Strange Love July Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love July Teasers 2021: Renuka finds a bangle in Siddharth’s room and asks him about it. Siddharth lies that it belongs to Astha’s grandmother. Renuka, smartly asks Astha’s grandmother to wear the bangle to check if it really belongs to her. Meanwhile, Shlok sprains his back as Astha collides with him.

Strange Love July Teasers 2021

Strange Love July Teasers 2021

Starlife Strange Love July 2021 Teasers

Thursday, July 1, 2021
Episode 197

Astha meets Kalindi, Jyoti, and Jyoti informs her about Anjali’s birthday. Astha sends Anjali a gift. The police also give Sojal a file about Jyoti. Will Sojal find out the truth?

Episode 198

Astha believes that Jyoti might attend Anjali’s Birthday celebrations. Anjali is tempted to do this. Shlok, however, decides to ask Niranjan permission to celebrate his birthday. Will he let it?

Friday, July 2, 2021

Episode 199

Abhay questions Anjali about celebrating her birthday, despite Jyoti being still missing. Niranjan is also shocked to see the preparations. What will his reaction be?

Episode 200

Anjali feels emotional when she sees Jyoti. Jyoti insists on her not returning. Abhay then sees Jyoti and Siddharth, and drags her to Niranjan. Then, he tells Niranjan about Jyoti’s extra-marital affair. What is Niranjan to do?

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Episode 201

Abhay tries to force Jyoti to go with him. Jyoti informs the police about Abhay’s actions. Anjali instructs Niranjan to send Jyoti over to Abhay’s home. Varad and Shlok criticize this and decide to stay with Jyoti.

Episode 202

Niranjan asks for Abhay to be released from police custody. Anjali is asked by Niranjan to send Jyoti over to Abhay’s home. Jyoti also asks Varad not to kill Siddharth. Later, Anjali attempts to hurt Jyoti emotionally. However, Astha imitates Anjali and makes Jyoti smile.

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Episode 203

Siddharth expects to be killed. Varad thanks Varad for saving Jyoti. Astha plays with the shoe rack, while Niranjan stumbles on it and breaks it. Jyoti is later told by Anjali that she should move to Abhay’s house.

Episode 204

A guest visits the Agnihotri home and suggests that Astha plan for a child. Jyoti is worried when Astha tells Jyoti that she’s not yet in touch with Shlok. Shlok decorated Astha and Astha’s bed in preparation for their wedding night.
Monday 5 July 2021

Episode 205

Siddharth calls Jyoti and asks him to meet him for lunch. Jyoti is served laddoos by Astha’s grandmother. Astha later tries to speak to Shlok but he ignores her. Siddharth decides that he will deliver a file to Agnihotri. Is this his sole intention?


Astha calls Shlok at Jyoti’s request, but Shlok ignores his call. He asks Niranjan for permission to visit Mahabaleshwara with Astha. Siddharth later brings chaat to Jyoti but Sojal refuses to let him see her. Why is Niranjan asking Anjali for Jyoti’s signature?

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Episode 207

Sojal suspects Shlok is lying to him. Astha requests a doctor to inject Shlok. Infuriated Shlok asks Astha for permission to take Shlok to her mother’s home. Astha later found out that Shlok was ill and rushed home. But Shlok is honest about his intentions. Will Astha agree?

Episode 208

Niranjan slaps Anjali over not signing Jyoti’s signature. Along with Varad, Vinayak and Vinayak, he leaves for Mumbai. Anjali later asks Jyoti for permission to withdraw her complaint about Abhay. Jyoti is experiencing stomach pains and fainting. Is she alright?

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Episode 209

Jyoti regains consciousness. She begs Niranjan for permission to keep her in his home until she is delivered. Later, Shlok becomes furious at Anjali and decides that he will throw her out. At Astha’s request Niranjan stops Shlok.

