Strange Love 25 March 2021 update: Episode starts with the hero’s introduction scene. He is shown running on the road. He thinks about a girl and her laugh. His name is Shlok. He says you can never win over me.

The scene shifts to a girl who is seen attending a puja. Her phone rings with the song Anarkali disco chali. Everyone looks at her. Astha, the female lead is shown. Astha says sorry to her matron. The matron says I can’t permit you to go on the trip. Astha talks to her and makes her agree. She says I want to take her for a spiritual trip. The matron agrees. Shlok is driving his car and tells his assistant that he hates lies.

Shlok reaches somewhere and tells a girl that she is rusticated. The girl cries. Astha thanks her Ajju for doing her packing. She says her bahu Kalindi did the packing herself. Kalindi is the mum of Astha. Kalindi says you lied to me, the matron called me. She says you are taking everyone on Yatra. Her mum warns her that she will get into a big problem if her nature does not change. All of them leave in the bus for the Yatra. Shlok says its a big day today for him. His assistant says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Shlok says I will not bear any mistake as my dad’s name is linked with this. His dad calls him and Shlok receives the call. Its his mum calling from his dad’s phone. Shlok does not speak well with his mum. She says you are forgetting that you are talking to your mum, come home as we have a puja. Shlok says I remember everything related to my dad, only he is the one with whom I m linked.


Shlok drives faster and is stuck by the bus. Shlok overtakes the bus and drives faster. Astha goes to take the tickets. She sees its houseful. She thinks of doing something. She asks where is the ticket counter. A man misunderstands Astha to be someone else. She prays for a miracle. He asks her did Shlok Sir sent you. She says I don’t know any Shlok. He does not hear it and gives the tickets to her. She thinks even the Lord wishes that we see the concert. Shlok asks for the passes.

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Astha and the other women see the concert. Shlok comes there and is very much angry. He asks the theatre person why he gave the tickets. The man lies to Shlok saying Astha insisted him to give the tickets. Shlok’s assistants say the foreign delegates are calling and they are angry. Everyone love the concert and clap after it ends. Shlok goes on the stage and says I thank all the guests here. He says this event is organized because of my dad. He says my dad gave me good values and he taught me not to lie and not to bear lies. He says here are some people who lied and came inside on other’s passes, it will be good if they leave. Astha is tensed. Astha says we should go now. Shlok sees many women leaving. Astha says she has to say sorry to Shlok. She comes to him. Shlok looks at her. She apologizes to him. He holds her hand and takes her with him. She says leave my hand. He gets angry and says you fooled the attender saying you are my close relative. He says whats our relation. Astha says what are you saying. Shlok gets closer to her and says how close are we? Astha gets nervous and says I have seen you for the first time. She says I m sorry for my lie.

She says I wanted to make my aunt happy. Shlok says I lost many crores. Shlok says will you lie further. He holds her closer and says will you say you are my wife or anything else. Hestares at her. He says I know women well. Astha says the man who does not respect women does not deserve anything. Astha says its my mistake that I came to apologize to you. Shlok says you came to apologize because you were caught. Astha calls him a devil. Shlok hurts her. He thinks about her words. He thinks of some girl. He leaves Astha. She says I won’t see your face again and cries.

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Astha walking om the road alone crying and thinking about Shlok’s words. She bumps into Shlok and gets tensed. She wakes up thinking its only a dream. Shlok is shown running somewhere and thinking of a girl. Astha thinks how Shlok has holded her hand. Astha’s phone rings and her aunt wakes up. Her aunt sees her standing near the window and asks her what happened. Astha is silent. Her aunt sees the wound on her hand and says did you apply the medicine on it. Astha says wake everyone up else we will miss our train. Shlok halts somewhere and shouts. His assistant comes and says you have to reach your house before 12. He says don’t remind me anything about my dad. He walks towards his car.

Astha and her gang are travelling in the train. Astha wishes she should not see Shlok again. She meets Shlok again in the train and thinks about the previous night. Shlok is shocked too seeing her. Shlok’s wallet falls and he walks away unaware of it. Shlok sits with some family and gets irritated by the kid’s noise. He thinks how his car got damaged, and he had to travel by train being helpless. Astha tells her friends that she is very angry as she met Shlok in the train. She says today I will teach him a good lesson. Ajju says Shlok can sit with them. Astha says Shlok asked us to go from the concert because he had some reason. All the women start arguing. Ajju takes Shlok’s side. Shlok leaves from there. Astha comes to him and argues with Shlok. Astha says wait and watch, I will show you what is an insult. Shlok says try your best.

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Scene shifts to Shlok’s house:

Shlok’s mum is doing the arrangements of the puja. She calls her daughter in law and asks her whats are these flowers. She says we don’t need these flowers in the puja. She scolds her for not getting the right flowers. She wishes Shlok comes home at time. Astha sees Shlok arguing with the TT. Astha taunts him for not having the ticket. The TT scolds Shlok. Shlok says the name of his dad and agrees to pay the fine. He says I lost my wallet. Astha taunts him for not having the money. TT asks him to leave the train if he did not get his wallet. Shlok tries to explain the TT about how important it is for him to recah his home. Astha thinks about it. Shlok thinks hid dad’s puja would be going to end now.

Shlok’s dad is shown doing the puja. Shlok’s mum says Shlok did not come, I think he won’t come. His dad says he will come for sure. Shlok looks for his wallet. Astha takes money from Ajju for helping Shlok. Astha gives Shlok money. Shlok gets angry and does not accept it. Astha says I understand your need. He says I m not so helpless to take money from you, get lost. Astha leaves seeing his attitude. The TT comes and asks Shlok to leave the train. Shlok gets down the train. Astha finds Shlok’s wallet and calls Shlok. She throws the wallet to Shlok. Shlok picks it up and looks at her while the train goes. Astha says I helped him. Shlok thinks Astha did this purposely and says she had hidden his wallet so that he can’t travel in train.


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