[Star Life] The Inseparables January Official Teasers 2020

The Inseparables January Teasers 2020
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The Inseparables January Teasers 2020

The Inseparables January Teasers 2020

Here comes the The Inseparables January Official Teasers 2020 on star life

The Inseparables Wednesday 1 January 2020
(Episode 316)
Karan and Viren plan to produce their music album. Maanvi overhears Karan giving false information about her marriage to a newspaper editor on the phone. Karan then admits that he gave a fake story to the editor to help her win the competition. Meanwhile, Jeevika fears for Viren’s life.

(Episode 317)
Jeevika is pleased to see Viraat and Maanvi happy together. Meanwhile, Maanvi overhears Karan and Jaiswal plotting against the family. She threatens to expose Karan, who then tells Jeevika that Maanvi is wrong in suspecting him. Who will Viren support?

The Inseparables Thursday 2 January 2020
(Episode 318)
Swamini buys clothes for all the family members for a wedding. But Kadambari dislikes her choice. Meanwhile, Inder is offended when Dadaji asks Viren to handle a high profile case, instead of him. Karan then provokes him against Dadaji. Later, Maanvi tells Daboo something about Karan.

(Episode 319)

Jeevika and Maanvi deliberately fight with each other in front of the family members. Dadaji senses that they are faking it and confronts them. He assigns Inder to work on three major cases and announces to give Karan his share of the property. Meanwhile, Jeevika learns about Karan’s shocking plan.

The Inseparables Friday 3 January 2020
(Episode 320)
Maanvi records a video of Karan, but he snatches her camera and slaps her. Meanwhile, Jaiswal informs Viren that Karan is going to defame the Vadhera family. Later, Maanvi slaps Karan when he misbehaves with Jeevika. A furious Karan then points his gun at her. Will Maanvi get injured?

(Episode 321)
Maanvi plans to take the blame for Karan’s murder. But Viraat takes the gun from her and asks her to take Jeevika home. The family is shocked when they learn about Karan’s murder and Viraat’s arrest. Inder and Maanvi go to meet Viraat in jail.


The Inseparables Monday 6 January 2020
(Episode 322)
Jeevika wants to confess that she killed Karan, but Maanvi stops her. Daboo discloses Karan and Jaiswal’s ploy against Viren to his family. The Chaudhary family attends the funeral in Chandigarh. When Viraat is brought home in handcuffs, Swamini condemns him. But Vanshika refuses to believe he murdered Karan.

(Episode 323)
Viraat does not reveal the truth to protect Jeevika. He thanks Maanvi for supporting his decision. Dadaji is angry at him for discrediting the family. Viren informs Jeevika that Viraat’s bail has been denied and that he will be given life sentence. Will Jeevika reveal the truth?

The Inseparables Tuesday 7 January 2020
(Episode 333)
Viren is shocked by Jeevika’s confession. Maanvi tells him that she had prevented Jeevika from revealing the truth. On Vanshika’s request, Viren vows to help to get Veraat released. Meanwhile, Maanvi informs Viren about the camera she had used to record Karan’s attack on Jeevika.

(Episode 334)
Viren comforts Maanvi and they go to Karan’s house to find the camera. But Jaiswal informs the police about their unauthorised entry into Karan’s house. While Maanvi and Viren find the camera, Jeevika takes food to Viraat. Why has Viraat made this sacrifice?

The Inseparables Wednesday 8 January 2020
(Episode 335)
The family is shocked when Jeevika confesses that she killed Karan. Viren decides to reveal Karan’s true colours to the family, but Jeevika stops him. Unaware of the truth, Swamini condemns them for Karan’s death. Will Inder and Dadaji learn the truth?

(Episode 336)
Jeevika confesses to Beeji that she murdered Karan. Dadaji sees the video of the incident. Inder then tells her that they should show the video to Swamini, but Viren tells them that it will break her heart. Meanwhile, Swamini turns Vanshika against Jeevika. How will she react?

The Inseparables Thursday 9 January 2020
(Episode 337)
While Jeevika is adamant to confess her crime in court, Viren asks her to stay calm. Maanvi cries looking at Jeevika and Viraat’s photographs. Jeevika surprises the family members when she confesses her crime in front of them. What will happen now?

(Episode 338)
Swamini accuses Jeevika of pretending to make a sacrifice. While Vanshika apologises to Jeevika for misunderstanding her, Viraat is brought to the court for trial. Inder and Viren send Dadaji home on seeing his distress. Viren reveals to the court that Jeevika had murdered Karan. What next?

The Inseparables Friday 10th January 2020
(Episode 339)
Jeevika tells the court about the altercation between Karan, Maanvi and herself before the murder. She tells the judge that Viraat is innocent. Viren submits Maanvi’s camera and the video as evidence to back up Jeevika’s confession. Will Viraat be released?

(Episode 340)
The police find a Smith and Wesson gun at the crime scene whereas in the video Jeevika shoots Karan with a colt gun. Based on the evidence, Viren tells the judge that Jeevika had misfired and someone else had murdered Karan. Jeevika is then taken into custody. How will Viren prove his allegation?


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