Strange Love November 2021 Teasers Starlife

Strange Love November 2021 Teasers: Rekha is shattered to see Shlok unconscious. Barkha informs Indrajeet about Shlok. Apsara decides to help Shlok in regaining Astha’s memory. Siddharth confronts Renuka. Riya apologises to Siddharth for her mistake. Apsara spies on Astha. Siddharth tries to console Jyoti.

Strange Love November 2021 Teasers

Strange Love November 2021 Teasers

Starlife Strange Love November 2021 Teasers

1. November, Monday.
Episode 442

Mousami is the one who informs Shantanu as well as Misty about her plans of dispersing Balwankar away from the home. Then, Mousami and her husband are able to convince Ahilya that Balwankar has been ignoring his work. Shlok saves Mishty from a crash. Indrajeet faces Balwankar and demands that he quit his home.

Episode 443

Shantanu discloses to Astha that Balwankar has saved Mishty from a crash and apologizes to Balwankar for the mistake he made. Varad decides to loan his home to be able to get the offer approved. Ahilya is appointed Balwankar as Shantanu as Mishty’s caretaker. Poornima will vow to remove Balwankar out of the home.

Monday 2 November 2021

Episode 444

At Varad’s and Niranjan’s insistance, Anjali signs the tender documents. Indrajeet informs Ahilya about Niranjan being found. Ahilya asks him to ruin Niranjan’s life. Shlok requests Varad to become friends with the husband of Mousami to find out about powers of attorney documents.

Episode 445

Shlok plans to look for the power of attorney documents and recommends Ahilya to get the pest control service done. Then, Sapna informs Indrajeet that they must leave the property to prevent pests from entering the house. Astha draws up a plan to locate the papers. Ahilya vows to ruin Niranjan’s life.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 446

Avadhoot promises Niranjan that he will help him buy the property. As for the other side, Astha fails to find the power of attorney documents. Then, Ahilya burns the paper scraps of Niranjan that she was given by Indrajeet. Varad is able to trick the husband of Mousami and woos him. Sapna apologizes to Indrajeet for her error.

Episode 447

Shlok is working on an appearance for Niranjan in order that he could win the coveted tender. Indrajeet is the other contestant to win the contract. Sapna Astha, the wife of Shlok is Indrajeet’s secretary. She receives his information. Indrajeet is trying to transfer the property of Niranjan.

The 4th of November, Thursday in 2021

Episode 448

Balwankar faces Poornima for her behavior towards Shantu. In the meantime, Indrajeet introduces himself to Avadhoot. Shlok informs Niranjan of the talk. Then, Avadhoot informs Indrajeet that the relationship he had with Indrajeet has ended with Agnihotris. The husband of Mousami informs her of the allegations against Mr. Patil.

Episode 449

Mala decides to move out of the house should Ankur agree to accept Kalindi for his mommy. In the meantime, Balwankar apologises to Ahilya for the mistake he made. Astha and Shlok decide to determine the amount of tender. Shlok is able to sneak into the study of Indrajeet to get the tender price stated by him.

The 5th of November is Friday, November 5, 2021.

Episode 450

Indrajeet is devastated when Niranjan takes the prize. Niranjan vows to ruin Indrajeet’s life. Then, Varad informs Anjali that they have received the tender as well as the land to run their business. And, in the meantime, Ahilya blames Indrajeet of not taking the tender seriously.

Episode 451

Mala is thrilled to hear about Niranjan winning the contract. Niranjan informs Astha that they need the funds to fund their business. When she discovers a small distinction between the Indrajeet and Niranjan’s quote Ahilya believes Balwankar As well as Sapna to have lied to them. She decides to watch the two.

Friday 6 November 2021

Episode 452

Ankush Informs Mala regarding Kalindi along with Avadhoot selling their jewelry to support the Agnihotris. In the meantime, Ahilya tells Indrajeet that she is suspicious of Balwankar as well as Sapna. Indrajeet apologizes for the incident to Sapna in behalf of Poornima. Indrajeet injures himself when he slips off the steps.

