Strange Love 9 April 2021 update: Astha seeing Shlok outside the house. She thinks why did he come to her house. She wishes he leaves soon. Kalindi comes and asks who is it. Astha says its Shlok, as I forgot some papers and he came to give me. Kalindi is surprised. Astha makes excuses and goes to meet him.

Kalindi wants to call him inside the house. Shlok scolds Astha and says how dare you cut my call, I can’t bear this. Atha asks him to calm down as everyone will hear it. Shlok shouts. He says I did not had any intentions when I took the pheras with you. Astha shuts his mouth. Kalindi says Shlok and his mum are after us. His mum wants us to keep Astha away from Shlok and look now, Shlok came to our house to meet Astha.

Kalindi says Astha should have called him inside the house. Shlok looks at Astha and Khuda… plays… Shlok holds her towards him. Astha is shocked. He says I did not finish yet. She says I have forgiven you, now please go from here. Kalindi is watching them. Shlok leaves her and says next time don’t cut my call. Shlok leaves. Astha goes inside the house and Kalindi confronts her. Astha says I m going to sleep and leaves. Kalindi is worried. Her mum asks her what happened. Kalindi says yes I m worried because I saw them talking, it did not look they were talking about any office work. Her mum says I will talk to Astha and will know whats going on.


The next morning, Anjali talks to Niranjan and says I don’t think Astha can take care of the event well. Niranjan does not listen to her. Shlok comes and greets Niranjan. He says Astha will take good care of the event and talks to Niranjan that we have only few days left as we can’t any new event management company at this time. Shlok says Astha is doing good work. Anjali is angry. Shlok leaves.

Astha comes to office and sees chocolates, teddy and flowers. She sees a letter that has her name on it. The card reads I m sorry, for everything which I should have not told, but I can’t help it, I m like this, I hope you understand that this is not easy for me, you are the first girl to whom I m saying sorry. Shlok comes to her. Astha turns and looks at him. Shlok comes close to her and Khuda ….. plays…… He walks by her side. Astha smiles and accepts those things. She hears someone speaking against Shlok. The girl says bad words to Shlok and says he fired me, I would have killed him. Astha stops her from saying and takes Shlok’s side. The girl says you spent a night with him and you changed. Astha says shut up.

The girl says something is going on in between you and Shlok. She says everyone knows seeing your eyes and face. She says do you have any love affair with Shlok. Astha says listen, its none of your business, its my personal life. She says you are no one to ask me. The girl leaves saying don’t get into love with him else you will regret. Astha says thanks, but you don’t need to think about us. The peon comes and says Shlok is calling Astha. Anjali gives a list to Sojal and asks her to start working. Niranjan calls Anjali.

Niranjan says we will call Astha and her family too. Anjali says why. Niranjan favours Astha and says we should skip seeing their mistakes and accept them. Kaka comes and says what are you saying, who will understand if Anjali does not understand you. He taunts Anjali. Niranjan asks Kaka to be in limits and speak with respect. Kaka says you look good when you scold because you look true. Anjali asks Niranjan not to worry as she will send the invitation to Astha’s family. Kaka smiles.

Astha comes to Shlok’s cabin. He says whats this kiddish thing, why were you arguing with that girl. She says she was speaking against you. Shlok gets close to her and Astha moves backward. Shlok says so what. Astha says I was explaining her. Shlok asks but why, what was the need. Astha says she was saying about us. Shlok asks what about us, what did she say exactly. Astha says she was saying that I …. Shlok asks what…. Astha says I will … she says if you know everything then why do you want to know from me. Shlok looks at her. Astha leaves. Shlok smiles picking the flowers.

