Strange Love December Teasers 2021

Strange Love December Teasers 2021: Series finale! Varad informs the police about Shlok’s abduction. Later, Indrajeet is shocked as Aastha lies to him saying that she has recalled her past. Aastha slaps Indrajeet for his misdeed against the Agnihotris.

Strange Love December Teasers 2021

Strange Love December Teasers 2021

Starlife Strange Love December 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 502

Rekha and Manya They confront Indrajeet to stop him from threatening them. Shlok attempts to bring back Aastha of her past.

Then, Shlok admits Aastha to an inpatient hospital. In the meantime, Avadhoot, his mother and Mala are terrified to see Kalindi unconscious. Surabhi tells Shlok about the injury to Aastha’s head.

Episode 503

Shlok is sad when Surabhi insists that he avoid Aastha. Avadhoot attempts to calm Kalindi. Barkha speaks to Surabhi about Indrajeet as her husband.

Sojal is devastated Sojal is devastated when Varad informs her of Aastha loss of memory. Surabhi appears to be angry at Shlok before Indrajeet.

2 December, Thursday, 2021

Episode 504

Indrajeet advises Shlok to stay clear of Barkha. Surabhi is able to hear Indrajeet telling lies about Barkha concerning Shlok.

Varad tells Jyoti of Aastha loss of memory. Kalindi arrives and warns them with rage. Surabhi is shocked to find Shlok at the side of the road and demands to take the boy off home.

Episode 505

Ankush attempts to calm Kalindi. He informs Astha’s mother about Avadhoot heading to Mumbai to search for Aastha.

Shlok requests Apsara to be a housekeeper in the home of Indrajeet to monitor Aastha. Varad informs Shlok about the health of Niranjan being critically. Apsara is offered a job at Indrajeet’s home.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 506

Kalindi declares she has lost belief in God and decides not to perform the puja. Barkha tells Indrajeet about Shlok ignoring her.

Apsara is able to hear the two and tells Shlok about the reaction of Aastha. Barkha receives an invitation to an NGO’s show. Shlok implements his plan in order to ensure that Aastha be a victim for him.

Episode 507

Shlok does his job perfectly. Barkha is the one to inform Indrajeet about her meeting with Shlok. Shlok confronts Indrajeet to get Aastha back into his life. Apsara tells Shlok about Indrajeet getting angry and refusing to listen to Aastha. In a furious state, Indrajeet is adamant about Barkha for making him feel uncomfortable.

4 December, Saturday, 2021

Episode 508

Barkha is hesitant toward Indrajeet. Apsara shares with Shlok about the conversation Indrajeet had with Barkha about her not going out on her own.

She dances Barkha to let the children out for panipuri. Shlok follows through with his plan. Indrajeet is informed by her driver Barkha and happens to meet Shlok once more!

Episode 509

Indrajeet is inquiring with Barkha to meet Shlok. Siddharth is required to travel to Bhopal to report on a news. Indrajeet keeps Barkha busy to keep her from leaving. Apsara is trying to convince Aastha to visit the temple.

The 5th Sunday of December, 2021

Episode 510

Apsara tells Shlok about Indrajeet who is keeping Aastha working. Renuka sets off for her friend’s home after dark.

Shlok enters Indrajeet’s home to get a glimpse of Aastha and finds out about her feelings towards Shlok. Indrajeet accepts to take his children to a school excursion but falls into the trap of Shlok.

Episode 511

Jyoti attempts to get in touch with Siddharth and Renuka however, she fails. Aastha as well as her chauffeur slip into the trap of Shlok’s while traveling. Renuka chooses to set aside some money for her grandchild. Shlok is lost in Aastha and attempts to locate her.

Monday 6 December 2021

Episode 512

Riya asks Renuka about her dislike of Jyoti. Renuka decides to trade in her bangles to raise cash. She is rebuked by Jyoti for asking her questions. Aastha plunges into a pit while trying to escape the dog. Shlok tirelessly searches for Astha.

Episode 513

Shlok arrives to help Aastha as Indrajeet attempts to help Aastha. Pratibha is introduced to Aastha. Shlok assists Aastha to get out of the hole. Jyoti tells Siddharth about her suspicions about Renuka after she sees her going out with the Bangles. Shlok and Aastha are able to escape through the forest.

7 December 2021, Tuesday

Episode 514

Siddharth is furious at Renuka for her rude behavior towards Jyoti. Jyoti apologizes for her mistake to Renuka for her error. At the same time, Avadhoot apologises to Pratibha on behalf of Kalindi. Indrajeet is concerned regarding Barkha after hearing the recording of Shlok.

