Snatched Zee World Full story, Casts, Plot summary And teasers

Snatched Zee World Full story, Casts, Plot summary And teasers
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Snatched Zee World Full story, Casts, Plot summary And teasers

Snatched Zee World Full story, Casts, Plot summary And teasers

Snatched Zee World Full story: Is an Indian television series, That will be premiered on 13th February 2020 on Zee World Tv, it’s a Story that in involves Pethewalas, a close-knit family of 10 as they go through life’s ups and downs. With drama around every corner, will they stick together as a family? And Shreya is a beautiful girl who can’t wait to start her life as a new bride, things start to take a turn when she comes to the daunting realization that married life is not what is made out to be. Continue Reading Zee World Snatched full Story Below:

Snatched Zee World Full story:

The story revolves across the Pethewala household. Bhushan (Neil Bhatt), the second son of the family is in love with Shreya (Sreejita De). Earlier than he can tell his household, they pretend to have fixed his marriage elsewhere however the lady seems to be Shreya. The lovers are fortunately married.

Ajay is the youngest son of the Pethewala household. His greatest friend Ajju is in love with Sanjana. Ajju gets a job in UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and he and Sanjana resolve to marry within the court given Sanjana’s father’s objections. Being just below 21 years of age, Ajju can not get married. To cease Sanjana’s father from getting her married forcibly to another person, Ajju requests Ajay to marry her until he returns from the US.

Ajay marries Sanjana. Unknown to their households is that their marriage is a contract for just a few months. The Pethewala household takes time to just accept Sanjana. In the meantime, Shreya, after getting brain washed by her mom, needs to divide the home and achieve control over it. Sanjana comes to know of Shreya’s true colors and tries to reveal her. However Shreya exposes the reality behind Ajay’s marriage. This creates big issues within the household and Sanjana is thrown out of the house. Trilokchand asks Ajay to go for a divorce. But Sanjana’s father, who has already accepted the wedding makes her realise her love for Ajay.

Ajay likes Sanjana but hides his emotions as he doesn’t need to hurt Ajju. Sanjana tries to win Ajay’s love. In the meantime, Dadi involves know Shreya’s true face. She brings back Sanjana to the home as a unfavorable person. Sanjana tortures the household so the torn aside family will come collectively to battle against her. She lastly succeeds in exposing Shreya who’s thrown out by Bhushan.

Shreya tries to commit suicide by jumping off from the cliff. Bhushan saves her however she loses her vision and turns into blind. Shreya regrets her errors and asks forgiveness from the household. Everybody forgives her besides Bhushan. At the identical time Ajju returns from USA. Ajju comes to know of Sanjana’s love for Ajay. He tries to drag her out of the home however Ajay stops him and confesses his love for her. This creates an enormous combat between the friends. Ajju tries to rape Sanjana, when Ajay’s sister Mishri saves her by hitting Ajju on his head with a vase.

Ajju dies and Mishri gets scared. Ajay and Sanjana hide Ajju’s body. The cops come by and inform Trilokchand that they’ve found Ajju’s body and that all the Pethewala household are suspects within the murder, however Ajay and Sanjana are the main suspects. In college, Mishri notices that she is being adopted. It’s truly Ajju in disguise. Ajju’s sister Shaina, Ajju and even Shreya attempt to manipulate Mishri into considering she’s going mad however Ajay and Sanjana defend her. Within the meantime, Shreya has faked a pregnancy to remain within the household however Bhushan suspects her and finds out her lies. Ajay and Mishri catch one other man, Anuj, who claims to have fallen in love with Mishri at first sight. Anuj’s household asks for Mishri’s hand in marriage. On the day of the marriage, Sanjana is arrested for Ajju’s murder. Sanjana confesses and the one way Ajay can save her is to get married to Shaina. Lastly bhushan enters and exposes all of the villains and made Sanjana and Ajay Married. Shreya, Ajay and shaina are arrested. sanjana requests bhushan to brought back Shreya and Bhushan agrees. shreya gets happy to learn that Sanjana forgives her. The story ends with entire household dancing.

Snatched Zee World Full story, Casts, Plot summary And teasers

Snatched Zee World Full story, Casts, Plot summary And teasers

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