Episode 210

Renuka, Siddharth’s mother, decides to marry him. Varad, upon learning more about Jyoti’s story, returns home and leaves his phone at the office. Siddharth uses the phone to excuse himself from meeting Jyoti. Jyoti later becomes angry at Siddharth because he sympathizes with her.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Episode 211

Astha’s grandmother finds out that Siddharth is fond of Jyoti. Shlok then asks Niranjan if Jyoti can stay at the house. Siddharth enters Jyoti’s bedroom. Sojal suspects there’s someone in Jyoti’s room, and decides to investigate. Will he find Siddharth

Episode 212

Vinayak, Astha and Astha mix Niranjan’s juice and he consumes it. Niranjan does not wake up the next morning. Vinayak and Astha convince Anjali that they will perform the puja. How will Niranjan react when he learns Anjali is performing puja?

Friday, 9 July 2021

Episode 213

Anjali apologizes to Niranjan that she performed the puja for him. Siddharth’s mother becomes suspicious about Siddharth and Jyoti. Later, Anjali discovers that Astha intends to release Anjali from Niranjan. She is furious. What will Anjali tell Niranjan?

Episode 214

Siddharth is asked by Astha’s grandmother if he would be willing to accept Jyoti as her daughter. Astha promises Anjali she won’t get her in trouble again. Later, Astha & Shlok argue but quickly come to an agreement. Will peace last?

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Episode 215

Astha makes elephant foot yam and potatoes with potatoes in a curry, while Niranjan has an itching throat. Kalindi, however, supports Siddharth’s desire to marry Jyoti. Later, Niranjan orders Anjali that Astha be assigned household chores in order to stop her from going to work.

Episode 216

Astha tricks the doctor into telling Niranjan that he’s allergic to potatoes. Shlok tells Anjali that he will not make any potato dishes again. Anjali learns about Astha’s plan. Astha plans to host a baby shower for Jyoti.

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Episode 217

Jyoti learns that Sulabha is invited to her baby shower and decides not to celebrate it. Jyoti is convinced by Astha. Niranjan insists that Sulabha be invited. Sulabha then decides to ruin it. Siddharth later arrives at the Agnihotri House as a photographer.

Episode 218

Shlok and Varad sneak in to the ceremony. Sulabha plays with the chandelier in an attempt to make it fall on Jyoti. Siddharth saves Jyoti. Siddharth later wants to talk to Jyoti privately. What would Siddharth like to say to her?
Monday 12 July 2021

Episode 219

Astha looks at Siddharth’s photographs and realizes that he feels for Jyoti. Jyoti also loves Sidharth, and she decides to unify them. Niranjan, in the meantime, asks the board for suggestions for a name to be used for a scholarship for girls. It will be who?

Episode 220

Niranjan scolds Anjali about not keeping Astha busy with the housework. Kalindi tells the Agnihotri family about Sidharth’s love for Jyoti. Anjali declines Astha’s request to have Kavya participate in a fancy-dress competition. Siddharth visits Agnihotri to meet Jyoti.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Episode 221

Astha is informed by Siddharth that he will accept Jyoti along with her daughter. Anjali calls the matron at the old age home to inquire about her parents. Without Anjali and Sojal’s knowledge, Astha later takes Kavya to school. This will offend Anjali?

Episode 222

Niranjan, furious at Anjali’s behavior, tries to beat her but is stopped. Niranjan requests Anjali to go barefoot to the temple. Kavya is practicing for the fancy dress competition with Astha’s help. Later, Astha asks Shlok if he wants to shave off his beard. Is Niranjan going to continue his cruelty for so long?

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Episode 223

Astha requests Kavya to cut Niranjan’s stick under the pretense of the fancy dress contest. Niranjan is invited to be the chief guest at the same competition. Astha attempts to tell Kavya not to break the stick but to no avail. Kavya breaks her stick while performing. What will Niranjan do?

Episode 224

Varad and Sojal have an argument. Anjali confronts Niranjan about sending Kavya to compete, but Kavya says that Astha was her guide. Niranjan seems upset, and Shlok attempts to calm him. Later, Niranjan confronts Astha.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Episode 225

Anjali attempts to persuade Astha not to follow Niranjan but to no avail. Vinayak advises Astha not to interfere in the affairs of Anjali and Niranjan. Astha is upset that Shlok has instructed her not to hurt Niranjan. Later, Astha convinces Sojal that Kavya should be sent to Niranjan’s room.

