Saturday – Sunday update On Geet (20 – 21 June 2020)

Geet 21 June 2020

Saturday & Sunday update On Geet (20th – 21st June 2020)

Geet Saturday 20th June 2020: MSK asks Geet..are u ok? Geet lost in thots.. MSK says..shall i call Doc n Geet says no need..!! Geet MSK …a while back…i saw Dev…. MSK startled… n says..u were halucinating n it happens in pregnancy..n Geet says..yes i guess so..!! MSK says..time to sleep..come..

Geet sleeping n Flashbacks of seeing Dev…n is scared n searches for MSK n MSK says…i m here.. u still thinking the same?? Maneet holding hands.. Geet i wasnt thinking just talking to baby…n MSK says…tell me..what were u talking tell n Geet says..why to tell u ….n MSK u both made team already.. now sleep!! Geet says.. baby wants Papa to tell a story…n MSK says.. i dunno …how to tell!! Geet says..ok now rehearse… n MSK starts to say..n keeps stammering n Geet says…once upon a time MSK comes..who dunno how to tell a story n smiles..n wishes Gud nite to MSK n sleeps! MSK hears some noise outside..n gets up and goes out..!!

Arjun tells Anne…u wasted so much time.. Anne says..have to… we have to keep our clients happy..!! Arjun says… u dunno Manav..i do… !! Anne says..he is a friend..who once impressed with our work…can help to get more work n Arjun tells..really??

Manav comes n asks Anne for dinner..she says..nope.. m busy n Arjun tells Manav..u better leave..we have to work..!! Manav says..nope..i will stay back..n help u guys…n Arjun irritated!

MSK comes out to the next room-mates n tells them that they are making too much noise n its a bunch of rufians…n say.. we have paid to do what we want to…so leave..!! MSK says..i m talking properly …n the rufians..say.. dun take panga..u dunno who we are..!! MSK tries to explain once more… that his wife is sleeping…so better not make noise!! The rufians says…. dun mess or u will land in hosp!! The rufians push MSK n he punches one hard..!! Dev comes n sees the mess n asks his assistant to throw the rufians out..!! MSK asks the tell who they are….n the guys say..lets leave..shall see them later…

Anne-Arjun in cabin n working n Arjun looking at Anne…n Romeo …chatting with Manisha..n Manav comes.. n Anne-Arjun are glancing each other..!! Romeo asks Anne if she has selected the flowers of the first nite n she says…it wasnt good so returned..!! Manav u guys plan first nite also?? Anne starts to say..the significance of First Nite…n how a girl submits herself to her hubby (looking at Arjun) and Manav says..u so senti n Manav asks Arjun..if First nite means anything to him n Arjun says..i havent thot n Manav says..ur so romantic..i dun think ur g.f stays wit u for long..n Arjun says..i dun need a g.f..i hv better things to do! Romeo says..m come lets have dinner n Anne orders… Pizza..then Romeo says.. Chinese n Manav says…if Anne said.. Pizza then Pizza n Anne asks Arjun who says..not hungry!

A Minister type guy comes with thos ruffians and says..who dared to throw out my brothers…n MSK overhears n tries to explain but the guy says..better dun manager or we will close hotel!! The receptionist…asks MSK not to get involved n informs Dev n Dev says..shall handle..n comes out.. both walking in parallel n bump into each other… Dev looks down ..n MSK stares…shocked!

Anne asks… Romeo n Manisha to leave its late n they say who will help u… n Anne says..i will manage!! Manisha asks Romeo to drop him ..home n Romeo agrees!! Anne asks Manav to leave…as its late…n Manav need…shall give u all company!! Manav’s phone rings and Anne asks Arjun to leave as well n Arjun says..shall stay have work…. n Manav comes near anne n says..have to go. .but u want me to stay so i will n Anne silent n Arjun glares..n Manav goes… n asks Arjun to take care of Anne..!! Anne asks for water n Arjun offers to get..but Anne says i will get…n goes!! Anne returns n sees Arjun helping to finish her work..n smiles….n Arjun looks at her..!!

Arjun from behind the laptop stares at Anne who is immersed in her work…!! After a while Anne feels unesay n is yawning.. she gets up n is about to fall when Arjun holds her in time..!! Wind blowing…Anne thru dreamy eyes..looks at Arjun n Arjun tells..come….n makes her sit on a sofa…!!

