Snatched 27 February 2020: Ayush asks uppal you knew about that girl? uppal says i don’t know anything he just used to get calls at night. Avni says he has made a mistake.

Snatched 27 February 2020: Mishri says i know there must be a reason, he would have had to do this. Avni says what could be the reason? ayush says he has betrayed mamma mammi and i can’t accept that.

Shreya comes in her room. Bhushan says where were you? don’t tell me you were talking to that stupid girl. Shreya says i wont do anything that would hurt you bhushan. Shreya says i remember how she spoiled the sangeet ceremony and embarrassed us all. dadi kept her in the house and gave her status of daughter in law. bhushan says i dont know whats happening. Shreya says relax sit here, i know what you are going through, anyone who sees their parents in this condition would be worried. all kids are not same. You didn’t say me yes till you got a consent from yoru family. but ajay is a different person, he didn’t think how much would i hurt mama mammi. bhushan says the ajay i knew wouldn’t do this. He has changed. He couldn’t hurt mummy papa.have you seen maa? She is shattered. Ajay did everything for himself. Shreya says bhushan please don’t give up. She holds his hand.

Ajay says i can’t see mammi mamma ji like this i have to tell them truth. He knocks at the door, kirlok opens it. he tries to come in kirlok asks him not to. Ajay says mammi ji please listen what i have to say. elaichi says i dont wanna listen anything. Ajay says please. Kirlok says the time to speak and listen is over, its too late. Don’t disturb us. He shuts the door. Ajay stands out in tears. sanjina is calling ajju but he doesn’t pick up. ajay comes in and says you did all you wanted to. Sanjina says what i did? ajay says you always hated me so you took my family from me. You ruined their name, everything is over. sanjina says you think i did this delibately. i love ajju why would i do this. Ajay says if you really loved ajju you wont let this happen, he sits down in tears. sanjina says please trust me i didnt do this. i didn’t tell papa. ajay says stop it, end this drama. Its your wedding night right? This is the worst and the darkest night of my life. no one even wanna talk to me, i can’t tell them anything. Everything is over. I helped you and ruined my life. sanjina says i didn’t do this. give me a little time i will make evrything okay. You helped me and ajju and you got stuck in all this. ajay says dont do anything. until ajju is back you will stay here. You wont tell anyone anything. She says they will blame you, ajay says i dont need your sympathy. you live your life and i will live mine. this is my matter. Sanjina says please let me talk to them. Ajay says just shut up, i dont wanna listen anything. He divides the bed with cushions and says what you thought i would sleep on bed? he sleeps on his side.

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next morning, everyone is on breakfast table. sanjina comes downstairs. Sanjina says good morning, no one responds. vinati says mishri take it there, sanjina says i will. Vinati says takes it herself. vinati says mami ji wakes up first and her door is not even open yet. i don’t know how she is. kirlok opens the door and walks out of the room with elaichi. Bhushan says papa you and mummy always pardoned ajay for his mistakes thinking that he is young. What he has done today has taken away our happiness from us. Why are you shedding these crocodile tears now ajay? if you really cared about us you wont have married in the court. bhushan says the person who should go from here is ajay along with this girl. Ajay get out from this house along with this girl. Elacihi tries to stop him. bhushan says this is too much maa. bhushan says go, i said go. Sanjina says please stop it. i am responsible for this. This is not ajay’s mistake. only i should be punished. Ajay says sanjina shut up. elaichi says keep your tone low. Sanjina says because of my mistake i don’t want ajay to be blamed, elaichi says for wedding two people are responsible. So both should be punsihed, come with me. Elaichi says you know the mistakes you have done. you will be pardoned if all the members of this family own you. Sanjina whoever forgives you will bind a thread on this tulsi plant. the day it has all the threads i will bind mine too. Till then don’t expect anything from me. We are all one family before that we all are friends to each other. after what you have done, its all broken. until everyone owns you, you would neither get punishment nor love.

