Skype bots 2022, Skype bot apps and How to use them

Skype bots: Skype bot apps and How to use them

Skype bots are artificial chatbots or applications which may be used to chat with people on Skype. Skype robots really are chatbots which were produced by Microsoft as a fresh way to bring amusement and merchandise services into Skype for messaging.

How To Use Skype Bots On:  Windows Desktop, iOS And Android

Below, we will be teaching you guys on how to use of Skype Bots on the listed davices.

How to use Skype bot on your PC

  • Your Skype version your PC has to be updated to the latest version 7.22.85. You can update your Skype by checking for updates on the help desk of your windows.
  • After the update is installed you will see a bot directory on your Skype toolbar close to the new button.
  • Tap on the add bot icon, a directory where you can add which bots you are interested in will be presented. Choose which bot you want to add.

How to use Skype Bots on iOS?

  1. Update to latest version of Skype from App Store.
  2. Go to contacts page.
  3. Tap Add Contact and you will have a page like the above.
  4. From the Bot directory, you can add the bots you are interested in.

How to use Skype Bots on Android?

  • Firstly make sure you have the updated version of the Skype app installed on your phone.
  • Open your Skype app on your android device and go to your contact page.
  • There is a floating action key in the contact page, click on it.
  • After clicking the action button, there is a pink bots button. Click on the button.
  • A directory UI will be presented to you, you can choose any bot you wish to add.
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Best skype bots 2020

  • Four square
  • Getty image
  • Bing image preview
  • Sky scanner
  • Meme bot
  • Bing news preview
  • Horoscope bot
  • Doctor strange
  • Solitaire

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