MSK in his room n self thot…. whats Dev doing here….n it means she saw Dev… but she shouldn know he is here for real…its not good for her health..!! Is Dev here to harm Geet?? Is Dev chasing her?? And if its Dev..i wont leave him!! Geet wakes up n asks MSK..why he aint sleeping n calls him to bed. MSK takes his shirt off n in his black vest lies near Geet n self thot.. Geet shouldn know Dev is here..n tomorrow morning first thing we will return to delhi..!  Anne asleep on couch n Arjun goes to get coffee but hears her mumble n stops n comes near her… n as he starts to go.. Anne holds his hand  n he turns..n Sajna Ve..n Arjun smiles…seeing her holding his hand! Anne wakes up n realises all have left n sees a cover on her..n realises its Arjun ..!! Anne gets out of her cabin n sees Arjun sleeping on couch outside her cabin on the couch..!! Anne asks Peon to wake Arjun up n leaves!! Arjun wakes up n seeks Anne n finds out that she left..n leaves for his house!
Geet wakes up.. MSK sees n closes his eyes..!! Geet turns to MSK n tries to wake him up…no response.. n Geet closes in n whispers in MSKs ears..Good Morning n MSK up wit a start..!! Geet says…baby wants to know where are we going .n MSK says..going home!! Geet says why?? MSK says..dun like the service..!! Geet says..lets go to another hotel… MSK says..have urgent work at office … we will come later..!!
Geet says….i m pregnant..but u showing attitude…n Geet says..did u have a nightmare last nite MSK says..dun be stubborn n Geet says..i n baby are staying here..!! We will go ..but not home… get ready!! MSK worried..if Geet sees Dev?? Anne is asleep n Manav calls n Anne realises she is late…n apologises to Anne!! Manav says…Khanna aunty has arranged special programme.. n Anne says…say…the list!! Arjun wakes up late….n tries Anne’s call n its busy.. tries Manavs number n its busy…!! Arjun disturbed…!! Manav tells Anne to get a dupatta of pink color n Anne says for wedding?? Manav says..yes…its my fave color n it suits on u!! Anne says..ok then see ya later….n Manav says…well why talk of work only….ask about how i m ..n Anne says…we will talk later..! Arjun tries both their phones again n its busy..! Anne keeps phone down n Arjun calls n Anne picks…. n Arjun irritated n asks..discussing important stuff?? Anne says..nothing like that..!! Anne thanks Arjun for waiting for her..n Arjun says…i stayed for work… n Anne sad..!! Arjun tells Anne that he will be late…n keeps the phone!
Geet comes all red salwar suit…n MSK fakes to be asleep as he is not well! Geet self thot…so faking..i will wake him up.. Geet teases saying…shall i get something khatta for babys dad n MSK joking!! Geet says…ok i will call doc n MSK need….i need to rest..!! Geet says..ok rest..i m going… n MSK stops n says…where?? Geet says…outside…n i m not alone baby there!! MSK says..wait i will come..n Geet says..u knew u cant refuse why lie?? MSK goes to get ready…!! Geet self thot…. whats wrong with MSK??
Maneet in hotel lobby n Geet says..cant find eyeliner n is yapping n MSK turns n sees Dev standing behind Maneet talking to someone….. n MSK guards Geet from seeing Dev and asks driver to make Geet sit in the car… n decides to meet Dev and starts to walk towards him…
MSK tells Dev..i dunno what u want..n what ur intent… but i know one thing..that whatever u r doing..cant be good so listen.. as long as Geet is here..u wont appear near her…!! Got it! Dev says..bro…need to talk n MSK says..dun wanna know anything..!!
Arjun asks Anne why have u called all at the KC?? Anne says…mood!! Anne asks Arjun.. u like this dress ?? Arjun grins..!!
Maneet in the hotel room n Geet says..u were taking such giant leaps…we culd have fallen n MSK says…keep quiet sometimes…even baby mite be closing his ears listening to u n Geet way..!! Geet tells MSK…Look at ur eyes..always swollen..n angry…. n MSK closing in on Geet n Geet has her back to the wall n MSK says….putting his hand on the wall…. now tell n Geet silent.. n both stop n break their gaze!! Geet says.come lets go for dinner..n MSK stops n Geet asks..whats the issue?? MSK deviates….n Geet says..go change i will order food! Phones in the room are dead so Geet goes down to reception to order!
Manav comes n wishes Anne Arjun …n Manav asks…u had called ..anything urgent n Arjun says…talk later…n Manav says…ur talks are so confusing.. the girl who will marry u…will b having a hard time n asks Anne n Anne says..dun talk to me about it!! Manav tells Anne..why green wear Pink….n Anne says..dun have pink .. Arjun irritated n says..lets work… n tells Anne u should wear Manavs choice..!! Anne startled..