Episode 226

Kavya’s appearance discourages Niranjan from beating Anjali. Astha saved her. Siddharth informs Astha’s grandmother about his desire to meet Jyoti. Is she able to help?

Friday, 16 July 2021

Episode 227

Shlok becomes worried when he hears about Niranjan’s death. Anjali is told by an astrologer that Astha was responsible for Niranjan’s bad phase. He asks Shlok which Niranjan or Astha is better. Niranjan learns of this and dissuades Shlok to separate from Astha.

Episode 228

Renuka discovers a bangle in Siddharth’s room and questions him about it. Siddharth lied that the bangle belonged to Astha’s grandmother. Renuka cleverly asks Astha’s grandmother to put on the bangle in order to verify that it is hers. As Astha collides, Shlok injures his back.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Episode 229

Anjali is instructed by Niranjan to walk barefoot up the steps of the temple. Kalindi tells Avadhoot all about Siddharth and Jyoti. Avadhoot is upset by this. As Anjali walks back to the temple, she is shocked when she sees a couple beggars in the temple. Who was Anjali able to see?

Episode 230

Astha attempts to convince Anjali to stop trying to get her parents out of their way. Avadhoot confronts Siddharth’s mother about trying to bring Jyoti closer. Anjali later tries to find out whether Astha has made arrangements for accommodation for her parents. Niranjan, however, decides to create an rift between Astha’s and Shlok.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Episode 231

Niranjan prepares for a meeting, and then waits for Shlok. Astha wakes Shlok up and assists him with the presentation. Later, Astha informs Anjali she will take her to see her parents. Anjali hears Astha talking with another person and concludes that her parents may be sick.

Episode 232

Anjali apologizes to her father. Anjali requests Astha, Sojal and Sojal to fast in observance of the ‘Vat Savitri Vrat’. Jyoti declines to perform the puja to Abhay. Avadhoot tells Siddharth not to have feelings for Jyoti, as she is already married. Shlok later refuses to eat breakfast.
Monday 19 July 2021

Episode 233

Astha attempts to persuade Shlok to eat breakfast. But he refuses to listen. Astha, Sojal, and Anjali are performing the Vat Savitri Vrat rituals, Shlok does them for Astha. Varad later decides to invite Sojal to a party.

Episode 234

Shlok tells Niranjan all about Avadhoot’s and Kalindi’s wedding anniversary. Sojal also keeps some fancy jewellery in her bag before she goes to Varad’s office party. Varad requests Sojal to be decent at the party. Varad is embarrassed by Sojal’s behavior.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Episode 235

Niranjan claims to be suffering from headaches and invites Shlok & Astha along to the party. Shlok however decides to stay with Niranjan. Astha is upset with Shlok, but he manages cheer her up. Varad, however, rebukes Sojal’s behavior at the party.

Episode 236

Renuka makes Kalindi consult an astrologer to learn more about Astha. Astha takes Anjali outside while Renuka forces Kalindi to consult an astrologer about Astha. Anjali is concerned about Niranjan becoming angry but Astha manages calm her down. Anjali is happy that Astha took her to meet someone later.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Episode 237

Anjali misses Niranjan’s call. Niranjan is furious to learn that Anjali went out with Astha. Later, Anjali informs Niranjan, at Astha’s request, that she was praying to his well-being. Later, Shlok informs Astha that she has met her parents. I wonder who overhears their conversation.

Episode 238

Astha takes Jyoti with her to the hospital. Siddharth and Renuka arrive at the hospital. Astha talks to Renuka while he tends Jyoti. Jaya and Sojal suspect Varad of having an extra marital affair. Who will instigate Shlok’s attack on Astha?

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Episode 239

Shlok is told by Niranjan that he must travel to Mumbai to work, even though he is ill. Shlok agrees to go with Niranjan. Astha is sad. Renuka believes Siddharth is in love with Jyoti. Astha is later surprised by a musical surprise.

Episode 240

Renuka tells Avadhoot Sidharth is in love with Jyoti. Avadhoot informs Kalindi that Anjali and Niranjan will not approve Siddharth’s relationship with Jyoti. Astha convinces Sojal to stay behind when she wants to go with Astha, Anjali, and Astha.