Episode 453

Mousami tells husband Pradeep that she’s observed Indrajeet And Sapna together. She attempts to provoke Poornima to fight Sapna. Then, Poornima decides to cast Sapna out of the home. Mousami along with Pradeep are delighted to see their strategy work against Sapna.

The 7th Sunday of November, 2021

Episode 454

Indrajeet, Shantanu and Mishty Mishty, Shantanu and Indrajeet wish Sapna to be happy birthday. Shlok acknowledges Apsara for her assistance. In the meantime, Avadhoot informs Kalindi about Niranjan’s failure to secure a guarantor for his loan. Indrajeet promises Shantanu and Mishty of organizing the surprise party for Sapna.

Episode 455

Mousami provides information to Poornima regarding Indrajeet, Shantanu and Mishty hosting a surprise birthday party for Sapna. Then, Sapna is surprised as the Sarkars celebrate her birthday. At Shantanu and Mishty’s request, Sapna dances with Indrajeet who presents her with the watch!

Monday 8 November 2021

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Episode 456

Indrajeet is adamant with Poornima for calling her a liar Sapna. Pradeep and Mousami agitate Poornima to fight Sapna. Then, Shlok wishes Astha on her birthday. Sapna is thrilled when Indrajeet opens the temple back at the home on her demand.

Episode 457

Mala is able to kick Ankush away from the home. In the meantime, Balwankar confronts Shantu for calling her Sapna. Niranjan is delighted when the Mr. Bhosale agrees to become the project’s guarantor. In the following days, Indrajeet informs Mr. Bhosale of his plans against Niranjan. Kalindi slaps Ankush for insulting Astha.

The 9th of November, 2021 is Tuesday.

Episode 458

Kalindi removes Ankush off the home. Poornima tells Ahilya about the extra attention Indrajeet is paying to Sapna. Shlok promises Anjali they will do the puja at Ahilya’s home during day of the Holi festival. Ahilya is scolding Kavita for not following Kavita’s Agnihotri customs.

Episode 459

Ahilya is insistent the Kavita take part in the Holika puja inside the house. Mousami and Pradeep are the ones to provoke Poornima to fight Sapna. Then, Anjali secretly performs the Holika puja at The Ahilya House. The Sarkars are devastated, after seeing the identical. Ahilya is furious following the reading of her note.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 460

There is a celebration in which the Sarkars celebrations Holi and Niranjan sends wishes to the family. Ahilya is adamant with Shantu to make sure that all should be thanked. Are you sure that Ahilya be able learn about Shlok as well as Astha’s real identity?

Episode 461

Indrajeet confesses his love for Sapna in the midst of the thandai. Poornima is begging Sapna to stay clear of Indrajeet. Sapna takes on Poornima for her naughty behavior. In the following days, Indrajeet refuses to get married again. He apologizes to Sapna for his error.

Wednesday 11 November 2021

Episode 462

Niranjan is devastated after Mr. Bhosale refuses to become his Guarantor. In the meantime, Mala confronts Ankush for his behavior toward Kalindi. Shlok and Astha enjoy a romantic time with each other. Shlok is worried about the decision of Mr Bhosale.

Episode 463

Indrajeet promises Ahilya that Niranjan is not going to lose the tender. In the meantime, Ankush is dejected reading the letter from his father. The manager informs Niranjan his guarantor is now done with the formalities. Astha is thrilled to hear that Niranjan is getting the tender returned. Ankush apologizes to Kalindi.

Wednesday 12 November 2021

Episode 464

Anjali tells Kalindi that Ankush has been appointed as the person who will guarantee their tender. In the meantime, Mousami plans to cast Sapna out of the home and give her the sari Indrajeet purchased for Barkha. Sapna is furious with Indrajeet for his sexually inappropriate behavior.

Episode 465

Shlok shares with Astha about Ankush as the one who guarantees their affectionate. Astha and Shlok have a romantic moment with each other. Niranjan apologises to Anjali for his misbehaviour. Kalindi along with Avadhoot decide to have Ankush engaged to Mala. Indrajeet says to Poornima that he loves Sapna.

