Strange Love August Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love August Teasers 2021: Shlok and Astha miss each other, but their egos stop them from telling each other. Next morning, Jyoti is ready for her haldi ceremony. Siddharth’s sister comes to their house to give the haldi.

Strange Love August Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love August Teasers 2021 Starlife

Starlife Strange Love August Teasers 2021 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Episode 259

Shlok doesn’t agree with Niranjan and asks Abhay for permission to leave. Siddharth finds out about Abhay’s release, and comforts Jyoti. Anjali watches the two of them together. Siddharth is assured by Astha that Abhay won’t be able harm Anaya and Jyoti.

Episode 260

Shlok is convinced by Niranjan about Abhay. Astha tells him not to listen to Niranjan. Anjali supports Astha’s decision not to allow Jyoti & Abhay to reunite. Jyoti is refusing to return to him.

Monday, 2 August 2021

Episode 261

Niranjan insists on sending Jyoti along with Abhay. But she is afraid. Shlok decides that Abhay has changed. He devises a plan. Niranjan discovers the plan and alerts Abhay. What will Abhay do?

Episode 262

Shlok accepts Niranjan’s decision. However, Astha refuses support. Abhay returns home to take Jyoti. However, Anjali prevents him from doing so.

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Episode 263

Astha and Anjali support Jyoti. They ask Abhay for permission to leave the home, which upsets him. Jyoti apologizes to Anjali that he misunderstood her. Niranjan is furious that Anjali disobeyed him and plans on punishing Astha.

Episode 264

Astha promises Shlok she will prove Abhay’s truth. Siddharth and Jyoti meet in the hospital. Abhay meets them both and accuses Jyoti of having an extra marital affair.

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Episode 265

Varad meets Mansi to discuss the necklace incident. Niranjan is unhappy with the family’s attitude and tells Shlok. Abhay grabs his daughter from Jyoti, and he flees. To demand ransom from the Agnihotri families, he plans to kidnap his daughter.

Episode 266

Astha and Shlok rescue the baby but Abhay manages escape. He calls Niranjan, and threatens him with extortion if he doesn’t tell his family the truth. Niranjan is angry with Astha, and plans to cause Shlok harm.

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Episode 267

The Agnihotri families are in shock to read about Jyoti’s and Siddharth’s relationship in the newspaper. Siddharth is confronted by Shlok. Astha is furious that he kept it from him. Shlok hears Jyoti talk about her love. Journalists gather to talk to Niranjan.

Episode 268

Siddharth accepts to marry Jyoti. Niranjan wants To ruin Astha’s and Shlok’s relationship. Astha is asked by him to sign the divorce papers. Siddharth is also present when Shlok makes a condition for the marriage.

Friday, 6 August 2021

Episode 269

Siddharth refuses Shlok’s conditions. Renuka is also convinced by him about his marriage. Niranjan accepts the marriage. Later, he ventes his anger at Anjali.

Episode 270

The family begins to prepare for the marriage. Anjali asks Astha for information about Jyoti’s wedding. Shlok refuses to go with her. Varad apologizes to Mansi that he didn’t attend the awards ceremony.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Episode 271

Astha gets angry at Shlok and refuses his company. Both go to the market to arrange a marriage where Astha is misbehaving with a goon. Renuka is dissatisfied with Jyoti and his family, and she cribs for Siddharth.

Episode 272

Shlok and Astha love each other but their egos prevent them from sharing their feelings. Jyoti is ready to perform her haldi ceremony the next morning. Siddharth’s sister visits their home to perform the haldi.

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