Friday, 23 July 2021

Episode 241

Varad is worried about Kavya when her teacher tells him that she was disappointed in her performance at the exams. Varad and Sojal argue over Kavya’s education. Niranjan, on the other hand, visits the old age home to look for Anjali’s parents.

Episode 242

Kalindi meets Siddharth’s potential bride, but he declines to marry her. Niranjan then asks Anjali if he can accompany him to the old-age home. Astha hears the news and rushes to get to the old-age home. She is worried about what Niranjan will do if Anjali’s parents are there.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Episode 243

Siddharth arranges for Kavya to be tutored. But Sojal is irritable and leaves. Varad asks Siddharth for help with Kavya. Shlok then goes to Saputara. Later, Niranjan informs Shlok’s family that someone claimed the land where the old-age home is being built.

Episode 244

With his advocate, Mr Pawar arrives at the home for the elderly and tells everyone to leave. Anjali is worried about her parents. Later, Niranjan tells Anjali of his plans. Astha comes up with a counterplan. What is Astha’s plan?

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Episode 245

Astha makes Anjali scold her before Niranjan. Residents of an old age home invade the Agnihotri House and convince Anjali to send them food. They sing bhajans, disturbing Niranjan. Anjali believes Niranjan is asleep so she runs out of the house. But he follows her.

Episode 246

Anjali makes it seem that she is furious at the elderly and asks them for their forgiveness. Niranjan criticizes Anjali’s behavior with senior citizens. Shlok later becomes furious at Anjali’s behavior in front of the media. Varad is angered by Sojal’s behavior.
Monday 26 July 2021

Episode 247

To perform puja, the residents of an old age home come to the Agnihotri House. Anjali asks Niranjan to throw them out, and he is furious. Astha asks Siddharth for help in teaching Kavya in Jyoti’s room. Kavya invites the elderly residents to play with her.

Episode 248

Niranjan accepts the challenge offered by the elderly residents at the old age home. Astha pretends to be one of the residents. The family learns that Astha assisted the residents. Shlok gets furious at Astha for trying to tell the truth.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Episode 249

Shlok berates Astha because he is critical of Niranjan. Varad later tries to convince Shlok that Astha was right. The Agnihotri old-age home residents decide to move out of the Agnihotri residence. Later, Astha assures Anjali she will make things right between Shlok and her.

Episode 250

Shlok requests Astha to apologize to Niranjan. Shlok is informed by Niranjan that he purchased the old-age home and wants to give it to the residents. Astha apologizes to Niranjan. Niranjan decides that he will continue to cause a rift between Astha, Shlok.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Episode 251

Shlok and Astha are with Kavya as they see Varad with Mansi. Astha questions him about the lady. Varad at home promises to take Sojal. He gets a phone call from Mansi, and he rushes to get out.

Episode 252

Niranjan purchases a piece of land under Jyoti’s ownership and asks her to sign the property documentation. Anjali is able to get her signature. Astha suspects him. Anjali later discovers that he had tricked her into signing Abhay’s release papers.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Episode 253

Anjali is annoyed by Jyoti’s thoughts. Jyoti discovers the release papers after Niranjan has left them at home. Anjali accuses her of lying to her. Astha is informed by Anjali that she wasn’t aware of Niranjan’s intentions. Will she reveal the truth?

Episode 254

Siddharth rushes towards the hospital to meet Jyoti. The family is worried. Varad and Sholk learn from Varad that Anjali has signed the documents to Abhay’s freedom.

Friday, 30 July 2021

Episode 255

Shlok is furious at Anjali’s actions and asks her for forgiveness. She is kept from Jyoti, her baby, and the other inmates. After her release from jail, Niranjan would like Jyoti and Abhay to leave.

Episode 256

Jyoti reveals her love for Siddharth. Anjali sees it and confronts her. Astha attempts to persuade her to allow Jyoti to lead her life with Siddharth. Will Anjali accept?

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Episode 257

Jyoti continues to face Anjali. Astha attempts to bring them closer. Shlok, Astha, and Sojal go shopping. They go to a restaurant, and they are shocked to find Varad with Mansi.