The 13th of November, 2021, is on a Saturday.

Episode 466

Astha tells Varad about sending him a message concerning the plans of Indrajeet’s new institution. Indrajeet apologizes to Sapna for his error. Poornima shares with Mousami the fact that Indrajeet has expressed his love for Sapna. Poornima decides to destroy Sapna’s image by presenting her to Indrajeet.

Episode 467

Ahilya gives an outfit to Sapna. In the meantime the Agnihotris make a ritual of worship in the home. Poornima demands Mousami to destroy Sapna’s dress. However, Mousami damages Poornima’s dress due to error. Meanwhile, Avadhoot informs Niranjan about Ankush’s proposed marriage.

Sunday 14th November, 2021

Episode 468

Indrajeet apologizes in front of Balwankar for his behaviour. Meanwhile, Niranjan tries to calm Anjali. An unhappy Poornima confronts Mousami accusing him of blaming Balwankar for her error. Kavita is introduced to Anjali. As they talk, Ahilya tells Indrajeet that she’ll try to get Sapna get married to him.

Episode 469

Riya faces Renuka for having been rude to Jyoti and Renuka apologizes to Jyoti. At the same time, Avadhoot assures Niranjan of aiding him in his work. Niranjan acknowledges Avadhoot for his assistance. Astha apologizes to Shlok for the mistake she made. She demands Shlok to stay clear of Poornima.

Monday 15 November 2021

Episode 470

Poornima takes a swipe at Astha as she pretends to be criticising Shlok. Ahilya is invited by Sapna to the table for dinner. She decides to take Sapna to Kolhapur along with Indrajeet. In the meantime, Poornima thinks she is being a victim of Shlok. Astha comes up with ways to evade Ahilya’s plot.

Episode 471

Poornima informs her friends of her obsession with Balwankar. Varad presents a New sari Astha during Gudi Padwa. Shlok and Astha are careful not to be caught enjoying Gudi Padwa. Shantanu and Mishty together with Balwankar will accompany Sapna as well as Indrajeet on their way to Kolhapur.

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tuesday 16 November 2021

Episode 472

The Agnihotris are celebrating Gudi Padwa. In the meantime, Indrajeet, Shantanu, Mishty, Sapna and Balwankar depart for Kolhapur. Riya apologizes to Jyoti on behalf of Renuka. Ahilya is devastated after reading Anjali’s letter!

Episode 473

Avadhoot and Kalindi discuss Ankush’s proposed marriage. As for the wedding, Shlok apologises to Astha for his error. Indrajeet is back from Kolhapur. Avadhoot is invited to the Agnihotris to Ankush’s wedding. Astha shares with Shlok about Indrajeet declaring his love for her.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Episode 474

Shlok is furious when Astha informs him of Indrajeet declaring his love for her. In the meantime, Siddharth is delighted as Jyoti is expecting. Niranjan and Anjali do puja in the temple. An anonymous source informs Kavita that she won’t be able to perform this puja without the help of her husband.

Episode 475

Anjali attempts to persuade the pandit Kavita to perform the temple puja but he is unable to agree. While they are at it, Renuka is delighted as Siddharth informs her of Jyoti’s pregnancy. Siddharth takes on Renuka for her rude behavior towards Jyoti. He attempts to calm Jyoti.

The 18th of November, 2021 is Thursday.

Episode 476

Ankush is married to Mala at the temple. Niranjan performs Mala’s Kanyaadan ceremony. In the meantime, Indrajeet assures Ahilya of the damage to her friendship with Niranjan. Then, Siddharth informs the Kirloskars and the Agnihotris about Jyoti’s pregnancy.

Episode 477

Indrajeet confronts Poornima when she reveals her feelings towards Balwankar. As for the other side, Shlok searches Kavita’s room for the documents for power of attorney. Astha is able to inform Shlok about the papers that are stored in the cupboard of Indrajeet. Indrajeet is able to pay some goons to abduct Anjali. Shlok is unable to get the documents.

