[Star Life] Family Affairs December Teasers 2019

Family Affairs December Teasers 2019, Riya has to prove her innocence by walking on hot coals. Also: what makes Shanti beg for food?

Family Affairs December Teasers 2019

Family Affairs Sunday 1st December 2019
(Episode 196)

Shanti, Sarla and Amit discuss their plan against Riya. Nimmi tells Kaushalya about the mishap. Rani lies to Sarla that a rat has ruined her saris. Shivam tells Riya that she forced Shanti to dance.

Family Affairs Monday 2nd December 2019
(Episode 197)

Shanti and Sarla conspire against Riya. Sarla takes a photo of Riya and Amit together. Rani suspects that Sarla and Shanti are weaving a conspiracy. Later, Shanti gets her neighbour arrested for stealing their electricity.

Family Affairs Tuesday 3rd December 2019
(Episode 198)

Preeti informs Shanti about her meeting with Mohit. Later, she criticises Nandu for misbehaving with Mohit. Mohit tries to climb up to Shanti Sadan’s balcony. Bansi captures Riya’s and Amit’s time together.

Family Affairs Wednesday 4th December 2019
(Episode 199)

Riya decides to leave the house after proving her innocence by walking on hot coals. Kaushalya asks Shanti to stop her. Raghav scolds Shanti for asking Riya to prove herself. Prabha tells Sarla that Ashok has gifted a sari to Nirmala.

Family Affairs Thursday 5th December 2019
(Episode 200)

Shanti hands over the responsibility of Shanti Sadan to Riya. Kaushalya scolds Riya and asks her to take proper care of the house. Sharmili and Makdi are worried about Pari having a baby. Shanti is upset with Raghav for misbehaving with her.

Family Affairs Friday 6th December 2019
(Episode 210)

Sarla learns that Shanti has given the household responsibilities to Riya. Nimmi and Raghav try to console Kaushalya. Shanti reconciles with Raghav. Later, she refuses to take the keys back from Riya.

Family Affairs Saturday 7th December 2019
(Episode 202)

Nimmi scolds Sharmili for following Preeti. Rani learns that Riya is the new in-charge of Shanti Sadan. Shanti asks Sarla to seek Riya and Kaushalya’s permission to visit the house. Vyom finds Pari stealing Sharmili’s jewellery.

Family Affairs Sunday 8th December 2019
(Episode 203)

The Agarwals celebrate Makar Sankranti. Pari lies to Sharmili that her grandmother has died. Shivam and Amit fly kites. Nandu finds Mohit troubling Preeti. She begs Mohit to leave. Pari tells Sujeev that she is pregnant.

Family Affairs Monday 9th December 2019
(Episode 204)

Kaushalya scolds Riya for ruining Sarla’s sari. Shanti tells Sarla that Raghav has brought a sari for her. The doctor tells Sujeev that Pari is not pregnant. Sarla confronts Mohit for insulting Preeti.

Family Affairs Tuesday 10th December 2019
(Episode 205)

Sharmili confronts Pari for deceiving her. Shanti tells Sarla that she deliberately burnt her sari. Nimmi asks Preeti to meet Mohit. Sarla asks her associate to send a photograph to Sharmili. Shanti is shocked seeing her belongings missing.

Family Affairs Wednesday 11th December 2019
(Episode 206)

Sarla tells Ashok that Shanti has left home. Shivam, Riya and Ashok fail to find her. The Shrivastavs are relieved as Shanti returns home with a pandit. However, they are shocked to see her become a sanyasin. Sarla blames Riya for ruining Shanti’s life.

Family Affairs Thursday 12th December 2019
(Episode 207)

Raghav is shocked to see Shanti as a sanyasin. Rani learns that Amit and Riya have spent the night together. Raghav stops Shanti from leaving. Kaushalya tells Raghav that Riya had moved Shanti’s belongings as pest control was being done.

Family Affairs Friday 13th December 2019
(Episode 208)

Ashok scolds Bindu for insulting Nirmala. Vyom agrees to get married and Sharmili shows Preeti’s photographs to him. Shivam and Nandu assault Mohit for visiting their house. Sarla tells Pari about her plan to get Preeti and Vyom married.

Family Affairs Saturday 14th December 2019
(Episode 209)

The Shrivastavs are shocked as Shanti begs for food. Meanwhile, Mohit scolds his mother for locking him in his own room. Shanti insists on cooking her own meals. Sarla tells Pari about her plan to get Preeti and Vyom married.

Family Affairs Sunday 15th December 2019
(Episode 210)

Sharmili and Makdi discuss Vyom’s prospective bride. Preeti tells Nimmi that Mohit’s mother had insulted the Shrivastavs. Prabha tells Sarla about the news on radio about the hidden treasure.

