Saturday Update On Made For Each other 28th September 2019 Starlife

Saturday Update On Made For Each other 28th September 2019 Starlife

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Everyone preparing for ashirvaad rasam in Sharma house. Veena waits for Prerna. Prerna comes. Veena gets annoyed. She says we always pray for our children’s progress, I have prayed against your wish and also got a flower from Mata Rani, this engagement will break today, something will definitely happen, sorry. Anurag thinks of calling Prerna. He calls her. Veena goes. Prerna gets busy with her sister. She checks Anurag’s call and calls back. They both make calls to each other at the same time. He says maybe she is also calling me. She picks the rose. He calls again. She answers. He says just come to hotel, Navin is here with some other woman, he calls her Jaan. She asks what are you saying, I don’t understand, I can’t hear you. He says I can hear you, Navin is a cheat. She says I can’t hear you Anurag, I have to help Shivani in gift packing. Anurag hides from Navin. Room service guy passes the food trolley in and goes.
Anurag thinks to call Moloy. Moloy pours flowers on Mohini and smiles. Mohini asks what’s this. He jokes. Nivedita thinks of talking to Mohini once again. Mohini says you should be thankful that I married you, else none can tolerate you. Moloy thanks her. Moloy and Anupam crack jokes. Nivedita asks Anupam to come along for discussion. Moloy answers Anurag’s call.

Anurag says get mum here to the hotel. Moloy asks what’s wrong. Anurag says there is an imp problem, come fast. Moloy says okay, we are coming. Mohini asks what happened. Moloy says he is in some trouble. Anupam says we have to cancel the engagement if Anurag meets with an engagement. Nivedita prays that Prerna doesn’t come home. Navin tells the lady that Prerna and Anurag are just friends, but Anurag started caring for her since few days. She asks are you scared for this. Navin says no, you know real Navin, we are partners in crime, you know I can go to any extent. She says I know you are a lovely mean guy, let marriage happen, then let real Navin come out, Anurag won’t have Prerna with him. He hugs her. Moloy and everyone come home. They see Anurag and ask the matter. Mohini asks are you hurt. Moloy says you called us here. Anurag asks them to just come, Navin and Prerna’s engagement can’t happen, break the engagement. Mohini says she wants this marriage. Anurag says I have seen his real face, Prerna doesn’t know him, he isn’t a nice person. Mohini says this isn’t right. Anurag says he is with some woman here, its not a business meeting. He asks why is lift not coming. He asks Mohini to come and check, they can’t let Prerna’s life get ruined, she is Rajesh’s daughter, Navin isn’t a nice man. Mohini says I don’t believe this. Anurag asks her to come fast and check. Mohini says I m calling Navin, I can’t do this, how can I go and check on him, I regard him brother. Moloy asks what if Anurag is saying truth. She says this isn’t right.

Nivedita says Prerna is lucky to get Navin, but I m doubtful that he got some other girl. Moloy says Prerna is like my daughter, I didn’t like this alliance, I will break this marriage if there is any girl in Navin’s room. Mohini says Moloy is right, if Navin is cheating us, I m with Moloy, this marriage will break. Nivedita says mum isn’t understanding. She asks Anupam to focus. Anurag thinks I can’t let anything wrong happen with Prerna. He knocks the door. Navin opens the door. He asks you all here, what’s the matter. Moloy scolds him. Navin asks what are you saying, what’s the matter. Mohini says let me go in. Anupam says we didn’t come to play hide and seek. Navin asks what are you thinking. Moloy says lets go in. Navin says no, I can’t let you go in. He holds Moloy’s hand. Moloy slaps him and pushes. They get in. Anurag says she was here with you. Navin asks who. Mohini says you did something wrong, you are scared. Anurag ask the lady to come out. He looks for the lady. Navin asks what’s happening. Mohini stops him.

Anurag shows the two glasses of champagne. Mohini asks where is she, Anurag said you are here with some other woman. Navin asks who. They hear sound from washroom. Anurag goes to check. Moloy says Prerna is my daughter, you tried to play with her life, I m breaking her marriage with you. Navin says listen to me. Anurag says you should be ashamed. Moloy says call her out, we want to see who is she. They see Prerna coming from washroom. Anurag says you… and gets shocked. Navin says I called her here, I told Mohini about the ring size problem, I wanted to book honeymoon suite and showed it to her. Nivedita asks did Prerna not hear the sound. Prerna says I didn’t hear anything. Anurag says its not about sound, there was some other woman. Navin argues and asks them to see who is with him, its Prerna. Mohini says we should go home. Anurag sees Navin.