Episode 258

Abhay comes to the house and apologizes to everyone. He asks Niranjan for another chance to live with Jyoti, his daughter. Jyoti rebukes Niranjan for allowing Abhay to see his child. Sojal discovers a necklace in Varad’s bag, and assumes that it is for her

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Strange Love Full Story:

Aastha is a cheerful, lively, passionate and charming woman who values relationships and supports equality. In contrast, Shlok is an arrogant, self-reserved and business-minded man who believes in wealth more than relationships. He had a miserable past that ultimately led him to his arrogance.

Shlok is informed about a possible cheating that occurred in a university institution. He suspends the boys but expels the girl. Later, the Agnihotri’s are invited to an award event to recognize their reputation in the education industry for their business. Aastha learns that Shlok had done injustice to the girl. At the event, she questions Shlok about his negligence after which it gets recorded live and gets exposed to the public. The public labels Shlok and his family as supporters of inequality which leads to their business getting raided. Shlok mistakenly believes that Aastha is responsible for the consistent insult of his family, his father in particular, and decides to take revenge.

Shlok shows fake love to Aastha and marries her on false pretenses. During the night of their Suhag Raat, Shlok breaks Aastha’s wedding necklace and reveals to her that he never loved her and that he only married her to take revenge, leaving Aastha heartbroken. Shlok angrily tells Aastha that he showed fake love in order to take revenge for the insult of himself and his father. He goes as far as to threaten her that if she reveals this to anyone, he’d have her father framed in a case of corruption. Meanwhile, Anjali wants Aastha to perfectly adapt to the Agnihotri traditions. Varad arranges a honeymoon for Shlok and Aastha. Despite Aastha’s efforts to cancel the honeymoon, Shlok and Aastha leave. On the way to their honeymoon, Aastha escapes and gets lost in a jungle. While searching for Aastha, Shlok meets with her and they both spend their planned “honeymoon” in a jungle while trying to find their way out.

Aastha comes to know that her father, Avdhoot, is in jail. She assumes that Shlok sent him to jail and vents her anger at him. Shlok in return. tries to prove his innocence that he did not send him to jail. Disappointed, Aastha reveals the truth to her family and the Agnihotri’s of her marriage and Shlok’s planned revenge; they are shocked. Kalindi wants Aastha to file for divorce. At the first court hearing, Aastha is ordered by the court to stay with Shlok for 6 months. During the 6 months, Aastha discovers Shlok’s miserable past; in which Shlok is actually an innocent and good person. Aastha finds out that Shlok was in love with this girl named Swati and that their break-up led to his hatred of women. It is shown that Niranjan ordered Anjali to hate Swati, simply because she was against the Agnihotri traditions that ultimately led to Shlok’s break-up, in which Shlok blames Anjali, leaving him heartbroken onwards. While attempting to bring back Shlok’s true personality, Aastha falls in love with Shlok and confesses her love to him.

Aditi, who is the daughter of a close friend of Niranjan, arrives at the Agnihotri mansion and acts as an imposter to separate Shlok and Aastha. Aditi attempts to kill Aastha multiple times but she is saved by Shlok. Aditi kidnaps Aastha but Shlok rescues her just as Aditi is about to shoot her. It is revealed that Aditi is Swati’s sister and her main motive was to kill Aastha so that Shlok suffers. Aditi believes that Shlok is the reason for Swati’s deteriorating health. Shlok is shocked to see Swati who soon passes away. Shlok realizes his love for Aastha and confesses his love to her. They both consummate their marriage. At the end of the 6 months, Shlok and Aastha both state that they do not want to divorce each other.

Shlok’s sister, Jyoti, runs away from her misogynistic in-laws after they want abortion for the third time for her unborn baby girl. While running away, she meets the charming Siddharth who happens to be Aastha’s cousin. Unaware of Jyoti’s situation, Siddharth takes care of her. He sends her to Kalindi’s house who is shocked to see her. Jyoti explains everything to Kalindi. Abhay and Sulbha craft a plan to tell the Agnihotri family and make them believe they are innocent and that Jyoti has run away. Siddharth slowly falls in love with Jyoti. During Anjali’s birthday celebration, Abhay finds Jyoti and the family is shocked to see her. She pleads to Niranjan to let her stay with them. Aastha manages to get Abhay arrested.