Family Affairs Monday 16 December 2019
(Episode 211)

Ashok tries to calm Nirmala. Sarla tells Ashok that she will buy a car. Shanti provokes Kaushalya against Riya and gives money to her to pay the grocery bill. Mohit shares his feelings on radio.

Family Affairs Tuesday 17 December 2019
(Episode 212)

Riya is surprised to find the keys in her bag. Shivam supports Riya when her boss criticises her. Sarla tells Shanti that a treasure is buried under the house. She asks Shanti to give her half of the booty.

Family Affairs Wednesday 18 December 2019
(Episode 213)

Amit tells Rani about his plan to get the treasure. Vyom tells Pari about the news of a treasure at Shanti Sadan. The treasure hunters find a pitcher. Pari removes the television cable to prevent Sharmili from seeing Preeti.

Family Affairs Thursday 19 December 2019
(Episode 214)

Sarla casts Prabha and Bindu out of Shanti Sadan. Raghav is shocked to see the news about the treasure. Kaushalya blames Riya for her insult. Mohit’s mother slaps him for consuming alcohol. Riya apologises to Kaushalya.

Family Affairs Friday 20 December 2019
(Episode 215)

Raghav tells a government employee about the court’s stay order to stop the treasure hunt. Riya apologises to Raghav for her mistake. Meanwhile, the salesman assaults Amit for misbehaving. Riya and Shivam are worried.

Family Affairs Saturday 21 December 2019
(Episode 216)

Riya tells Kaushalya that they have to return Nandu’s salary. Sujeev scolds Pari for assaulting Vyom. Riya tells Kaushalya that they will keep the money in Shanti’s cupboard. Shanti plans to throw Riya out of the house.

Family Affairs Sunday 22 December 2019
(Episode 217)

Shivam apologises to Raghav for his mistake. Raghav shares his miseries with Kaushalya. Riya refuses to go on a picnic with her colleagues. Nirmala tells Ashok about Bindu deceiving her and taking her signature on the property paper.

Family Affairs Monday 23 December 2019
(Episode 218)

Kaushalya is shocked to see the ruined clothes. Sujeev insists Pari takes the shock therapy. Rani learns about Amit’s illegal business. Amit gets angry at her for questioning him. Nimmi allows the employee to install a mobile tower on the terrace.

Family Affairs Tuesday 24 December 2019
(Episode 219)

Nimmi decides to open a bank account for Kaushalya. The police assault Mohit. Rani and Prabha visit Amit’s agency. Nandu tries to make Mohit realise his mistake. The mobile company employee asks Kaushalya to sign the contract paper.

Family Affairs Wednesday 25 December 2019
(Episode 220)

Riya tells Kaushalya about her father’s ill health. Ashok tells Sarla that Nirmala has asked him to keep her property papers in his safe. Sujeev scolds Makdi for misbehaving with Pari. Riya ruins the contract.

Family Affairs Thursday 26 December 2019
(Episode 221)

Pari assures Makdi that she will soon find a bride for him. Shivam, Raghav and Shanti leave the house to meet Santosh. Kaushalya asks Riya to attend her official meeting. Nandu tells Kaushalya that Mohit had snatched money from him.

Family Affairs Friday 27 December 2019
(Episode 222)

Nimmi brings Anupam home. Rani scolds Amit for gambling. Preeti is upset with Kaushalya for suspecting her to be pregnant. Bansi announces about a Baba’s arrival at Mughalsarai. Nimmi decides to bring a pregnancy kit for Preeti.

Family Affairs Saturday 28 December 2019
(Episode 223)

Preeti and Nimmi are shocked to find the pregnancy test to be positive! Kaushalya is livid with Preeti on finding out the same. She asks Nimmi to get Preeti’s blood test done.

Family Affairs Sunday 29 December 2019
(Episode 224)

Kaushalya and Preeti are relieved when Nimmi tells them that the pregnancy report is negative! Later, Maharaj Adyotnath visits Shanti Sadan with his disciples. Prabha tells Rani about the same. Sarla decides to visit Shanti Sadan.

Family Affairs Monday 30 December 2019
(Episode 225)

Sarla plans to ruin Maharaj Adyotnath’s puja. Riya tells Shivam about Adyotnath’s arrival. Adyotnath does a puja at Shanti Sadan. Kaushalya is asked to prepare the mahaprasad. Kaushalya tells Shanti about Adyotnath’s arrival.

Family Affairs Tuesday 31 December 2019
(Episode 226)

Sarla tries to disturb Adyotnath during his meditation. Shanti catches Rajinder deflating the tyres of the car. Adyotnath hand overs the rudraksh to Kaushalya. Sarla is upset at not getting it. Shanti finds Anupam sleeping in her bed.

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