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Geet Sunday 21st June 2020: Dev in his cabin thinks about MSKs warning of not being near Geet.. Dev flashbacks of what happened in past.. Dev self talk..this is the life i deserve..for giving sadness to all.. Bro.. Geet.. Dadi… ! If everyone hates me..whats wrong..!! Someone comes…n calls Dev n says..housekeeping ppl not working well..guests are upset…n Dev says..coming..

Anne walking in her cabin with file n Manav watches her from adjacent cabin n Arjun sees n busts Manav..n Manav is shocked…n lost for words!! Arjun says..seems ur more interested in wedding planners than the wedding!! Manav no..just monitoring Annes work n Arjun says..dun confuse me… u said u guys are friends..n ur doubting on her..!! Manav tries to clarifies..n Arjun says..leave it…! Manav comes to Arjun to talk n Arjun says..dun worry we are just relax!! Manav says…want to say something else….actually ..want to ask u about Anne.. Arjun startled…!! Manav asks Arjun about Annes moods.. the way she is…sometimes happy..sometimes angry.. whats the secret n Arjun says…firstly.. Anne isnt a nice girl..!! Manav startled… n Arjun says..she is a very nice girl… she is loyal..n very beautiful…. n is mysterious..!

Manav says….what do u mean.. Arjun says..she isnt perfect…n tho i dun wanna interfere..wanted to tell…..n Manav tensed n says..tell…or i will sink with a heartattack..!! Arjun says..problem is her bro MSK…n Manav says..m taking Anne out for date not her bro..!! Arjun tries to explain Manav…..that..her bro is very possessive..n he can break ur legs..n Manav scared! Arjun says… her bro can do anything for his reputation n says…i have seen a guy her bro bashed up… n Manav…self is it possible…!! Manav decides to talk to Anne…

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Arjun comes to Anne n tells …that a heavy handed guy has stopped mandap/ furnitures to work with us..coz he wants them to work for them…!! Anne says..we need to do something n Arjun says..its too risky!! Manav sees…n thinks AA talking of MSK…! Arjun says..have to make a call n leaves n Manav comes…and asks..what Arjun says is true n Anne says yes..n Manav leaves..!!

Geet comes down to order food n is walking in th alley..n Dev walks by..but both dun notice..!! Geet ordering..n Dev overhears..n hides..!! Geet walks by after ordering and asking the receptionist to send food fast..!!

Dev asks….receptionist whats wrong..and reacts that..housekeeping isnt doing work properly!! Anne calls the contractors and says..why u dun work..after taking money.. but all refuse!! Anne calls Police…n says…arrest Babu Gujjar….as he is forcing all contractors to stop our work.. police guys say….dun get in this mess!! Manav overhears n asks..whats wrong? Anne gets threat call..n Anne says..i m not wat u want..but i will get my contract done..!! Manav thinks..its MSK n says…this MSK is very bad guy…troubling his sis so much!!

Anne keeps the phone….n Manav asks..whats wrong n Anne says…i had complained against Bhai.. he is always forcing himself n his wishes….n he called to threaten me!! Manav goes to tell Arjun that Annes bro threatened her..n maybe he knows about me..!! Babu Bhais goons come..n Arjun asks Anne…why did u call police..u increased complications.!! Anne says..i will handle… Arjun says..i will u keep out..n Manav u too!! Manav says…self thot…i agree…i will stay away..if i knew if MSK is so dangerous….!! Anne says…what will we do..they came to attack for real..!! Arjun whisks Manav to a side and tells u better leave..its gonna be a mess here ..i dun want u in trouble!! Manav says where..n Arjun says..out of Delhi….

Goons come n says… call Anne…then we will meet Mr. Khanna..n teach him a lesson so that no one in his family wants to get married..!! Manav overhears n is scared n runs off.. !! Anne sees n wonders whats up n wants to go out to check..n Arjun stops … Anne says..why u care n Arjun says..what u think i dun care? Anne stares n Arjun corrects n says…i care for the company n its staff..n i wont let that happen! Arjun asks Anne to stay n goes…!!

