Saturday update on Zara’s Nikah 13th February 2021

Zara’s Nikah 13 February 2021 Zee world update: Zara comes to the lounge and is worried about the kids. She sees Zeenat talking to the kids and says what is going on. Ruksaar comes to Zara and sees the bag in her hand. She says you didn’t leave? Zara says I am meeting the kids and then leave.

Shahbaz talks about the media and says I want you all the meet the kids. He makes the kids sit with him. Ruksaar asks Zeenat what is this? She says just to see. Shahbaz says Islam asks you to treat kids well but these kids were on the roads. Kabir brought them into the house and gave them education too. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz asks the kids to recite some Islamic verses. They do it. Kabir gets happy. all clap for them. Shahbaz says this girl Firdous is a great artist. He shows his picture, all laugh. Firdous says I will never do it again. Shahbaz says no, I am praising her, I will give her education to become a great artist. Zara is hurt to see that. Shahbaz says like these kids, my party is pure too and appreciate these pious deeds. Kabir looks on. The snake falls out of Zara’s bag and leaves. Shahbaz calls Kabir forward and says my son has done all this and I pray that he works for a nation like this only, I salute him and pray that these kids become like him. If I get votes then I will make a school for kids like these. Zara sees Shahbaz getting pictures done with the kids. Kabir gets a call and leaves. Zara comes to Kabir and says what is all this? He says leave me. They hear Ruksaar falling down. All rush to Rukaar. Zara sees the snake leaving the house. She grabs Ruksaar foot where the snake had bit her. She sucks the poison from her foot and gets dizzy. Shahbaz thinks she doesn’t know who she is saving. The doctor comes and checks Ruksaar. Kabir prays for Ruksaar. Ruksaar wakes up. The doctor says whoever gave her first aid saved her life. Kabir thanks Zara but she faints. Kabir lifts her up. The doctor checks her. Reporters start reporting about the incident. Ruksaar thanks Zara for saving her life. Zeenat hugs Ruksaar and thanks Zara. A reporter asks Zara. Zara says my mother made me learn the value of life. Kabir recalls taunting her. A reporter asks Kabir who is this girl and what is her relation with him? Kabir says she doesn’t have a relation with us, she used to take care of the kids and she will take care of them from now on. The kids come and hug her.

Shahbaz asks Ruksaar from where did the snake come from? I know you brought it. Ruksaar says I have proofs against you so don’t say much. They see the news that Shahbaz was praising about his deeds but a girl became a hero and saved Ruksar’s life. Shahbaz says they are not talking about my election campaign. Ruksaar says she saved my life and now she is coming to stay here, I can’t believe this.

Kabir stops Zara and says I am sorry for saying all that. I want you stay here for the kids, they need you. Zara says I can’t do it.. I mean I am ready to be with them. Thanks a lot. She hugs him but then moves away. She leaves from there.

Zara shows the gifts to Irfan and Salma for the kids. Salma says I will miss you a lot. She gives her a gift. Zara says I am sorry, I didn’t bring anything for you. Salma says you are very nice. Zara says you people have loved me so much. Salma says this is your house and will remain yours. Irfan says to Zara that you are helping the kids and God will help you. He blesses her.

Zara comes to Kabir’s house with her luggage. He tells her that it’s not easy to handle my kids, what’s your qualification? What will you charge? Zara says I just need your support and understanding. Kabir is surprised. Zara says and also food. Kabir smiles.

The kids hug Kabir for bringing Zara to them. The kids start playing with Zara.

Kabir comes to the kids’ room and sees Zara telling them a horror story. Kabir asks them to sleep as they have to wake up for prayers. He thanks Zara for taking for them, he leaves. The kids start playing with Zara again.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar and asks if she is fine now? Ruksaar says my feet are hurting. Can you please wash my feet for me? Kabir looks on. Ruksaar says I am your wife. Kabir washes her feet.

In the morning, Kabir and Ruksaar come to the kids’ room to see it all messed up and the kids sleeping when it’s time for prayer. Kabir is angry. Ruksaar tells Kabir that Zara is not teaching the kids about discipline. Zara comes there and says I am sorry, kids were sleepy so they couldn’t wake up early. The kids come there and say we will get ready for the prayers. Ruksaar says you have to wake up on time. She leaves. Kabir asks the kids to wake up for the prayers. Kabir asks Zara to look after their needs. She nods and says you look sad? He says nothing and leaves. Zara says he must be sad because of me.

Ruksaar looks at old Zara’s photo and says it’s your birthday but I don’t miss you at all. Tonight I will be with Kabir.

Kabir comes to his Zara’s grave and puts the flowers there. He smiles and says I miss you a lot, I have brought your favorite flowers. I will pray for your happiness.

Zara is working in the kitchen. The chef comes there and says nobody is eating today as it’s Kabir’s dead wife’s birthday, he is sad. Zara gets worried and thinks he was not sad because of me but because of his Zara. Irfan and Salma must be sad too. This day is special and I will not let him be sad when he brings smiles for everyone


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