Snatched update Monday 17th February 2020


Snatched 17 February 2020: Bhushan and Shreya arguing about the honeymoon plan. Shreya says that she want to go to Goa.

Snatched 17 February 2020: Bhushan says that he knows that she didn’t liked Vinati bhabhi’s video thing and that’s why she’s reacting like this. She says no. He says that he knows her from the past two years and whenever she becomes upset she reacts like this. He says don’t react like this. Shreya gets angry and says that if he knows her then they’ll go to Goa only. Bhushan says that she may be changing plan in last minute but I won’t.We’ll go to Manali if not we won’t go anywhere. He says to Shreya to stop being stubborn. She says its not stubbornness its her wish. Bhushan says it’s about principles. Shreya says that Bhushan always wants his family’s happiness. Bhushan says we have finalized it and we are not going anywhere. He takes the tickets and tears them. Elachi hears their conversation.

In the morning everybody were sitting and Trilok was explaining Ramayan. Bhushan and Shreya comes down. Bhushan asks Shreya what to say to them. She says that he can say whatever he want to. At that time Trilok was explaining about Sri Ram and Sita devi’s marriage. He says whatever said to Ram after marriage. He says a husband should take care of her wife like the eyelids take care of eye’s apple. He says the girl comes to a boy after leaving all her relations brothers and sisters. Elachi says but a boy stays in the same house. So its his duty to take care of her wife after marriage. He should love her and he should take care of her wishes and respect. And when a girl starts trusting her husband truly she will love her in laws as her own. They ends the Ramayan paat. Bhushan says that he want to say something to the family members. He says he and Shreya thought a lot and finally decided to go to Goa. Vinati was hurt and suddenly asks why but Amar stops her. Dadiji asks Elachi how she and Trilok calms down the situation without any arguments. At that time Sanjana calls Ajay and says that because of him and his stupid cricket match she’s unable to meet Ajju as because today is her birthday. She says that she wants to meet Ajju and he has to make her meet Ajju. Ajay says ok and cuts the phone. He goes to Vinati bhabhi’s room to take a saree for Sanjana. He opens the cupboard and takes the Saree his phone rings. He goes to take the phone at that time Vinati arrives and sees her saree on the floor. She puts the saree back in the cupboard and goes to scold Amar for keeping the cupboard’s door open. Ajay again takes the saree from the cupboard and takes Vinati’s mangalsutra and goes off. At the same time everybody were gifting Shreya and Bhushan for their honeymoon. Dadi gives shorts, Avni gives sunscreen lotion and etc..,. Everybody we happy and send off Bhushan and Shreya. Bhushan nad Shreya reaches Goa. At the time Elaichi calls and he says they are landed off safely and they in the hotel and says he’ll call him back. Shreya gets the keys of the room and goes to the room. She orders Bhushan he shouldn’t receive any calls, no TV and no work. At that time Mishri calls her and Shreya cuts the phone off. Mishri says that Bhushan bhaiyya cut the phone off. Avni says ofcourse they’ll because they are in honeymoon. At that time MIshri sees a pamphlet which was having call off for actors in television serials. Mishri asks how did the pamphlet came here. Avni says somebody gave her the pamphlet to her in Bhushan’s marriage and asked her if she is interested in acting in TV serials as heroine. Mishri gets excited and asks her to act. Avni acts. Mishri appreciates her and says her to say yes to the person. Avni says that she’s not interested. Mishri says she knows that she’s interested and there is no need to fear of parents.
On the other side Ajay makes Sanjana wear a saree and both were acting like a couple. Sanjana gets pissed off with the saree and the drama. Ajay checks once if everything is correct before entering the hostel. He sees that Sanjana’s forehead doesn’t have sindoor and Sanjana too forgets to wear sindoor. Sanjana asks Ajay to make something. Ajay gets the lipstick from her bag and applies it on her forehead. On the other side Dadi,Trilok and Elachi were talking about Avni’s marriage. Elachi says we shouldn’t hurry. Avani is beautiful and talented we can wait for oine or two years. But Dadi says this time she’s in the side of Trilok. Avni and Mishri reaches there to tell about acting but Trilok first says about Avni’s marriage. He says he had promised her sister that he’ll make her daughter’s marriage grandly and it’s time to fulfill it. Avni was not happy then too she says ok and says she’s happy with it. Mishri tries to tell them about acting but Avni stops her. Dadi says that the family is a wealthy family having a jewellery shop in Agra. Trilok says that he had also talked to Shekar who’s the boy for Avni and says he’s also good.

Ayush and everyone are packing sweets, Ayush says what is this for? mamma ji comes and says shikhar’s family is coming to see Avni. They are coming with a proposal. Daddi says have this saari i brought it for you avni. mishri says tell them you don’t like blue color. you cant say to the proposal but you can say no to sari at least. Avni says no its really good. Ayush says who will call bhushan and sherya? Elaichi says dont disturb them we will tell them when they come back.

Ayush tells ajay about it. Ajay says what if she gets engaged tomorrow? Ajju says we have to stop it, we have to let her marry the guy she would love. Ajay says lets gift her a dress of her color. She will like it. Ayush says whom should we ask her choice? Ayush says ajay we can take your friend sanjina to buy the dress. Ajay says i can’t take her favor. Ayush says go to bring more chaat, he takes ajay’s phone. Ayush calls sanjina and says i am ayush, i need a favor. sanjina says sure. Ajay snatches his phone.