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Geet giving order for Maan near the reception n Dev comes in the alley n sees n hides! Geet leaves n remembers she forgot to tell to make food less spicy!! Dev near the reception n tells to call the meeting for all housekeeping!! Dev sees Geet n turns to leave..n Geet follows n stumbles n Dev turns n calls out. Gith..!! Geet shocked… Flashbacks of Dev cheating her…n Dev-Geet scenes from HP!! Geet starts to faint n is about to fall…..n Dev holds her in time..!! Dev calls the doc n doc says…who is she? Dev says..guest… n Doc says..she is pregnant… n asks for who is with her..n Dev says…tell me whats wrong n Doc says..this is a special case..i need to know medical history.. Dev says..whats wrong n Doc says..blood pressure is too high.. i need to talk to her hubby before she is given meds!! Dev says..i will call her hubby…n asks receptionist to call MSK!! MSK comes n stares at Dev n asks Doc whats the matter n Geet says..i m fine..just felt light on feet…!! MSK says..u relax..dun speak..n asks Doc…!! Doc says…she fainted…n had a fit…which usually comes due to bad memory..or foul smell..! Please keep her stress free n keep her happy.. i will come in evening n doc leaves!

MSK asks Geet to relax n goes to meet Dev..!! Geet wonders….if MSK left to fight with Dev..!! MSK tells Dev….what do u want? Dev says..what do i want… n MSK says…u have never done anything without a why were u chasing.. n since how long? Answer….!! Dev says..its ur imagination… i want ur n Geets happiness at all left for Canada.. but debtors sold off all my property so came here for livelihood…n became Manager here in my friends hotel!! MSK says..lies..all lies.. u were following us n Dev says..i have done so many sins..i cant see u both in the eye…!! MSK says..i m leaving right now…!! Dev says…why u ruining ur honeymoon.. u both stay.. u have problem with me..i wil leave..!

At KC ..Arjun comes to meet those goons n asks whats the matter..?? Goons say call Anne n Arjun says she is outside! Goons say…how dare call police…n Arjun says..what to do… u took over all our! Goons say..police will give u back? Arjun says no..but what point in fighting n says..if ur bhais sis luvs this furniture keep it..but get us replacement..thats all n Goons agree n leave..!! Anne compliments Arjun for his smartness in dealing with th goons! Anne asks Arjun about Manav…n Arjun says dunno!! Peon comes to give a bunch of flowers…with a note from Manav which reads..tat he has to go out of town…for work n Anne weird.. n Arjun says..yep…he is! Arjun teases Anne..n says..u must be missing him right? Anne angry n says..what do u mean…!! Arjun gets a call from Bhai..n requests bhai to arrange for the furniture..n that the farmhouse owner is overcharging n bhai agrees to help n Anne is impressed..!! Arjun says..this is called business…i saved new furniture n other costs…by giving furniture!! Anne says…i m impressed..! Arjun says..i do this for this company.. not u…i can build a company in a day… but i m working for this company! Anne self thot.when will u tell the truth.. u dun wanna go coz u luv me!

Pinky asks Manisha why he is sad n Rmoeo asks too..n Manisha says…Manav din turn up or neither did he call..!! Romeo says…Manav is a client..spare him…n Manisha says..yes yes..n he is not my type! A new client (Mr. Nigam) comes…for meeting the wedding planners…… n its a punjabi family n they say..our daughters wedding is there…n we heard u plan small budget wedding too ..n Anne says yes….! Anne asks for wedding details to decide the schedule! Anne introes Arjun to the clients… n Arjun asks…whats the theme…n Clients say.. least cost… n Arjun much n Mr. Nigam says…4.5lacs..n Arjun says..sorry cant plan! Anne tries to interfere..but Arjun not ready..!! Client says..u culd hv told before….n leaves in a huff!! Anne shouts on Arjun….

Anne screams on Arjun as to how he dared to insult her…n Arjun i dared to save this company from loss by dealing with bhais..!! Anne says…watever it is… u cant talk to me like this. i got the first client….n Arjun says…why not… u got client by putting company profit at stake..!! All attack Arjun for his behaviour…n Arjun says…if u dun like what i did.. its ur problem..i cant do anything n turns to leave..!! All stare…


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