Scandal! May Teasers 2020, Mthunzi reaches the pinnacle of happiness when a declaration is made.  Ndumiso’s happiness is short lived when he receives some great news.  READ FULL; Scandal! Teasers May 2020 Below:



Scandal! Friday 1 May 2020
(Episode 3553)

Thanks to Thembeka, Romeo comes up with a brilliant plan which she hates. Gloria sees something she was definitely not supposed to. Dintle loses an employee and her temper with a colleague.

Scandal! Monday 4 May 2020
(Episode 3554)

Romeo’s plan starts to take shape but possibly at huge personal risk.  Gloria decides on a new course of action.  Ingrid has an encounter that leaves her deeply disturbed.

Scandal! Tuesday 5 May 2020
(Episode 3555)

Xolile agrees to a plan but will her marriage survive it?  Sheila discovers what her blackmailer wants from her.  Rattled, Ingrid is unsure what to do about a colleague’s behaviour.

Scandal! Wednesday 6 May 2020
(Episode 3556)

A complex deception involving Xolile is presented to an enemy.  Kgosi makes an announcement which kicks his mother’s plans into high gear. Amo finds himself in a situation he thought he had put behind him for good.

Scandal! Thursday 7 May 2020
(Episode 3557)

A new ‘relationship’ is staged for an audience of one.  The pressure of her secret forces Sheila to take action.  Ingrid gets a new perspective on her confusing experience.

Scandal! Friday 8 May 2020
(Episode 3558)

Quinton is unwittingly caught up in a hoax. Ndumiso demands an explanation which arouses suspicion.  Ingrid finally makes a move to address her dilemma.

Scandal! Monday 11 May 2020
(Episode 3559)

Mthunzi throws caution to the wind and reiterates a game-changing offer. Sheila is stunned by a radical proposal. Layla delivers an ultimatum which infuriates one co-worker and distresses another.

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Scandal! Tuesday 12 May 2020
(Episode 3560)

Thembeka makes sure she is highly receptive to some unwanted advances. Sheila has to make a choice but it’s fairly clear which way she is leaning. Amo refuses to accept that an uncomfortable situation is of his making.

Scandal! Wednesday 13 May 2020
(Episode 3561)

Thembeka makes a massive decision but will she be able to pull it off?  Caiphus hears shocking news and acts on it.  Ingrid doubts herself but is still plagued by what she thinks may have happened to her.

Scandal! Thursday 14 May 2020
(Episode 3562)

Thembeka exploits love to get what she wants.  Sheila discovers something that excites her. Wesley holds Layla accountable for Ingrid’s pain.

Scandal! Friday 15 May 2020
(Episode 3563)

A life hangs in the balance and the guilty party fears her actions will be exposed.  While Ndumiso thinks the future looks bright, his lover is making other plans.  Ingrid is upset to realise the consequences of her actions on the people around her.

Scandal! Monday 18 May 2020
(Episode 3564)

Xolile takes matters into her own hands which causes Boniswa to become very concerned. Caiphus, Ndumiso and Gloria are fearful when Caiphus is summoned.  Layla mistakenly believes she can reverse events.

Scandal! Tuesday 19 May 2020
(Episode 3565)

Romeo tries to spin some bad news into an opportunity.  Caiphus gets two unexpected surprises when he visits Neo.  Ingrid makes a big decision which Layla fears is fueled by her allegation.

Scandal! Wednesday 20 May 2020
(Episode 3566)

Romeo’s latest brainwave has Thembeka outraged. Neo receives a very disturbing phone call and readies his gun. Wesley and Amo face off with unexpected results.

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Scandal! Thursday 21 May 2020
(Episode 3567)

A predator becomes the prey.  Fury and pain leads to a man having a heart attack. Amo is willing to be schooled by an unlikely person.

Scandal! Friday 22 May 2020
(Episode 3568)

Romeo reveals a truth to Thembeka that makes her hate Mthunzi even more.  Neo moves on and Ndumiso fears for his life. Amo messes up his progress by saying the wrong thing.

Scandal! Monday 25 May 2020
(Episode 3569)

Mthunzi is told that his prize is within reach and he relishes the news.  Sheila realises just how close she had come to achieving her heart’s desire.  Amo makes a sincere offer to smoke a peace pipe.

Scandal! Tuesday 26 May 2020
(Episode 3570)

Mthunzi celebrates an imminent victory while an old rival infiltrates his space. Neo is haunted by distressing visions. Tebello gets an idea stuck in his head and turns to Timothy for help.

Scandal! Wednesday 27 May 2020
(Episode 3571)

Romeo’s plan is enacted and it seems that the victim may be starting to swallow the bait.  Sheila faces the music but bites back.  Tebello sets up romance for two unsuspecting adults.

Scandal! Thursday 28 May 2020
(Episode 3572)

Mthunzi reaches the pinnacle of happiness when a declaration is made.  Ndumiso’s happiness is short lived when he receives some great news. Yvonne has a reservation about taking the next step.

Scandal! Friday 29 May 2020
(Episode 3573)

The time for a reckoning has come and bloody revenge is sworn. Sheila is still not honest when she is called on a lie. Yvonne feels like her life is finally coming together but then she receives some very bad news.


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