Sherya says lets go to spa. Ajay says lets go to beach. Sherya says why you wanna go there so bad? ajay says there are spas in agra but not beach. sherya says you wanna check out hot girls there. He says when the hottest girl is with me, why should i go there to see them? sherya says lets order a couple room and get spa there.

Sherya and Bhushan comes to spa. They get a massage there, sherya doesn’t like bhushan getting massage from another girl. She says get up right now we are not having it. bhushan says what happened to you? Sherya says i dont wanna talk to you. you were getting close to that girl. you all men are same. dont talk to me.

Sanjina is with ajay, she says i dont like any of these. Ajay says why are you taking so long? She says your sister would look bad. ajay says okay tell me where to go?
Sanjina starts buying bags. He says you cant do your own shopping, she says you cant do your own shopping. vinati and elaichi are in the same shop. The come downstairs. Ajay sees them and hides behind clothes. Sanjina says what are you doing? Vinati sees sanjina and says mammi ji sanjina is here. She meets them. Ajay asks her not to tell them. She says i am with friend of friend. She says would not you meet him? Elaichi says we are getting late. Some other time. they levae, ajay comes out.

Bhushan is looking for sherya on the beach, he sees a mom with her child and calls her avni. bhushan says i should talk to avni. he checks his facebook, he sees wedding preparations. sherya comes and takes his phone. She says you are surfing the net? you wife wasn’t here. i will put your phone is water. He runs after her, ‘
he holds her and they have good time together.

preparations are almost done. Avni watches them, vinati says come here here avni. Avni sits there. Vianti says you know we met sanjina in the mall, she touched mammi ji’s feet as well. She shoes her photos. Dadi says yes show me. Vianti says i think samar deleted all the photos. they all laugh at her. Ajay nd the brothers give her sari. Dadi says she likes blue. ayush says no this is her fav color, red. She says yes to your fav colors everytime. Ajay says so we decided to gift her favorite color. Mamma ji says come here avni, no matter what happens dont sacrifice. and promise me, you wont keep these things in your heart you will tell me. Avni hugs him. Mishri says in heart i wish bhushan was here too.

Vinati says you have a good choice in gfs and dresses. she says i met your gf today. He says she is not my bf? She says why did you go with him on shopping then? He says i didn’t go on shopping with him, she shows his photo sanjina uploaded. She says its not wrong, i will ask the family. ajay says bhabhi its not like what you think.

Sherya comes to room and sees flowers, he gifts her a dress. she says give me five minutes i will change it. mishri calls Bhushan, she says sorry to disturb you its avni’s engagement tomorrow. he says what? He says wait a minutes how can this happen? how can you all do this without me. she says no one wanted to tell you. avni is missing you a lot she is missing you really. its upto you if you want to come or not. Bhushan says i will come anyway. tell everyone that i am coming. Sheryacomes out and says where are you going? He looks at her in the dress. She says you will leave your wife alone? He says its avni’s engagement tomorrow, they are renowned jewlers. she says thats a great news. everyone thinks that they will like her. She says i wish we were in Agra. We would be able to attend but we can’t go now.

Everyone prepares for the engagement. Elaichi says i am sure the guy will like our avni. Mishri comes and says i have told bhushan everything. amar says i asked you not to. elaichi says why did you? she says because it was important. avni looks dull. mishri says its her most important day, she looks upset. Avni says no i am really happy. mishri says bhushan said he want to be with avni on her big days. Elaichi says you can think about your sister but not sister in law. how would you feel if same happened with avni. sherya’s happiness will be ruined. Mishi says we all compromise with each other. Elaichi says we cant expect so much in just few days from here. Mamma ji says after some days sherya will know everything. she will start adjusting after some time. Amar says call bhushan ask him not to come.

Sherya says we are here and it makes no sense. Its once in a life time thing, its her engagement. He says i want to be there its important for me. Elaichi calls him and says you both dont have to come here we are here. Sherya says mummy, Elaichi says sorry that mishri called in excitement. enjoy your trip we will manage here. dadi says sherya stay there you dont need to come, send me the photos in short, bhushan says please ma. Avni says i am not sad i am so glad dont worry we will show you live whole function we will click photos. you should enjoy the honeymoon. Sherya says thank you, your brother fells well, i am sorry we wont be able to come we will manage it in wedding.
Bhsuhan says i am with you every moment, i will do anything for you. wedding is the most important decision. She says promise i will. He says all the best.

Sherya comes to bhushan, she says you are not with me, i feel guilty we should have gone to agra. i feel like i am aparting you from your sister, lets go and leave for agra. He holds her hand and says we are not going anywhere what is your plan? she says sure? he says yes. She says lets have a lunch at pool side? he says okay.

Avni gets dressed, ajay comes in and says you look so good, your husband to be is here. Bhushan sees the pictures.
The guy and his family comes. mom says we liked avni in first sight. elaichi says she is lucky to have people like you. Amr says what you do shekhar? He says i am MBA and work in stock market. Vinati and mishri bring avni. dadi says you should go out and talk alone.
Sherya says come lunch is ready, Bhushan slips. sherya says are you okay? i am bringing someone and ice, he says okay. she runs, bhushan says at least now i can attend the engagement. pardon me.

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