Strange Love November Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love November Teasers 2021:  Indrajeet confronts Poornima for insulting Sapna. Pradeep and Mousami provoke Poornima against Sapna. Later, Shlok wishes Astha on her birthday. Sapna is delighted as Indrajeet reopens the temple in the house on her insistence.

Strange Love October Teasers 2021

Strange Love October Teasers 2021

Starlife Strange Love November Teasers 2021

Monday 1 November 2021

Episode 442

Astha hears from Shantanu about how Balwankar saved Mishty’s life. Astha then apologises and accepts responsibility for his mistakes. Varad is willing to mortgage Varad’s house in order for the tender to be approved. Ahilya nominates Balwankar as Shantanu/Mishty’s caregiver. Poornima vows that Balwankar will be banished from the house.

Episode 443

Anjali signs tender documents after Varad and Niranjan insist. Indrajeet informs Ahilya about Niranjan being found. Ahilya asks him to ruin Niranjan’s life. Varad is asked by Shlok to become friends with Mousami’s wife to learn more about the power-of-attorney papers.

Tuesday 2 Nov 2021

Episode 444

Shlok plans for Shlok to look for the power-of- attorney papers and suggests Ahilya get the pest control done. Indrajeet learns later that Sapna has informed him that they have to vacate the home for pest control. Astha creates a plan for getting the documents. Ahilya vows to ruin Niranjan’s life.

Episode 445

Avadhoot assures Niranjan that she will help him buy the land. Astha does not manage to locate the power-of-attorney papers. Later, Ahilya destroys Indrajeet’s paper cuttings concerning Niranjan. Varad tricks Mousami’s husband and makes friends with him. Indrajeet receives a apology from Sapna.

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Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 446

Shlok is busy with preparations for Niranjan’s presentation in order to win the prestigious tender. Indrajeet is another contender for the tender. Indrajeet is secretary to Sapna (Astha), Shlok. She receives his details. Indrajeet is trying to transfer Niranjan’s properties.

Episode 447

Poornima confronts Balwankar over her behavior with Shantu. Indrajeet introduces him to Avadhoot. Shlok informs Niranjan all about the presentation. Indrajeet learns later from Avadhoot that he had ended his relationship to the Agnihotris. Mousami’s husband informs Indrajeet about Mr. Patil.

Thursday 4th November 2021

Episode 448

Mala decides that she will leave the house if Ankur accepts Kalindi to be his mother. Balwankar, however, apologizes to Ahilya. Astha, Shlok and others plan to discover the tender amount. Shlok sneaks into Indrajeet’s study to learn the tender amount.

Episode 449

Indrajeet is devastated when Niranjan takes the tender. Niranjan vows to ruin Indrajeet’s life. Varad informs Anjali later that they have received the tender and the land needed to run their business. Ahilya blames Indrajeet, blaming her for not taking the tender serious.

Friday 5th November 2021

Episode 450

Mala is thrilled to hear that Niranjan has won the tender. Astha receives information from Niranjan about the need for money. Ahilya suspects Sapna Balwankar or Indrajeet of deceiving her after she notices a small difference between Niranjan and Indrajeet’s quotation. She decides that she will keep an eye on them.

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Episode 451

Mala hears Ankush tell Mala about Kalindi & Avadhoot selling jewellery to raise funds for the Agnihotris. Indrajeet hears Ahilya confess to Balwankar, and Sapna. Indrajeet apologizes for Poornima to Sapna. He injures him as he falls down the steps.

Saturday 6th November 2021

Episode 452

Mousami informs Pradeep her husband that she has seen Indrajeet, Sapna together. Poornima becomes furious at her. Poornima eventually decides that Sapna should be expelled from the house. Pradeep and Mousami were happy to see Sapna’s plan succeed.

Episode 453

Mishty and Shantanu wish Sapna happy birthday. Shlok thanked Apsara for her assistance. Avadhoot informs Kalindi, however, that Niranjan has failed to find a guarantee for his loan. Indrajeet promises Shantanu & Mishty that they will organise a surprise party in Sapna’s honor.

Sunday 7th November 2021

Episode 454

Poornima hears from Mousami that Indrajeet Shantanu und Mishty are planning a surprise birthday celebration for Sapna. Sapna’s surprise comes later when the Sarkars celebrate Sapna’s birthday. Sapna dances with Indrajeet at Shantanu’s and Mishty’s insistence. Indrajeet gifts Sapna a watch!

Episode 455

Poornima is confronted for insulting Sapna by Indrajeet. Poornima is provoked against Sapna by Pradeep and Mousami. Later, Shlok wishes Astha Happy Birthday. Sapna is happy when Indrajeet, at her insistence, reopens their temple in the house.

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