Snatched March Teasers 2020 Zee world: Vinati plans on enrolling Samar to a new school because the kids of wealthy families study there. Read full Snatched Teasers March 2020

Snatched Monday 2 March 2020
(Episode 19)

Sanjana’s father comes over. He apologises to Trilokchand and expresses his desire to get Ajay and Sanjana remarried in accordance with the rituals.


Snatched Tuesday 3 March 2020
(Episode 20)

Trilokchand calls Mr Agarwal and enquires about Ajay and Sanjana. Mr Agarwal assures him that they are fine, but Trilokchand asks him to inform them as soon as he gets in touch with Ajay and Sanjana.

Snatched Wednesday 4 March 2020
(Episode 21)

The doctor tells the family that Ajay is in a critical condition. Mr Agarwal also arrives and, seeing an opportunity, tries to kill Ajay but fails when Ayush enters with the police.

Snatched Thursday 5 March 2020
(Episode 22)

She tries to save Ajay but gets locked up by her father. Back at Pethawala house, Shreya finds out about Ajju and Sanjana’s relationship through Sanjana’s social media account.

Snatched Friday 6 March 2020
(Episode 23)

Shreya puts up an act in front of Sanjana about being a changed person. Sanjana is happy as things are falling into place. Rishabh stops by to meet Avani and her family and tells them that he will cook for them.

Saturday 7 March 2020
(Episode 24)

When Ajay leaves for the interview, she finds a CD of his dream project. Sanjana confronts Ajay about his dream but Ajay doesn’t want to stir trouble any more so he breaks the CD.

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Sunday 8 March 2020
(Episode 25)

Her father encourages her to get Ajay to realise his feelings. On the other hand, Trilokchand asks Ajay to divorce Sanjana. Later in the day, Trilokchand tells Amar about his decision to let Ajay join the family business.

Snatched Monday 9 March 2020
(Episode 26)

Unaware of Shreya’s true intentions, Vinati talks to Ilaichi. When Ilaichi and Shreya are out grocery shopping together, Shreya poisons Ilaichi’s mind against Vinati.

Snatched Tuesday 10 March 2020
(Episode 27)

Shreya is frustrated about not being able to instigate Ilaichi against Bhushan’s cousins. Ajay almost raises his hand to Sanjana for her constant refusal to sign the divorce papers.

Snatched Wednesday 11 March 2020
(Episode 28)

Vinati plans on enrolling Samar to a new school because the kids of wealthy families study there.

Snatched Thursday 12 March 2020
(Episode 29)

Sanjana hands overs the divorce papers to Ajay. Ajay feels sad at the thought of being separated from her. At the Pethawala’s, the family discovers Amar and Vinati’s plan to renovate their room.

Snatched Friday 13 March 2020
(Episode 30)

Vinati gets worried about Ilaichi as she hasn’t eaten or drank anything. Trilokchand reluctantly accepts her condition. He announces that everything will be partitioned, including people of the house.

Saturday 14 March 2020
(Episode 31)

The family gets united once again.

Sunday 15 March 2020
(Episode 32)

Ilaichi scolds Mishri for dancing but Ayush defends her, and informs her about his move to Germany.

Snatched Monday 16 March to Snatched Tuesday 31 March to follow when available.


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