Aastha learns the truth about Niranjan’s true nature and how he is the one who controls Anjali to fulfill his ill desires. Aastha and Anjali both get emotional when she accepts that Niranjan has her helpless. Aastha promises Anjali that she will unfold Niranjan’s true nature and that she will erase the false impression that everyone has of Anjali. Niranjan wants Abhay released from jail and asks Anjali to make Jyoti sign the bail papers. Jyoti begins to develop hatred towards her mother. When Niranjan manages to indirectly make Jyoti sign the bail papers, Abhay forces Jyoti to take her home. Anjali stops this from happening and Niranjan is enraged. However, Jyoti begins to see Anjali’s sweet nature. Abhay fakes to act that he has changed, and Niranjan convinces Shlok that Jyoti should go with Abhay. However, Abhay kidnaps Jyoti’s daughter and Shlok beats him up. After convincing the family, Siddharth and Jyoti finally get married.

Aastha tries to expose Niranjan’s true identity to Shlok several times but he does not believe her. Afraid that Aastha might succeed to expose Niranjan, he begins to create misunderstandings between Shlok and Aastha. Aastha goes on to blame Niranjan for controlling Anjali and not caring for Jyoti. Angered by Aastha’s accusations, Shlok decides to divide the house and orders Aastha to stay in one part of the house. Aastha is joined by Anjali after which she also blames Niranjan for deceiving everyone. Jyoti witnesses Niranjan badmouthing Anjali. She is devastated to see her father’s true nature. She joins Anjali and Aastha and tells Shlok that he is being deceived.

Soon after, Shlok finally learns the truth about his father and is heartbroken. Shlok repents his misdeeds with Anjali and Aastha. He gets emotional thinking about his past; his mistreating of Anjali, and his misunderstanding of Aastha. Shlok addresses Anjali as his mother and embraces her. They both get emotional. The next day, Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali leave the Agnihotri mansion. Shlok and Aastha start earning a living by operating a food truck business and living modestly. The absence of Shlok has Niranjan feeling lonely. He realizes his mistakes and regrets his actions.

Varad foolishly signs a contract with Indrajeet Sarkar and the Agnihotri’s lose their business and house. Niranjan is desperate to find Shlok. When he meets with Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali he asks for forgiveness and is forgiven. They come to know about their properties being given to Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad also asks for forgiveness for his foolishness and is forgiven. The reunited Agnihotri family live together in a small house. The Agnihotri’s skillfully develop a plan to get their assets back from the Sarkar’s.

Shlok and Aastha disguise themselves as Sapna and Balvankar Singh to get their lost assets back; Aastha works as Indrajeet’s assistant and Shlok works as his children’s caretaker. They precisely work together to possess the Power of Attorney documents. Eventually, Shlok and Aastha manage to get hold of the papers. On the day they get everything back, the Sarkar’s reveal a shocking truth to the Agnihotri’s that leaves Anjali shattered and the rest of the family shocked.

Shortly after, Anjali, Shlok, Aastha meet in an accident in which Shlok goes into a coma, Anjali dies, and Aastha loses her memory. When Shlok wakes up from the coma, he is devastated upon learning that Anjali died in the accident. He inquires about Aastha in which Varad says she is missing. After a desperate search, Shlok finally meets with Aastha who is unable to recognize him, leaving Shlok heartbroken. It is revealed that Indrajeet took advantage of Aastha’s memory loss and led her to believe that he is her husband. Shlok begins to recreate previous events so that Aastha regains her memory, angering Indrajeet. On the day of their marriage to Indrajeet, he has Shlok abducted. Slowly recalling her past, Aastha’s mother, Kalindi, helps Aastha remember. Shlok manages to stop the marriage and rescues Aastha. Aastha is delighted to see Shlok. Indrajeet is arrested. Shlok and Aastha adopt Indrajeet’s children and live happily together.

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