Astha comes to her cabin and says like you want Shlok, it won’t happen. You won’t know what I feel, if you are rude, then I m too rude, you will be the first to admit your feelings, not me. She says everything is on the Lord. Mangesh comes with the file and says it has questions from Anjali and we need to work on it. Shlok thinks Astha has to bend infront of him, what to do. She says you have faces Shlok, you think you are adamant Astha, but you did not see me. He says by hook or by crook, you have to bend infront of me

Kalindi gives Tea to Astha’s father who expresses his concern about NA involving regarding his office matters. He feels a bit tired and pressured , then he notices Kalindi also worried and asks her. She expresses her concern about Anjali’s warning about Shlok -Astha and Shlok’s increasing concern for Astha. She tells how Shlok came home for sake of work and Astha’s dad rules it off saying may be he came on work only and tells that they should believe Astha.

At same time Anjali reluctantly calls Astha’s home on insistence of NA. She invites Kalindi for a pooja in their home and Kalindi refuses because they had some work. Anjali pressures her and finally Kalindi agrees to come. As she cuts the call, kalindi expresses her worries for the way Anjali invited and thinks what’s going on in her mind.

Astha comes and asks for Anjali, but Anjali chides her that she came as soon as she got an invitation for Pooja and asks her to sit. They both sat at both the ends of table and Astha informs that she came to ask some questions for the News. Astha starts to record but Anjali didn’t let her and says sarcastically that she will answer in a way Astha remember for ever. Astha questions how was she able to manage such a big house and Anjali replies saying every woman had their qualities, she had some, Astha’s mom had some. Astha questions her and Anjali continue her tantrum saying that she wonder that there should be a course introduced in their institute to make her mom learn some qualities . Ad she continues insulting saying the course name should be “Crash Course Diploma in the way to seduce rich guys.” Astha tries to stop her and Anjali continues insulting Astha. Astha angrily replies that her values were not that, and Anjali gets up and then forces Astha to drink Cold water. Astha throws away the glass , and Anjali continues that she had the dreams to live in that house , then try to get the traditions of the house. Astha answers her saying she had no such dreams and she came there because of her job other wise she will never come in such a house which had a lot of dark ness in it, and leaves from there.

Astha enters the office remembering all the insulting words of Anjali and just them Shlok call her in. Astha goes to Shlok to give the report, but she was a bit conscious that made Shlok question her the reason. She answers that she wasn’t conscious but Shlok says that her face was mirroring that she was hiding some thing. But she again says No. Shlok sighs and closes her, she moves away from him, that made Shlok force her to sit and gives her work and shouts her to say her problem so that she can work properly, But she doesn’t answer and again he closes her. She moves from him and she says her to stay away from her. He asks her the reason and she says that he was her problem and pleads him to leave her and leave from there crying. Shlok becomes angry saying that she had to accept staying with him firmly.( I loved Ashlok’s chemistry here. )

Astha comes to her office and gives her resignation, her superordinate tries to persuade her for staying, but Astha in almost crying voice leaves from there saying that she can’t do the Job, and Her superordinate calls for some one. She was moving when Shlok grabs her hand and forcefully take her into a near by room

Shlok asks her where she’s going, but she tries to go away from there angrily and Shlok pins her to the walls, Astha glares at him and they share an eye lock. Shlok asks her why she was leaving and Astha tells him angrily that he can’t force her to stay and she tries to leave. Shlok pins her to wall and made her look at him and says her that he was speaking to her and she should look at him. She tries to look away, but he again make her look at him and says that her eyes say that she want to speak to him. She tries to make loose of his hold and she bites his hand to get loose. Then she angrily says him that she can’t even bear to live any where surrounding him and leaves from there crying. Shlok angrily looks in the way she left and says that she will close all other doors for her so that she will stay with him.

@Agnihotri mansion..
Anjali and NA invites Kiroskar family and Anjali looks at Astha, hugs her and asks her why she came even after saying not to come. Astha remains silent and she looks at Shlok who was looking at her. Shlok continue to look at her all the time and Astha try to avoid his looks.Finally they both share an eye lock. Anjali offers the prsad to them and Astha prays to god. Shlok comes beside her and Astha notices his presence and looks at him who was looking at her angrily..She looks at all who was closing their eyes and runs away from there.


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