SPOILER: Kulfi Sikandar confrontation, New enemy to raise distress


Kulfi Sikandar confrontation New enemy to raise distress Mia attends a call from the director. She learns that the rehearsals venue has changed. She tells Kulfi that she will drop her to the new venue. Kulfi is happy that Mia cares for her. Amyra asks someone else to play her role, since she will play Kulfi’s role. Kulfi tells Amyra that she has come to the same venue as the director didn’t tell her anything, so she didn’t believe the phone call. Amyra gets angry and thinks Kulfi is suspecting her. Director asks Amyra and others to rehearse soon. He hurries with the preparations. He doesn’t see Kulfi. He asks for Kulfi. Amyra tells him that Kulfi didn’t come, she will play Kulfi’s role.

He asks her who will play her role then. Amyra asks him to give her role to her friend, since they have rehearsed well. He agrees to Amyra. On the other hand, Gunjan tries to find clues against Lovely’s crimes. She wants to send Lovely to jail by filing a police complaint. She wishes Lovely pay for her crimes. Meanwhile, Kulfi gets late for the rehearsals. Sikandar wonders where is Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t find her costume. She rushes to the stage. Director stops her from joining the play in the middle. The investor doesn’t like the play concept. She doesn’t want to invest money. Kulfi sings a song to convince the investor.

The lady likes her talent and tells her that she has signed her now. She is ready to make the investment if Kulfi performs as the lead. The director tells her that Kulfi is the lead, while Amyra is the back up. He asks Kulfi to perform with Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra get into a quarrel again. Kulfi finds hard to deliver the dialogues in English. Lovely finds Gunjan has gone mad, when Gunjan taunts her. She doesn’t know what is Gunjan planning. The director asks Amyra to sing. Amyra doesn’t sing well. Kulfi corrects her.

Amyra angrily goes out of the venue. She learns that someone wants to spoil the play. She thinks she shouldn’t care since she won’t be a part of the play. Kulfi gets to see Sikandar, who is worried with Amyra’s leaving. She realizes Sikandar is really around. Kulfi gets angry on Sikandar’s lies. She tells the director about Sikandar’s involvement. Kulfi tells him that Sikandar isn’t a wax statue, but for real. Kulfi Sikandar confrontation for his hidden intentions. There is a new entry of Sikandar’s enemy, who would be reaping benefits from father-daughter’s bad terms.

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