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Skeem Saam is a teen drama soap opera that the contemporary generation relates to and appreciates. Created by Winnie Serite, the show that airs on SABC1 every weekday continues to excite all fans because of its well-deliberated script. Who is the writer of Skeem Saam? The head writer of the captivating plot is Kelton Sinyosi. Sebabatso Mofokeng, Lunga John Radebe, and Kgomotso Aphane are the story editor, script editor, and resident editor, respectively. The Skeem Saam cast includes Patrick Seleka, Clement Maosa, and Lisa Madikizela. These Skeem Saam teasers for August 2019 are the perfect sneak peek into how the story will unfold.

Thursday 1 August 2019
Episode 19

A frustrated cop struggles to make his charges stick. An older brother crumbles under the emotion of having to bury his sister. A heartbroken Tbose discovers a new lease on life.

Friday 2 August 2019
Episode 20

Rachel finds herself in a place where no one wishes to be. Meikie and John engage in a tug of war over Tbose’s future. Mokgadi offers Tbose some sage advice about his future.

Monday 5 August 2019
Episode 21

The Kunutus are devastated by the results of Rachel’s bail hearing. Sis Ouma calls Shivambu to plant ideas in his head about Koloi and Billy’s future. Tbose is impelled to take on more responsibility for Pitsi.

Tuesday 6 August 2019
Episode 22

Marothi receives an alarming phone call about a loved one.  Mapitsi drops a bombshell on a certain tenant about their living arrangements. A raging Ramolao gives Sis Ouma an ultimatum.

Wednesday 7 August 2019
Episode 23

Marothi’s faith in salvaging some damaged evidence is restored. Sis Ouma pitches a story that intrigues Mapitsi. Tbose’s efforts to rekindle with son and baby mama are temporarily curbed.

Thursday 8 August 2019
Episode 24

Marothi’s grand plan to save his wife amounts to nothing. MaNtuli gets an unexpected guest. Mapitsi attempts damage control with the Maputlas.

Friday 9 August 2019
Episode 25

Leeto drops a bombshell on Marothi leaving him floored. Botshelo jabs Mapitsi with questions about Tbose that leave her stung. Pretty nudges MaNtuli to take certain steps to protect herself from Lehasa.

Monday 12 August 2019
Episode 26

Rachel’s freedom is on the line and her family prays for her. Tbose’s recent experience makes him second guess his decision. Noah and Clement weigh in on the factory fire case and make a decision to handle certain matters.

Tuesday 13 August 2019
Episode 27

A sworn enemy intent on digging Rachel’s grave seems to have won. Tbose throws his toys out of the cot when he doesn’t get his way with Mapitsi. A grieving relative decides to focus on his number one priority instead of joining some activists.

Wednesday 14 August 2019
Episode 28

Rachel and Marothi stress over the outcome of the hearing. Tbose is bummed when a love interest turns down his proposition for a date.

Thursday 15 August 2019
Episode 29

Rachel contemplates more lethal measures to solve her problems. Botshelo has territorial issues over her new hunk and is peeved at a friend. Marothi is made to feel more and more like a geriatric.

Friday 16 August 2019
Episode 30

A wife gives her husband a paper cut when he nearly stumbles upon her secret. The friction between two flatmates over a guy heightens.

Monday 19 August 2019
Episode 31

Sis Ouma is made to feel like an outsider in her own home. Rachel makes an urgent call, desperate for protection. Botshelo is approached by a mature suitor and completely loves it.

Tuesday 20 August 2019
Episode 32

In a quest to secure her safety, Rachel is stood up. Mapitsi is not too pleased to learn who Botshelo’s new man is. Koloi is given reason to avenge his mother’s death.

Wednesday 21 August 2019
Episode 33

Botshelo and Mapitsi’s fight reaches breaking point. Lehasa is incensed when he learns that Lelo hasn’t been forthright about the Norwood supermarket break-in. Rachel feels powerful after finally getting what she’s been looking for.

Thursday 22 August 2019
Episode 34

Mapitsi is shocked when she discovers that a friend didn’t keep her word. Rachel is desperate to settle an old score once and for all.

Friday 23 August 2019
Episode 35

Things get explosive between Lelo and Rachel when they both have a nasty surprise for each other. Tbose finds himself caught between Mapitsi and Botshelo’s clash and has to come up with a solution.

Monday 26 August 2019
Episode 36

Marothi asks Ramashala for a huge favour to save his wife from what he now believes she has done.  Ramolao advises Koloi of a way he and his friends can take action against Lehasa.

Tuesday 27 August 2019
Episode 37

Lehasa catches Lelo in a lie and wastes no time in speaking his mind. Ramolao has an urgent request for MaNtuli for the action lawsuit meeting. Someone posts a nasty comment on Mapitsi’s blog.

Wednesday 28 August 2019
Episode 38

Malebana receives a shocking report. Ramashala discovers very intriguing news about Lelo’s gun. Someone is irate to find that she can no longer do damage to Mapitsi.

Thursday 29 August 2019
Episode 39

Despite his wife’s resistance, Marothi is intent on settling an old score. A frenemy seethes with jealousy as she successfully hacks Mapitsi’s computer. The striking workers have a leg up on their former boss.

Friday 30 August 2019
Episode 40

Mapitsi’s anonymous troll strikes again, this time using her blog to post a provocative insert.  Lelo is floored when an officer of the law shows up at her doorstep with a search warrant. Marothi grows worried when he learns that a nemesis has landed in Los Angeles looking for something.

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