Thursday 19th November 2021

Episode 478

Sapna proposes Indrajeet keep the powers of attorney documents in the bank’s safe. In the meantime, Ankush gifts a necklace to Mala. Shlok saves Anjali from the gangsters. Indrajeet requests his friend to observe Anjali. Shlok demands Astha to obtain Indrajeet’s signature on the transfer documents.

Episode 479

Indrajeet is the one who signs the bank note without even reading it. Ahilya decides to do an oath in the home. While she is there, Ankush apologises to Mala for bringing her home drunk. Ahilya is requesting Kavita to bring Anjali to their home. Anjali agrees. Do Shlok and Astha be successful in their endeavor?

Sunday 20th November, 2021

Episode 480

Ankush apologizes to Avadhoot for his error. Meanwhile, Niranjan congratulates Kavya for passing her exams. Then, Shlok and Astha search Ahilya’s bedroom for key to her bank’s lockers. Anjali is devastated by Kavita’s home. Shlok and Astha obtain their power of attorney forms.

Episode 481

Anjali is devastated Anjali is devastated when Ahilya confirms to her Kavita is Niranjan’s wife from his first marriage. Kavita apologizes to Anjali on behalf of Ahilya. Ahilya shows Kavita and Niranjan’s marriage photographs to Anjali. While Niranjan is elated by the news that Shlok informs him of the possibility of getting powers of attorney documents.

Saturday 21st November, 2021

Episode 482

The Sarkars are destroyed as Shlok Astha and Astha disclose their names. Astha is confronted by Indrajeet for being deceived by Varad. Indrajeet as well as Ahilya are stunned when an attorney informs them that their home is now in the hands of Agnihotris. The lawyer requests Indrajeet to leave the property.

Episode 483

A dejected Anjali informs Niranjan about Kavita. Niranjan is shattered seeing Kavita. Then, Shlok, Astha, Varad and Sojal are stunned when Anjali exposes them to Niranjan and Kavita’s wedding photograph. Niranjan is determined to show that he is innocent to Anjali. He apologizes to Kavita for the wrong he did.

Monday 22 November 2021

Episode 484

Ahilya is blamed by the Agnihotris for destroying Kavita’s life. Niranjan attempts to show his innocence to Anjali. Later, Anjali decides to repent for Niranjan’s misdeed. Shlok and Anjali encounter an accident. Then, Shlok regains consciousness and seeks out Varad to discuss Anjali as well as Astha.

Episode 485

Varad and Sojal provide evasive responses when Shlok asks questions regarding Anjali And Astha. Kalindi confronts Sojal when she contacts her to inform her of Shlok getting conscious. Jyoti is with Shlok however she conceals the details regarding Anjali Astha and Astha from Shlok. Shlok notices Astha coming into his room wearing the word ‘aarti’.

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Episode 486

Ankush promises Kalindi that she will find Astha. Shlok is listening to the doctor’s conversation to the family. He is devastated when Varad informs him that Anjali has passed away and Astha has been missing following the accident. A devastated Shlok decides to search for Astha.

Episode 487

A sad Varad is able to share his sorrows with Sojal. In the meantime, Kalindi informs Shlok that she’s ended their relationship to the Agnihotris as Astha has gone missing. The inspector informs Shlok that they’ve not been able to locate Astha. Shlok searches for Astha but is unable to locate her!

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Wednesday 24 November 2021

Episode 488

Kavya demands Shlok to eat, as Ankush demands Kalindi to look after herself. Varad tells Shlok the news of Niranjan being admitted in an asylum. Siddharth is the one who takes Jyoti in the hospital to have her delivered. Based on the advice of Sojal, Varad proposes Shlok to join the office.

Episode 489

The entire family is happy as Jyoti is the mother of a new baby boy. Shlok accepts to accompany Kavya as well as Sojal in Mumbai after some doubt. Ankush is trying to locate Astha’s location. Shlok is able to see Astha in the temple. He decides to search for her at the temple next day. Can Shlok be able to locate her?

