Shantanu and Mishty to remove the caretaker from the home.

Episode 427

Mala attempts to help Ankush to realize the mistake he made. Indrajeet tells Ahilya that he’s closing old projects within the Agnihotri Group. Astha is devastated when she learns that Indrajeet will not restrain himself from ruining the reputation of Agnihotris.

Monday 25 October 2021

Episode 428

Anjali tells Kalindi regarding Shlok and Astha who are at Indrajeet’s home to discover his motives to sabotage his family. Agnihotri family. Then, Ahilya confronts Balwankar for being in a bad mood with Purnima. Purnima is insistent that Balwankar is kicked out of the home.

Episode 429

Shlok is pushed off by an empty paint bucket left in the name of Shantanu in front of the entrance. He then pours the same paint onto Shantanu. In all the chaotic scene, Astha gets smeared with the paint! Ahilya demands Shlok as well Astha to wash up. Purnima takes a swipe at Astha repeatedly.

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Episode 430

Astha is adamant Shlok to calm his temper because it could cost Shlok his job. Shlok plays with Astha. Indrajeet wants Astha to send a message to a customer stating that they will earn the 80 per cent mark of revenue.

Episode 431

Astha assists Shlok in making noodles for the children. Varad tells Anjali regarding Jyoti and Siddharth coming to visit them. Astha is concerned about Shlok having trouble controlling his anger before Indrajeet. She comes up with a plan for living in Ahilya Niwas.

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Episode 432

Astha is able to sneak into the room with the servants for a chat with Shlok. Shlok cautions Shantanu as well as Mishty to drink the milk with no hassle. Ahilya is adamant Astha not to draw the temple’s curtain. Shlok declares his love for Astha by presenting her with the gift of a rose.

Episode 433

Indrajeet and Purnima Indrajeet and Purnima Ahilya to toss Ballu out, but she says no. Purnima ridicules Shlok. Jyoti visits Anjali and Niranjan. Niranjan and Varad apologize to Jyoti for her. Purnima requests Shlok to cook meals for her friends, and advises him to cook it properly.

Thursday 28 October 2021

Episode 434

Astha assists Shlok when she cooks. Shantanu and Mishty cause chaos in their rooms and refusing to consume juice. Shlok reproves them and advises the children to read. The kids sabotage Shlok’s meals in order to take revenge.

Episode 435

Purnima is impressed by Shlok’s decorations for the party. Astha takes food orders at the hotel and then is able to steal Indrajeet’s cash to purchase it. She is shocked to discover the photo of a girl in his drawer. Purnima confronts Shlok to his task to prepare the salad she’s made for her and her friends.

Friday 29 October 2021

Episode 436

Astha manages to organize the food in the kitchen prior to when Purnima arrives. Shlok’s family and friends praise her cooking abilities. Astha tells Shlok that she’s seen some important documents inside the cabinet of Indrajeet. They decide to find the papers while Indrajeet is gone.

Episode 437

Niranjan has a nightmare. Indrajeet regrets his beloved wife Barkha. Astha as well as Shlok look over a tape that Astha discovered in the Indrajeet’s bedroom. Indrajeet is able to locate Astha in his room , but she is able to handle the situation.

Saturday 30 October 2021

Episode 438

On seeing Kavita dejected, Ahilya vows to ruin Niranjan’s life. Indrajeet wishes success for Shantanu and Mishty for their interview. In the meantime, Niranjan and Anjali are concerned regarding Shlok Astha and Astha. Mousami as well as her partner discover that Balwankar had placed an order for the food at an eatery.

Episode 439

Shlok is unable to obtain a copy of the powers of attorney documents. In the meantime, Astha replaces the restaurant bill with a laundry bill, to the delight of her husband Ms. Mousami as well as her husband. Ahilya is thrilled after Balwankar tells her Mishty and Shantanu are accepted into the top schools in the town!

Sunday 31 October 2021

Episode 440

Shlok faces Shantanu for his erratic behaviour. Indrajeet is depressed, reminiscing about Barkha and discusses his plight with Ahilya. Astha prepares an Valentine’s Day special surprise for Shlok but she fails to get in touch with him, yet he wishes her. Take a look at the Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir Valentine’s Day special, only on Hotstar.

Episode 441

Balwankar is willing to assist Shantu to confess his affection to an attractive girl. He also asks for him to keep his romance with Sapna in secret. In the meantime, Kalindi and Avadhoot confront Ankush for his erratic behavior. Niranjan is grateful to Anjali for her assistance. Kalindi is a friend to Astha’s mother.

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