Ajay comes to room and says why did you talk to mammi? She says i.. He says you keep your explanation to yourself, they love me they would have pardoned me. You ruined everything, i don’t know where to start from. She says its not easy to win the pardon, you should not go through the short cut, he says i dont need your advice, if you wanna stay here for six months stay quite. And don’t interfere in my family matters.

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Shreya has placed so many candles in her room. Bhushan comes in and says what is going in? she says lets watch a movie, he says maa is crying? mama has not eaten anything. but we should watch a movie. Ajay has broken us but yes we should watch a movie. I dont know why he did this. I have never sees mom dad this way, but you wanna watch a movie. shreya gives him remote and says check it, there is no CD in the player. She turns the TV on, it shows no disc. She says i was pretending, so you can speak about the pain in your heart. I wish ajay could see how troubled you are. He would realize then what kind of mistake he has done. He has got no punishment, in seven days, ayush, avni, amar, vinati they will all pardon him. They are blood. Bhushan says its not because of blood, its about love. you will see amar, ayush, avni will be the last to pardon him. He should be punsihed so no one ever does it again. shreya says no one will do it. Mummy papa has given so much love to them. They should be grateful. Bhushan says grateful is a small world they love them. I don’t know why ajay did this. I think i should go to shop, i should be with papa. She says yes, he says thanks for listening to me. She hugs him and says i love you. He goes. Shreya says bhushan i will kick this burden of outsiders.

Dadi says you did right with ajay. Elaichi says he saw us, we got bhushan married to the girl he loved and we accepted shreya. Why did he conceal this from us? why did ajay did this? what if someone else do this? Our family will be shattered. dadi says nothing will happen, When you hit water with a stick it wont break. I will be with you. You can punish ajay and sanjina the way you want. We will make the best out of it. I hope truth comes in front of us, the doubts in kirlok’s mind shall vanish. Elaichi says this new girl will break our family. Dadi says nothing will happen.

Ayush is being mad at someone on the call. He says i was busy sharma ji but you should have sent those packets. I have a match, i want those packets before it, i don’t know anything else. Shreya overhears it. She says what packet is so important that he can’t play the match without it? is he talking about drugs?
dadi comes to kirlok and says i am glad you came earlier, you should rest sometimes. Kids are there. Kirlok says i think i should stay home more, we should focus on kids more. bell rings, samar says i will check it. Postman says its a parcel for ayush. Samar takes it and says it for ayush chacha. samar slips. Ayush comes and pick samar up, the packet tears, a lot of currency notes fall out it. kirlok says what is this money? he says i dont know who sent it. He takes out the chit and says the opponent has sent it to bribe me. I will go and throw it on his face. they have no ethics. Kirlok says very good ayush, i expected this from you. Go and return this money to him. Shreya says in heart and says its about time, i should expose this ayush real face now.

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elaichi says vinati you didn’t take picture for friendsbook today? Vinati says didn’t get time. I had to made shake for ayush. Elaichi says you should focus of ayush, Avni and mishri will take care of ayush. Shreya says i will handle his work, Avni and mishri are having their exams and sanjina is here to help me as well. come sanjina. SAnjina comes and sits there. She says i will help her. Elaichi and vinati do not respond. Sanjina says to vinati should i help you with cleaning the rice? Elaichi says i am coming in a while, she leaves. Vinati says shreya i have to teach Samar, can you make ayush’s shake? Shreya says yes i will. Shreya says to sanjina come sit here. She says i know what are you feeling but it will take some time. After that everything will be okay. Just be positive and smile. I am going to make protein shake, clean these rice. Sanjina says thank you bhabhi.

Ayush says to a man, this is what i get in name of protein. I dont want delay in packets. This is all i need for the match. Shreya calls her mom and says no one will bind the thread on plant. Shreya says i am way more careful than before. she sees ayush talking to the man in the street. He takes the packet. She says how dual face they are. Her mom says what are you saying? Shreya says i will call you in a while. Shreya says can’t tell you on call.I will tell you later. I have to work for ayush tomorrow. Her mom says ask sanjina to work for him and take all the credit. Snatched Thursday 27 February 2020

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