Friday 25 November 2021

Episode 490

Shlok and Varad are unable to locate Astha in the temple. Varad is informed by Sojal about Shlok who has misinterpreted someone else as Astha. Renuka critiques Jyoti for her pity on her children. Shlok appears to be Astha in Kavya’s dance event!

Episode 491

Kavya is the winner of the dance contest. Sojal is thrilled to know about the competition from Varad. While a angry Renuka is blaming Siddharth for his petty love affair with Jyoti. Shlok apologizes to Varad for his error. He is devastated after Astha refuses to recognize him and then slaps him for his sexually inappropriate actions!

The 26th of November, 2021 is Friday.

Episode 492

The people slap Shlok for being sexually inappropriate with Astha. Varad is looking for Shlok but is unable to locate the man. As he regains consciousness at the house of Rekha, Shlok informs her about the death of her mother and Astha refuses to recognize him. Indrajeet will do everything to end the life of Shlok.

Episode 493

Shlok asks Varad to come back to Pune to take care of their business. Barkha tells Indrajeet of Shantanu and Mishty’s camps for the summer. Shlok and Rekha have posters missing of Astha. After seeing her poster Astha accepts to go meet Shlok. She is unable to recognize Rekha. The police arrest Shlok to the police station!

The 27th of November, 2021 on a Saturday

Episode 494

Indrajeet wants the inspector to watch Shlok. Astha has her complaint dismissed against Shlok. Indrajeet is willing to go with Astha Barkha on her way to temple. Shlok is shocked when Astha says that Indrajeet is her husband. Shlok is a tyrant Indrajeet.

Episode 495

Shlok confronts Indrajeet for committing a crime against Shlok. Indrajeet informs Shlok that he brought Astha to his home as she was unconscious following the accident and been unable to remember her name. Indrajeet challenges Shlok to prove her true identity. Shlok takes up Indrajeet’s challenge.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Episode 496

Astha advises Indrajeet the fact that she’s decided to withdraw her claim against Shlok. Sachin is informed by Shlok about the address of Astha. Renuka confronts Riya for her support of Jyoti. Indrajeet decides to stay away from Astha from Shlok. Siddharth is furious at Renuka because of her rude behavior towards Anaya.

Episode 497

Shlok visits the home of Indrajeet in order to search for evidence that proves Astha’s identity. He is stunned to find Astha is Barkha. Mala is trying to soothe Kalindi. She informs the servant Shlok of the whereabouts of Indrajeet. A sad Avadhoot apologizes to Kalindi for not discovering Astha.
Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 498

Astha confronts Shlok for his behavior. Jyoti is sad, thinking about Anjali Astha and Astha. Barkha suffers from a nightmare. The person who is in charge tells Barkha of Shlok. Jyoti is shocked to find Anaya unconscious. Riya is confronted by Renuka. Shlok decides to call Astha of her previous experiences.

Episode 499

Jyoti attempts to show her innocence to Renuka. Shlok decides to go to Astha for a reminder of her previous. Sachin tells Apsara about Shlok seeking Astha. Indrajeet is able to spy on Shlok when he walks into the home in order to see Astha. Shlok gets injured after a scared Astha presses him!

Monday 30 November 2021

Episode 500

Rekha is shocked to find Shlok unconscious. Barkha informs Indrajeet about Shlok. Apsara decides to assist Shlok to regain Astha’s memory. Siddharth faces Renuka. Riya apologizes to Siddharth for the mistake she made. Apsara is spies on Astha. Siddharth attempts to play Jyoti.

Episode 501

Apsara follows Shlok’s plans and is able to abduct Astha. Kalindi is unable to talk about Jyoti and Siddharth when they see her. Shlok attempts to recall Astha’s memories, but fails. Indrajeet discovers that Barkha has been kidnapped. Astha insists that she is the wife of Indrajeet.

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