Saturday update on Gangaa 2nd January 2021 Zee World

Saturday update on Gangaa 2 January 2021 Zee World:  Madhavi comes and tells ammaji that sagar left for chandapur to search for ganga and krishna. she is distraught. madhavi says that niru tried to stop but sagar didnt

comply. ammaji talks to the lord, that if today he again separated sagar from his family, then she shall cease to worship him at all. madhavi stands tensedly. she

starts animatedly talking as to why is he devoiding them of happiness, as she left no stone unturned in her devotion.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sagar is distraught thinking abut his moments with krishna. meanwhile the police calls sagar for identification, and as he comes,. he gets enraged hearing that the

dead bodies match the description. the police asks him to identify. he remembers all his momnts with ganga and krishna, while approaching the bodies. with teary eyes,

he eyes the white cloth and then the leg, which he thinks is krishna’s. he examines the dead bodies, he is distraught and apalled. when the cloth lifts up, its someone

else. he retreats into a corner seeing the faces and then rushes out. he is too shaken up from the incident. he calls up madhavi and says that he was asked to identify

the bodies, and he cant feel this restless, and that its due to him, ganga had to leave. he says that he wont put her in that spot again. he says that he is leaving

for chandapur. as they arrive at the bus station, he doesnt realise that ganga and krishna are right behind. he finally sees them and expresses his relief at seeing

them. he then apologises for doing whatever he did, and says that they shall start afresh and he shall do no other wrong. he explains his trauma and dilemma, that he

went thru a couple of hours back. he begs her to come back to hr. she asks him not to apologise as she doesnt feel good. he asks why doesnt she forgive him then, and

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clarify if she has placxe for him in her heart. they eye each other tensedly. she then gives a direct answer. ganga says that she doesnt know what the future beholds,

but for now, she doesnt have space for him in her life, after whats happened. he says that he is noone to stop her, and that she is free to choose whatever she liekes.

krishna stops him, and he says that he cherishes the moments spent with her, but their stay was till now. he goes, and krishna jerks away ganga’s hand begging him not

to go. he tries to convince her, but she is adamant to have him stay back, saying that she isnt at fault. ganga and sagar both are apalled. he takes his hand away from

hers, and walks away, while krishna stands distraught. ganga is tensed too.

Madhavi is super excited, along with ammaji. they find sagar standing at the doorstep. they rush to him. sagar comes back disheartened, and narrates to ammaji,

oblivious that ganga and klrishna are right behind. they excitedly get to welcoming her, assured that she shall stay with them, but ganga clears their confusion, that

she has come to leave them forever, and they are going their separate wayss. sagar is shocked to hear this. ammaji and madhavi are aghast, and asks what nonsense is

this. ammaji asks why she came inside then. ganga says that she didnt want to, but some things are here only, and she wishes to take them. madhavi lashes at her as to

how they took this decision on their own, and asks if they even didnt feel the need to discuss with them too. he asks her to let ganga do what she wishes to, as he

wanted something else. but they rush and start packing stuff, as sagar leaves for his room. ammaji, madhavi and maharaj are distraught. they rush to sagar who says


that he knows this is wrong, but he wouldnt and couldnt do anything more, as ganga cant get over the mistake he made years back. he says that he cant stretch it any

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further. he says that he wishes to go far off. madhavi says that she wont allow. ammaji asks him to take her too. madhavi too sides with her, and asks him to take her

too. he is distraught saying that he cant do that, as he has already separated her once but wont again. he says that he shall return after some days. he turns to

ammaji and asks her to allow him to leave. she starts crying. he leaves for his room.

MEanwhile, kashish calls up pulkit, and after much fight over how its ended, she declarees that she is pregnant with his child. he is aghast and as he repeats it in

despair, saying that it isnt possible, he is stunned and apalled as he finds suproya in the doorway, having heard it all.

Sagar packs his bags and is ready to leave, while madhavi and ammaji beg him to stay back. sagar begs and tells madhavi that he cant stay here anymore, as its too

painful, since he cant bear the loss again, and till now he had a purpose to stay back, ganga and her hatred but now thats gone too. he says that he cant bear the

pain, while ammaji begs him to stay, as she shall talk to ganga. he is adamant that she wont agree, as she wishes to move on, and if this gives her happines, then so

be it. madhavi asks him not to accept defeat. he begs them to stay aloof in this matter. he says that he cant bear the loss. madhavi rushes to get the stuff pakced,

while he says that is not possible, as she has to stay back with niru. he begs them. they continue to try and coax him, but he leaves to talk to krishna for the last

time. they decide to talk to niru. madhavi narrates everything to niru, who says that he shall explain everything and asks her to calm down.

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MEanwhile, sagar comes to ganga, who is packing, and says that he is going, and asks her if she wont ask where is he going, and if she doesnt feel at all. she responds

in a no. he says that he understands her ego, and asks her to atleast try and ask why he came, and he didnt come to stop her. he gives her anklets, and then reminds

her of the childhood story behind it, and then helps her wear it, while she flinches at the touch of him against her bare skin. he notices this. he then turns to go,

while saying that she might think he and his existence doesnt matter to her, but her anklets would tell him, that it does, and begs to meet krishna for one last time.

she complkies and says that krishna is outside. he leaves. she wonders where and why is he leaving.

MEanwhile sagar meets krishna on the rooftop and tells her that he is going go london. she is apalled. he asks if she is angry, and she denies, and says that she has

some questions. he asks her to go on. she asks why cant they be like a normal family. he is stunned at her answers. but replies saying that they too are, as her

parents love each other, the max. she asks why they dont stay together then, and fight always. she continues asking him questions, while he asks her not to overthink

as she would understand in due course of time. she hugs him and begs him to stay back, while he is apalled at her trauma and pain. he asks her not to worry as he shall

fulfill her wish soon, but right now he has to go. she is apalled. he leaves. krishna omes back and reprimands ganga for being so childish and immature, and not listen

to anyone, as he shall go to london, and begs her to stop him. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

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