Sacrifice For Love Zee world: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Sacrifice For Love Zee world: the story revolves around the famous chef Neel and the happy-go-lucky girl Chahat and they’re mad desire to destroy each other’s families.

Sacrifice For Love Zee world

Sacrifice For Love Zee world

Sacrifice For Love Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

The story centers around Neel as well as Chahat and their ferocious need to destroy one another’s families. Neelkanth “Neel” Bhatt Dhyani is a well-known chef, who is from an Hindu Brahmin family. Neel has a hatred for his father, who is very strict Vyas Ji, as his absence was present when his mother was in her final resting place. However, he loves the sister Saraswati. Chahat Rahil Baig has a cheerful girl who takes care of her father who is her father, Dr Rahil Baig. Saraswati’s husband Alekh has a secret affair with her and she comes to learn. She goes to the hospital where Chahat’s father is and is pronounced dead on the operation table. Alekh is blamed for the death of Rahil Baig, and Neel begins to hate him as well as Chahat. Rahil disappears all of the blue and Chahat promises to locate Rahil. She and Neel are married in a fake ceremony and reside in Neel’s home. Because Vyas Ji is hostile toward Muslims, Neel tells him that Chahat is a Hindu girl just like him. They both conceal this information from their family members.

Now , both Neel and Chahat desire to find Dr. Baig due to different reasons. Neel is attempting to bring Rahil to jail for the murder of his sister. Chahat would like to find her father and take him out from the city to shield his family from Neel. Additionally, the pair has to deal with issues created due to Alekh, Godambari( Neel’s aunt) and Naveli( Neel’s cousin sister). In the process of creating this, Neel and Chahat come closer to one another and eventually, they come to terms with their animosity. They soon meet Gazala Rahil Baig, Chahat’s stepmother. She’s cruel and wicked and has been keeping Rahil hostage. Chahat is trying to get her father but is unsuccessful. Neel too joins her search. In the near future, Neel faces an accident and is believed to be dead and leaves Chahat grieving. And to make matters worse, Alekh decides to marry her. On the day of her wedding an unidentified person arrives and declares himself Neel. The stranger’s face is full of stitches and everyone but Chahat is able to believe Neel is Neel. Soon Neel is revealed to be the Neel becomes the new Neel wins everyone, even Vyas Ji’s belief that he’s Neel. Chahat is thrilled that he is with Neel and they become lovers. Then, Neel finds Chahat’s father and presents Chahat with a gift. However, instead of being thrilled Neel scolds him. She informs Neel that he’s responsible for the accident that Neel was involved in and then she shows the clip. Then, in the dread that Chahat’s real identity as an Muslim is going to be exposed, Neel asks her to go away from her. Devastated, Chahat leaves Neel and encounters Kashmira Neel’s girlfriend. She causes the source of trouble to Neel as well as Chahat and attempts to expose Chahat by any means to gain Neel back. Then, Kashmira kidnaps Chahat and calls Neel to a mysterious location. Neel arrives there and spots Chahat asleep and attempts to get her up. Then, Chahat reveals to Neel that it was she and Kashmira’s idea to bring him back to her.

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Then, everyone at the house of Neel discovers that Chahat is an Muslim. Gazala is able to take Chahat off and plans to get married Rehmat an older man who claims he could help her in her political career. Meanwhile, Vyas Ji chooses to have Neel engaged to Kashmira. At the wedding, Neel escapes and tries to stop the wedding, but is attacked by Gazala’s men and then put to death, only to be saved by a group of men. In another scene, Chahat pretends to have consumed poison. Here’s Zubeida Baig, Chahat’s Badi Ammi (Paternal grandmother). She intends to stay until Chahat is married, but she is unaware of Gazala’s sinister plans. After hearing her father’s warning, Chahat decides to run away, but she is prevented by Neel disguised as an Muslim man. Neel introduces himself to the public as Qasim and Zubeida offers him the position as Chahat’s bodyguard. They later get married However, Vyas Ji is unable to recognize Chahat to be his sister-in-law. The remainder of the story will determine if Vyas Ji will be able to accept Chahat or continue to be a nagging nuisance for Chahat and Neel.

Chahat becomes pregnant and has a baby with Neel. She dresses in a bomber jacket and drowns in the river, making Neel believe that she has died. After a while, Neel sees Chahat in Labor discomfort, and believes that she was deceiving him because Neel sees Sahil calling himself the husband of Chahat. In reality, Sahil saved Chahat, and he spent the whole months with Chahat throughout her pregnancy. Chahat is taken to hospital and has the birth of twins: One girl and one boy. Neel adopts the newborn boy when he spots Sahil trading the infant to some one.