Episode 515

Renuka isn’t planning to forgave Jyoti. Aastha’s mother is concerned about Kalindi leaving before dawn. Kalindi is in need of the assistance of a lawyer in order to get Aastha back. Indrajeet desperately tries to search for Barkha. Shlok introduces Aastha into Indrajeet after she is unconscious.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 516

Barkha provides information to Indrajeet about the progress of the events. Indrajeet thank Shlok. In the next moment, he confronts and dismisses his driver. Kalindi promises the grandmother of Aastha to inform her of the incident when it is moment. Indrajeet is hesitant and decides to stay in the dark. Barkha informs Indrajeet that she’s safe with Shlok.

Episode 517

Indrajeet talks to Barkha about her dream to marry her again at the 10th anniversary of their wedding. Surabhi encourages Shlok to keep believing in the dream. Indrajeet emotionally manipulates Barkha into signing the marriage contract. Indrajeet also informs Shlok about the wedding and invites him to the wedding.

The 9th of December is Thursday, December 9th in 2021.

Episode 518

Aastha is unable to recall watching the wedding decor. Shlok and Astha transport a young boy who was struck by her car, into the medical facility. The child accepts the blame and is questioned by the police. Aastha is unable to endure Shlok who is not paying attention to her. She is angry with Shlok when he stops him from being hit by a vehicle.

Episode 519

Barkha speaks to Indrajeet about the incident in which Shlok was able to help her. Shlok is open about his plans to beat Indrajeet and Apsara. Indrajeet talks to Shantanu as well as Mishti about his wedding to Barkha. Kalindi informs the grandmother of Aastha of her plans to file a lawsuit in the case of the Agnihotris. Barkha apologizes to Shlok.

10 December, Friday, 2021

Episode 520

Apsara informs Shlok that Aastha is meeting the designer of the wedding gown. Indrajeet is angry with Barkha for not meeting Shlok. Then, Shlok asks Barkha to accompany Shlok to the Maharashtrian celebration of food. Barkha informs him of her upcoming wedding with Indrajeet.

Episode 521

Indrajeet sees Shlok dropping Aastha home. In the next moment Indrajeet decides to keep Shlok far from Aastha. He informs Shlok about his plans to marry together with Aastha as well as invites him to the same. Shlok apologizes to Kalindi for his behavior with Aastha. The man advises Kalindi she is not to blame. Aastha had lost memory.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 522

Shlok assists Aastha choose her dress for the wedding. Barkha is inquiring Indrajeet about going to see her parents. Shlok demands Kalindi to visit Indrajeet’s residence. The caller is Indrajeet and makes fun of him by telling about the need for Aastha’s parents attending the wedding. Indrajeet is trying to be calm Kalindi when she comes in.

Episode 523

Indrajeet attempts in his efforts to persuade Kalindi she is right that Aastha is pleased with her. Shlok is critical of Kalindi’s decision allow Aastha remain with Indrajeet. Indrajeet is mocking Shlok for not achieving his plans. Shlok communicates with Sojal of Kalindi’s choice. The grandmother of Aastha is not happy with Kalindi’s decision.

Sunday 12 Dec 2021

Episode 524

Aastha decides to visit the temple based on the advice of Panditji. Apsara tells Shlok regarding Aastha visiting the temple. Indrajeet is tense after when he sees his aunt in the home. Aastha visits the temple, despite Indrajeet’s request. She is greeted by Shlok at the temple. Shlok helps to stop Aastha from falling to the ground.

Episode 525

Indrajeet decides to go with Barkha for a candlelit dinner. Varad arrives from Singapore. Shlok assists Aastha to make it to the temple. The Pandit refers to Aastha Shlok and Shlok to be spouse and husband. Shantanu and Mishti talk about their mother. Shlok requests Aastha to do him a favour.

Monday 13 December 2021

Episode 526

Aastha is willing to assist Shlok. Indrajeet tells Shantanu and Mishti the reason behind his decision to remarry Sapna. Avadhoot is delighted to see Aastha. He expresses gratitude to Shlok for inviting Aastha to meet Avadhoot. In the meantime, Barkha confronts Indrajeet for his erratic behavior. Indrajeet apologizes to Barkha for his error.

Episode 527

Indrajeet and Barkha have an argument that is heated over Shlok. Indrajeet demands Shlok to stay clear of Aastha. Apsara is the one to inform Sojal of Indrajeet and Aastha’s dispute. Indrajeet hires goons to prevent Shlok from getting to know Aastha. He goes on a trip with everyone to set up cameras around the home.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 528

Apsara tells Shlok about some of the guys visiting the house during Indrajeet’s absence. Aastha discovers that Indrajeet’s behavior is odd. Shlok visits Indrajeet’s home to visit Aastha for her birthday. Indrajeet keeps Barkha busy. Aastha is deciding to go out with Shlok late in the night.

