Star life: Game of Love November Teasers 2020

Game of Love November 2020 Teasers Star life: Shivaay recognises Annika, who is in disguise. A man points a gun at the passengers in the flight.

Game of Love november 2020 Teasers Star life

Game of Love november 2020 Teasers Star life

Star life Game of Love November Teasers 2020

Game of Love Sunday 1 November 2020
Episode 383

Annika affirms that Shivaay is faking and decides to find the motive for his act.

Game of Love Monday 2 November 2020
Episode 384

Gauri expresses her feelings to Om in English and afterwards, breaks up with him. Shivaay tells Annika the reason behind his act with Tanya. What is it?

Game of Love Tuesday 3 November 2020
Episode 385

Shivaay and Annika find out that Dadi was never admitted to the hospital along with the record of fire at Kalyani Mills is fake. Shivaay and Annika secretly quickly for each other!

Game of Love Wednesday 4 November 2020
Episode 386

Shivaay provides Annika a romantic surprise on karva chauth. Tanya waits for somebody’s arrival. Who can it be?

Game of Love Thursday 5 November 2020
Episode 387

Abhay shows to Tanya that he is also an Oberoi. Annika follows Tej and Shakti when they covertly take a man inside the house. Who is it?

Game of Love Friday 6 November 2020
Episode 388

Shukla recognises Abhay and decides to tell Tej that he chose the tapes . Bhavya decides to quit her job when Rudra humiliates her!

Game of Love Saturday 7 November 2020
Episode 389

Shivaay gets questionable when he overhears his household conversation and decides to accompany them to Goa. Abhay rejoices as his wicked plans are functioning!

Game of Love Sunday 8 November 2020
Episode 390

The Oberois, Tanya and Sundari accompany each other and reach the airport. Tej and business mislead Shivaay and proceed to fulfill Shukla. But why?


Game of Love Monday 9 November 2020
Episode 391

Shivaay recognises Annika, who is in disguise. A man points a gun at the passengers in the airport.

Game of Love Tuesday 10 November 2020
Episode 392

Annika and Bhavya disarm the perpetrator who pointed a gun at the passengers on-board. Ajay puts Gauri in a terrible position.

Game of Love Wednesday 11 November 2020
Episode 393

Shivaay panics when Annika gets hurt after escaping out of the aircraft. Bhavya and Rudra also attempt to get out of the forest they landed in after escaping from the airport!

Game of Love Thursday 12 November 2020
Episode 394

Shivaay demands the truth about Kalyani Mills out of his family members and satisfies Shukla to get more clarity. Will Shukla tell him the truth?

Please note: As of today, the 1 hour episode a day will be replaced by two 30 minute episodes per day.

Game of Love Friday 13 November 2020
Episode 395

Annika and Bhavya get nostaligic since they observe Diwali. Shivaay eavesdrops on their conversation and provides Annika a surprise!

Episode 396

Afterwards, Om reveals something shocking about Gauri, although the Oberois play truth or dare.

Game of Love Saturday 14 November 2020

Episode 397
Omkara conveys his love for Gauri and asks her to return. Can Gauri return?

Episode 398
Omkara informs everyone about Gauri’s decision. While everyone tries to pacify himAnnika wonders if Shivaay will last to like her in their old age!

Game of Love Sunday 15 November 2020

Episode 399
Shivaay learns that Gauri has been adopted! Annika fantasies about her missing sister, Chutki. What is the mystery?

Episode 400
Ajay learns about Gauri’s ritual and threatens her that he will stop Mukesh and Richa’s wedding. ShivOmRu are left feeling guilty. Why?

Game of Love Monday 16 November 2020

Episode 401

Shivaay consoles Annika and apologises for his behaviour. Gauri informs Om that she has to marry Ajay to get Richa’s sake.

Episode 402

Gauri pleads Omkara and team to go back but later, Shivaay intends to kidnap her with Rudra and Om’s help. Gauri herself tries to runaway. Why?

Game of Love Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 403

Annika and Bhavya smell something fishy and check Om’s room but Shivaay diverts them. Annika goes into Om’s room, searching for her mobile phone. Will she learn about Gauri?

Episode 404

Omkara and Shivaay make special arrangements to spend some quality time together with Annika and Gauri respectively. Later, Annika learns about a trust evaluation and decides to test Shivaay. Can Shivaay pass the exam?