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7 years later – Sacrifice For Love Zee world

Neel is in the company of his children Shlok along with Chahat with their daughter Dua. Shlok is a kind and religious person however naive. Dua is playful, confident and loving. Chahat and Neel both join Dua and Shlok and Dua, respectively, to the tournament in Shimla. Shlok as well as Chahat meet and develop friendship. Then, Shlok begins to think of Chahat like his own mother and calls her masi. In the meantime, Neel along with Dua meet and begin to develop an animosity. Chahat is introduced to Vyas Ji who is suffering from a debilitating mental state and decides to learn the truth about the former’s health condition. While racing, Alaknanda makes Dua fall and let Shlok take the victory, however Dua uncovers it and hides in the car together with Neel and Devprayag.

Sacrifice For Love Zee world

Sacrifice For Love Zee world

Sacrifice For Love Zee world Cast & Real names:


  • Karan Jotwani (before plastic surgery) / Rajveer Singh (after plastic surgery) – Acted As ==> Neelkanth “Neel” Bhatt Dhyani: Vyasji’s son, Saraswati’s brother, Chahat’s husband, Shlok and Dua’s father. (2020–2021)
  • Pratibha Ranta – Acted As ==> Chahat Baig Dhyani: Rahil and Zeenat’s daughter, Gazala’s step-daughter, Neel’s wife, Shlok and Dua’s mother. (2020-2021)
  • Vidhaan Sharma – Acted As ==> Shlok Bhatt Dhyani: Neel and Chahat’s son, Dua’s twin brother. (2021)
    Pratibha Ranta

    Pratibha Ranta

  • Kisha Arora – Acted As ==> Dua Bhatt Dhyani: Neel and Chahat’s daughter, Shlok’s twin sister. (2021)
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  • Sonali Nikam – Acted As ==> Saraswati Bhatt Dhyani / Nautiyal: Vyasji’s daughter, Neel’s sister, Alekh’s wife, Kripa’s mother. (2020) (Dead)
  • Parakh Madan – Acted As ==> Gazala Baig: Chahat’s step-mother, Akram’s mother, Rahil’s second wife. She hates Chahat. (2020–2021)
  • Sshrey Pareek – Acted As ==> Sahil: Chahat’s former friend, Dua’s adoptive father. (2020–2021) (Dead)
  • Aayam Mehta as
    • Madhavanand “Vyasji” Bhatt Dhyani: Agam and Jamunaprasad’s brother, Saraswati and Neel’s father. (2020–2021)
    • Agam Bhatt Dhyani: Madhavanand and Jamunaprasad’s brother, Neel, Saraswati and Naveli’s uncle (2021)
  • Nitin Bhasin – Acted As ==> Jamunaprasad Bhatt Dhyani: Madhavanand and Agam’s brother; Godambhari’s husband; Naveli’s father. (2020–2021)
  • Neelam Pathania – Acted As ==> Godambhari Bhatt Dhyani: Jamunaprasad’s wife; Naveli’s mother. (2020–2021)
  • Nishad Vaidya – Acted As ==> Alekh Nautiyal: Saraswati’s widowed husband, Kripa’s father, Naveli’s ex-husband. (2020–2021)
  • Alisha Parveen – Acted As ==> Naveli Bhatt Dhyani: Jamunaprasad and Godambhari’s daughter, Neel and Saraswati’s cousin, Alekh’s ex-wife, Bhupendra’s wife (2020–2021)
  • Sanjay Gurbaxani – Acted As ==> Dr. Rahil Baig: Gazala and Zeenat’s husband, Chahat’s father. (2020-2021) (Dead)
  • MD Patel – Acted As ==> Bhupendra: Neel’s friend. He owns a bakery in Devprayag, Naveli‘s husband (2020–2021)
  • Muhammed Lunat – Acted As ==> Akram: Gazala’s son, Rahil’s step-son, Chahat’s step-brother. (2020) (2021) (Dead)
  • Tanya Sharma – Acted As ==> Kashmira: Neel’s ex-girlfriend. (2020–2021)
  • Mamta Luthra – Acted As ==> Zubeida Baig: Dr. Baig’s mother; Chahat’s grandmother. (2021)
  • Sapna Devalkar – Acted As ==> Alaknanda: Chahat’s namesake sister, Shlok’s adoptive mother; Neel’s former fiancee (2021)
  • Akhil Akkineni – Acted As ==> Alaknanda’s friend (2021)
  • Bellamkonda Sreenivas – Acted As ==> Vijay (2021)

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