Episode 529

Avadhoot’s mom confronts him over his rudeness towards Kalindi. At the same time, Shlok asks Apsara to remove Shantanu and Mishti out of the home. Avadhoot is determined in order to show Shlok’s innocence Kalindi. Indrajeet confronts Shlok to prevent Shlok in his pursuit of Aastha. Shlok intends for a meeting with Aastha.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 530

Renuka complains of not being able to watch television. Shlok and Astha take a trip. Shlok tells Indrajeet of the fact that Aastha is also with her. Siddharth is able to see Renuka and Jyoti enjoying a great time with each other. Shlok is celebrating Aastha’s birthday. Sojal thank Apsara for her assistance. Indrajeet is critical of Aastha for not going out.

Episode 531

Indrajeet wants Barkha not to go to Shlok. Barkha confronts Indrajeet for sinning against her. Apsara documents Indrajeet’s fight with Aastha. In the meantime, Siddharth asks Renuka not to be a believer in superstitions. Barkha and Indrajeet apologize to each other for the mistake they made.

16 December, 2021 Thursday

Episode 532

Varad and Sojal recommend Shlok to speak the truth to Indrajeet’s daughter. Indrajeet organizes an extravagant wedding. Aastha is contemplating Indrajeet. Indrajeet says Ballu’s name and claims he is his child’s favorite while playing an online word game. He decides to psychologically blackmail Aastha.

Episode 533

Kalindi fights with her mother-in law over her decision to allow Aastha remain with Indrajeet. Apsara is informed by Shlok about Indrajeet prepping for the wedding. Indrajeet invites Kalindi to attend the wedding. Shlok is unable to obtain Shantanu’s support. Indrajeet learns about the curiosity of Aastha to know the truth.

17 December, Friday, 2021

Episode 534

Avadhoot attempts to convince Kalindi be aware of Shlok’s love for Aastha. Indrajeet requests Kalindi to refrain from reminding Aastha about her earlier. Apsara tells Shlok about Kalindi’s appearance at Indrajeet’s residence. Kalindi is emotional upon meeting Aastha. But, Aastha fails to recognise her.

Episode 535

Renuka demands that Jyoti cook her food to feed the Baba. In the meantime, Indrajeet assures Barkha of going to Avadhoot. Siddharth faces the Baba for causing a rift with Renuka. Renuka apologizes before the Baba on behalf of Siddharth. Kalindi is trying to keep in mind Aastha about her previous experiences.

17 December, 2021 on a Saturday

Episode 536

Kalindi apologizes to Shlok for the mistake she made. She informs Avadhoot that she’ll do her best to assist Aastha recall her memories of the past. Indrajeet is able to confront Shantanu and Mishti about their plans for a celebration to mark Barkha’s birthday. Baba is able to steal jewellery and money from the home of Renuka and informs her about the importance of performing an om puja.

Episode 537

Siddharth faces Baba for stealing from his home. Renuka apologizes to Baba on behalf of Siddharth. Then, Baba informs his associates about his plan to sabotage Renuka. Indrajeet is slapped by Shantanu to celebrate Barkha’s birthday. Aastha is listening in On Indrajeet’s conversation Shantanu.

Sunday 19th December 2021

Episode 538

Shantanu confronts Indrajeet over his conduct towards Indrajeet and Mishti. Indrajeet requests his accomplice to kidnap Shlok. He gives a sari Barkha. In the meantime, Siddharth tells Jyoti that the complaint he filed against Baba. Kalindi inquires with Aastha concerning Shlok. Varad and Chaukasi are searching for Shlok.

Episode 539

Jyoti attempts to get Siddharth to realize what he did when he makes the decision to leave the home. Aastha is pretending to be sick and breaks off the marriage. Then, Varad asks Indrajeet about Shlok. Kalindi speaks to Barkha about the sexy actions of Indrajeet towards the Agnihotris. Renuka apologizes to Siddharth.

Monday 20 December 2021

Episode 540

When they discover that Indrajeet has taken Shlok, Aastha informs Kalindi and Varad. In the meantime, Siddharth tells Jyoti how the incident made Renuka to realize that she made a error. Varad demands Jyoti along with Siddharth to visit Mumbai. Then, Varad confronts Indrajeet for abducting Shlok and informs him that Shlok is safe.

Episode 541

Aastha is following Indrajeet and discovers Shlok’s location. She hands over a knife Shlok to let him go. Then, Aastha tells Shlok that she doesn’t want to get married Indrajeet. Indrajeet demands that his accomplice murder Varad as well as his entire family. Apsara informs Varad the truth that Shlok is in the storage room.

Episode 542
Finale of Series!

Varad informs the police of Shlok’s disappearance. Then, Indrajeet is shocked as Aastha is lying to him, saying that she’s recalled her previous experiences. Aastha is slapped by Indrajeet over his wrongdoing in the Agnihotris.

New series Illusion replaces Strange Love when it ends.


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