Veena making an excuse of headache. Rajesh asks her not to act ill and get ready. She says fine, I don’t want to go in engagement. He says sometimes parents have to act according to children’s wish, Prerna is our daughter. She gets emotional and says I can’t forgive her for wanting to marry Navin. He says Prerna is selfless and hardworking, she used to care for everyone, I don’t know why she is doing this, she has always put efforts, I will talk to her, maybe she tells us why she wants to marry Navin. She cries and hugs him.

Anurag and everyone come home. Anurag asks Mohini to listen. She says I feel embarrassed, why did you call me there, you have disappointed me for the first time in my life. Anurag says I understand you are upset, I wanted you to see what’s Navin doing, I have seen some other woman with Navin. Navin says I give up, you have seen Prerna. Anurag says no, I m doing this as Prerna is my friend, she doesn’t deserve to marry this man, I have to support my friend if she is in trouble, she has said yes for marriage as she doesn’t know his true face. Mohini says calm down now, Nivedita you know Anurag is concerned for everyone, he supported the driver also, but why is Prerna the root of all problems, its all clear now, Navin isn’t such, start getting ready for engagement. Navin thinks to use the slap matter. He stops Moloy and says whatever happened, its clear that you don’t want me to marry Prerna, you slapped me, why, don’t you want me to settle down, I decided that I will not marry Prerna now.
Everyone gets shocked. Anurag says that’s good, you took the right decision for Prerna. He says Prerna its better than regretting later. He asks Nivedita to understand him. He says someone trust me, I have seen him with some other woman. Navin asks what’s your problem. Mohini shouts enough, that’s my Anurag. Navin asks am I nothing. Anurag says don’t do drama now. Mohini says I m quiet as I think Navin is right, Moloy we are not compelling Prerna, she wants to do this marriage, you slapped Navin, that was wrong. Moloy says sorry.

Navin says let it be, I know you are saying sorry for Mohini’s sake. Moloy says no, I overreacted, you did all that for Prerna. He folds hands and says sorry. Anurag turns away. Mohini says engagement will start in some time, I want this to be best one, Prerna get ready and come on time with your family. Prerna leaves. Anurag says I know you got aware of me. Navin says I m not that bad, I love you Anurag, you are Mohini’s eldest son. Anurag says this is called misunderstanding. He goes. Navin says I can see your friendship going ahead, you got inclined to Prerna. Prerna is on the way and thinks I m lucky to have a friend for Anurag, he takes a stand for me and trusts me, thanks a lot. Anurag thinks I wish you never get tears in eyes. Prerna thinks I wish I could tell you everything. He thinks I know keeping friendship, I promise I will never let you stay alone, I will always protect you. He keeps the kerchief back. He says how did this happen, when did that woman leave, when did Navin see me. Navin says yes, he has seen us.

The lady says I was confused, explain me. Navin says I opened the door when waiter got champagne, I saw Anurag in side mirror, I understood he has seen us and will get Mohini’s family to expose me, so I made plan to send you. FB shows Navin sees Anurag and bribing the man to send away Anurag. He says Prerna was close and came on my call. FB shows Navin insisting Prerna to come. He asks the lady to leave fast. He sends her out. FB ends. He says I was lucky, Prerna came on right time. FB shows Navin sees Mohini’s family and taking Prerna to room. The lady says you have defeated Anurag. Navin says I pity Moloy, he became villain, Mohini won’t forgive him, I won’t give a chance to Anurag. The lady says Anurag will lose game once you get engaged to Prerna, her family lives with society’s burden, they will try to keep this relation, congrats for engagement in advance. Navin thanks her. Anurag hears everything and says this engagement won’t happen, I told you I will always support you.

Prerna comes home and says Navin stopped me for engagement ring fitting. Veena gets angry on Mahesh. Rajesh sends him. He asks Veena not to get angry, this engagement will break as flower fell in her hand, just trust Lord. Everyone comes in engagement party. Anupam jokes on Navin. They both have a talk. Navin says I can teach you a lot like dressing sense, talking well etc. Anupam says I can learn what not to do from you, you shouldn’t keep beard, who wears golden shoes, I just want to stay away.

Prerna and her family comes. Nivedita goes away. Prerna stops the ladies and says I want your welcome to happen well, fold hands and welcome. The lady says Nivedita, you should really learn something from her. Nivedita asks what was this. Prerna says you insulted my family, I was giving a bit back. She goes.

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