Saturday Update On Kulfi the singing star 28th September 2019 Starlife

Saturday Update On Kulfi the singing star 28th September 2019 Starlife

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Bebe asks Mohendar where is Gunjan, Mohendar says she said she has some work, gunjan walks to them Bebe asks, where were you. Lovely leaves with Amyra, Kulfi smiles at Sikander and helps him fix his turban. Lovely asks Amyra what’s cooking with Kulfi and her, Amyra says just helping in play mom, Lovely says you told me first you said you have no problem sharing your dad and your house with her, so tell me is it true, amyra says no mom, Lovely says Amyra you have to understand we are team, so don’t break this trust I have on you, I love you the most, so promise me, amyra says yes I promise.

Kulfi talks to Sikander and says this play will end and so will amyra and lovelys reason to come home,and holds sikanders hand,and says this is what is making you upset right, Sikander asks how you understand me, Kulfi says you are like my father so if not me who will, only you can stop Lovely so stop her, don’t be late,Kulfi says my Ma loved my father a lot but he broke her trust so she hated him you don’t do that, my mother hand forgotten to be happy, so has Lovely remind her how it’s to be happy..
Chaudhry and his wife fighting, he looks at Sikander and says good luck only your luck can save you, sikander says I would love to loose to you, good luck champ. Kulfi asks why did you motivate him back, Sikander says we don’t win by demotivating others,what matters is we are together, Sikander and lovely are invited on stage,Sikander gives lovely chocolate to relax him,lovely gives him warm water for his throat, and says I remember you have this before you go on stage, Rohan falls girls losers, girls say we don’t care we got we wanted you can go.

Sikander and Lovely begin their performance, girls see that their switch isn’t working, Kulfi says what now, how will dupatta fly, Lovely mange’s in the stage,Tony and Gunjan don’t enjoy and leave the room. Gunjan and Tony bump into eachother, Gunjan stops tony and says I have news for you, and tells about Amyra and Kulfis plan, Tony says well I also know it was you who sent the divorce papers, I know you are the villain of your family, gunjan says but I know what I did was right for my family, you very well know Lovely isn’t happy with us, and so no one will, and if amyra and kulfi can be together can’t we both be together for the sake of divorce. Tony says deal.

Lovely in play asks Sikander will you let me go, Amyra says this isn’t in play.

Sikander pulls lovely close and asks what if you go away again, Lovely asks will you let me go, amyra says this isn’t part of the play, Kulfi says let him answer then,Lovely asks will our story have an happy ending, Sikander says no, Gunjan and Tony smile, Sikander says our story can’t be ended because it will never end,sikander sings for lovely and hugs her, Kulfi and Amyra hug eachother. Mohendar and Bebe very happy, everyone applauds for them. Amyra rushes out and hugs them,Kulfi stops herself from going out, and smiles in tears.

Everyone at ice cream parlour, Kulfi confused which one to have,Amyra has strawberry, Kulfi says I just know Kulfi, Sikander says okay have that so will I have that with you, Lovely doesn’t like it. Amyra sees kulfi having kulfi and finds it very funny,

it reminds Sikander of Nimrat,Sikander remembers having kulfi with Nimrat, Lovely asks Sikander where he is lost, he says nothing you guys have it I will leave it, Lovely says you are leaving already,Amyra and kulfi surprised, Sikander and Lovely leave, Amyra says I can’t see our wish being fulfilling so let’s get them together on New Years, Kulfi says done.
Lovely hears Sikander talk to organisers and says I thought this year he won’t take shows and spend time with us but nothing has changed, Sikander Denise shows, Sikander hears lovely deny for new year party and feels good, both look at each other, and asks who called, Sikander asks party calls, Lovely says yes, Sikander thinks stubborn why will she accept, Sikander say is may have show too and says girls come let’s leave, Lovely thinks stubborn man.

Amyra asks mom are we celebrating New Years together, lovely Sikander look at eachother and smile, Amyra says dad say something, Tony asks Lovely why were you late any new drama, Amyra go to your room, Amyra says good night and leaves,Kulfi says I will leave too. Tony says lovely I spoke to Apoorva we have a meeting, Lovely looks at Sikander, Tony says I will accompany you,it’s about property partition after all, sikander looks at Lovely, Lovely thinks say something Sikander, Sikander thinks I wish to stop him but it’s you who wants divorce. Tony says lovely let’s go Apoorva has left so many notes for you go, Tony forces lovely to leave,gunjan watching them. Tony says to Sikander that he has to stop all this get together drama and stop hurting Lovely, he easily had left his first wife and so should Lovely and finish everything. Sikander prays to god and says please help me, I don’t have guts to break this relation too after nimrat don’t I have anyone in my life.

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