Snatched Zee world update Friday 14 February 2020: Elaichi says to mamma ji we should dane for our kids happiness. Mamma ji says I can’t dance, i have never danced all my life.

Snatched Zee world update Friday 14 February 2020: Elaichi says there is always a first time, you didi lady shopping for me. That was first time for you as well. We have to walk with our kids. Mamma ji cough. she asks are you okay? He says is it too hot today? She says yes it is. Elaichi turns the AC on. she says are you okay? He says yes i will dance if you ask me to. She says i knew you would say yes. She says i am coming in a moment.

Bhushan and sherya shoot for the pre wedding video. they dance and spend moments together while the videographer shoots them.
Elaichi tells everyone that mamma ji has agreed. Amar says how did you get his consent? Mishri says he will be really happy. Ayush says we will hit the pre-wedding video. Mishri says daddi look at my dress. daddi says its best. Ajay comes from the window and says i have nothing to wear. Daddi says i dont have anything to wear as well. all my saaaris are old. Ajju comes in, daddi says ajju is there anything wrong? He says no problem daddi. ajay says come with me to shopping. Ajay says sanjina will be there, she will be mad at me. I said to her that whole family will be busy in video so i have to handle the shop. SHe allowed me to come,but if she sees me in market she will be mad.

Mamma ji is in shop, he invites all his employees for sangeet next day. He says you all have a half day today. Mamma ji suddenly holds his heart and starts screaming. Sanjina comes in the shop and sees him screaming. sanjina asks the employees to bring water. With help of workers and Ajju they take him to hospital.

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Everyone else is getting ready for sangeet. daddi says my daughter in law looks really beautiful. elaichi says where is he? Amar says vinati stop taking pictures and start helping mammi ji. Mishir says lets do dance practice for video. Daddi says yes. amar says no there is a lot of work. Vinati says but we will dance. They all start dancing. Amar turns off the music. Ajjay gets a call from ajju. Ajay says did you reach the shop before sanjina. Ajju says come to city hospital, you mamma ji has got a heart attack. he drops the chandelier. Aamar says whats wrong ajay? Ayush says he can’t do anything. Ajay tells amar mamma ji has got a heart attack. everyone is shocked. amar says who told you? Ajju says ajay called me. Elaichi recalls his coughing in the room.

Sherya says tell me about your family. he says what about family? she says about daddi. She says video is on. He says she is my family’s heroin. she is the real energy, i love her. i think there was no such mod daddi ever seen before. She is like us totally. she binds us together.

Amar asks ajay where is mamma ji? he says ajju is with him. amar says i going. ayush get some money. Avni and vinati give me some clothes of his. where is mammi ji? Elaichi comes out. she says amar go get the car ready i want to go with her. daddi says no one will tell this to bhushan until his video is complete. we don’t want his happiness to be ruined. amar says but mama ji in hospital. daddi says he wanted bhushan to have this video. Bhushan says my mom is so patient, she handles all situations bravely. She never runs from problems. she is best. i love your mom too but you know.. Sherya says its okay. Bhushan says what mom has done is appreciable. she has kept us all happy.

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Mammi says i am giving this money to amar. Avni cleans the chandeliers pieces from floor and cries. Elaichi says you remember i put salt in kheer? Avni says yes but we ate it to make you happy. elaichi says sweets and saltish tastes are part of life. We are all together that is what matters. daddi says we will always be together.

bhushan says i never hugged papa, Maybe that is why i could never express my love to him. He is in tears. Sherya hugs him. He says I want to tell him that how much i love him, i will tell him. He says sherya papa will know my heart, i have a good idea.

Elaichi sits with mamma ji and says we have a wedding and you said that we will work together in the wedding. you are you leaving me alone? you are cheating. Bhsuhan calls her. He says papa is not picking his call. Elaichi says he has gone out for some work. He says get the jeep in garage out. Papa said the way we are on our feet he will let us drive that jeep. This is my turn now. elaichi says yes. He says i will drive it sitting next to him. I wanted to live this moment always.
half of them come home.

Bhushan comes home. They turn on the music, they start dancing to pretend that nothing has happened. Avni says how was the shoot? Sherya says it was too good. Vinati says did you rehearse? bhushan says not we are natural. Amar says yes you are so natural. Sherya says why are you all not ready? Bhushan says misri why are your eyes red? did you fight with ayush? Mishri says i am not a cry baby. I am so happy. she hugs him and says i will dance. Sherya gets a call from her mom. She says i can’t come. Her mom says come to please. She says i have to go, i am so sorry. bhushan says what about shooting? Sherya says please handle bhushan. bhusha says where are mummy papa? She says they have go to distribute cards. Vinati says bhusan let me show you dance steps.

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Doctor comes and says he is not responding, only a miracle can save him. call anyone you want before its too late. Elaichi sits in tears, Ajju and ajay hug her.
Dadi says amar call doctor. Ayush gets a call from ajay. He says yes? his phone is connected to speaker, Ayush says mama ji on ventilator. how will we tell bushan. Bhushan is hearing it. Ajay says mama ji is so critical. Bhushan is dazed. bhushan goes running to hospital. He is dazed to see mamma ji in critical condition. He touches his feet and says you said you will never leave me alone. He says i know that you always loved amar, avni, ayush, ajay more than me. its been since they came to live with us. you don’t need to do anything to prove. I have gotten it very well. he says since childhood i used to be mad when you loved amar more than me. you used to say to me that we are both equal. Why are you in hospital in my wedding? you were okay in amar’s wedding. you let him drive the jeep as well. You can’t be so unjust to me. You know very well that we never told each other how much we love each other but you have to get up and tell me. I have got the jeep cleaned up.

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