Game of Love Wednesday 18 November 2020

Episode 405

Pinky’s cousin Dinki visits the Oberois for a couple of days.

Episode 406
ShivOmRu return home when Bhavya smells something fishy. Later, the Oberoi brothers get a video message leaving them dumbstruck. What is in the movie?

Game of Love Thursday 19 November 2020

Episode 407
Ajay learns about Gauri’s ritual and threatens her that he’ll stop Mukesh and Richa’s wedding. ShivOmRu are left feeling guilty. Why?

Episode 408
ShivOmRu decide to ask Piya the truth, but end up admiring her dance. Soon they are joined by Annika, Gauri and Bhavya too!

Game of Love Friday 20 November 2020

Episode 409
After getting threatened by Piya, ShivOmRu strategy to destroy the video at midnight. Will they succeed before it’s too late?

Episode 410
Shivaay and Om attempt telling the truth to Annika and Gauri. Rudra ends up fighting Bhavya when he tells her the truth. Piya is amazed by their honesty but can she spare them?

Game of Love Saturday 21 November 2020

Episode 411
The Oberois celebrate Dadi’s birthday when Dinki brings Piya’s pencil drive and intends to exchange it using Annika’s. Piya supposes some foul play. What’ll she do today?

Episode 412
Before the Oberoi brothers could discontinue Dinki, she plays with the video, shocking everyone. How will the Oberois respond to it?

Game of Love Sunday 22 November 2020

Episode 413
Annika asks Shivaay to get some thing khatta for her! Are the Oberois in for some good news?

Episode 414
Shivaay breaks the information about Annikas pregnancy into the family members and later determines to take their relation to the next level!


Game of Love Monday 23 November 2020

Episode 415
Gauri combines a love-inducing drug in Shivaay’s juice. Annika intends to make Shivaay see a romantic movie. However, their plans go horribly wrong!

Episode 416
Annika tells Shivaay she has a surprise when they find themselves alone in the home. Abhay and Svetlana have been in search of a tape. What is inside?

Game of Love Tuesday 24 November 2020

Episode 417
Shivaay and Annika get romantic when they are alone in the home. Abhay accuses the Oberois of purposefully burning Kalyani Mills. How will they react?

Episode 418
ShivOmRu throw Abhay out of the house while Dadi would like to attract him back into the mansion and give him his rights!

Game of Love Wednesday 25 November 2020

Episode 419
Tej and Shakti face Shivaay for bringing Abhay home, but Dadi tells him he did so on her insistence. The Oberois are shocked when Abhay introduces his wife. But why?

Episode 420
Shivaay allows Svetlana to remain in the Oberoi mansion when she blackmails him. A furious Annika questions Shivaay over this decision. Will he reveal the reason?

Game of Love Thursday 26 November 2020

Episode 421
Annika, Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra plan to spoil Svetlana’s cosmetics to ruin her press meet. But their plan backfires, putting Annika in a tight spot!

Episode 422
Shivaay exposes Svetlana when the press needs justice. Shivaay and Om watch a footage of an explosion in the Oberoi Mansion while Rudra reveals something shocking!

Game of Love Friday 27 November 2020

Episode 423
Annika, Shivaay and Om save Rudra out of Svetlana’s trap. Bhavya and Rudra part manners. Why?

Episode 424
Shivaay reveals some secrets to Omkara and Rudra. Afterwards, Rudra learns that Bhavya did not marry her friend!

Game of Love Saturday 28 November 2020

Episode 425
The family is ruined when Shivaay admits he has transferred fifty percent shares of the Oberoi Group into Svetlana’s name. Why?

Episode 426

Anika asks Shivaay the reason for giving away Om and Rudra’s property shares! Elsewhere, Tej and Pinky have a heated argument.

Game of Love Sunday 29 November 2020

Episode 427

Shivaay calls a press conference and stuns everyone by announcing that Svetlana will be his new business partner.

Episode 428

Tej and Pinky argue and the situation gets worse. Jahnvi blames Shivaay for it and asks him to leave the house!

Game of Love Monday 30 November 2020

Episode 429

Anika decides to leave the house with Shivaay. Later, Tej wants to search Shivaay and Anika’s luggage before they leave, leaving the Oberois shocked.

Episode 430

Rudra tries to stop Shivika from leaving by threatening to shoot himself. Later, Shivika leave the Oberoi Mansion.

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