Sacred Ties Zee world Full Story: Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Sacred Ties Zee world

Sacred Ties Zee world Full Story: Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Sacred Ties Zee world 2020: this is story of Archana and Manav as they ignite their love and set the world on fire. Will lies triumph over truth or will love prevail? Don’t miss your Sacred Ties starts 3 July at 15:00 CAT every Monday to Friday On Zee world

Sacred Ties Zee world Full Story/PLot Summary: 

The show is a love story of Archana and Manav. Manav Deshmukh (Sushant Singh Rajput) who is a Car Mechanic and Archana Karanjkar (Ankita Lokhande) a less educated girl.

Archana’s mother Sulochana (Savita Prabhune) dreams is Archana to get married to an educated and financial stable person. Archana’s marriage get fixed and with Satish Deshpande (Anurag Sharma). Due to conspiracy done by Manjusha Karanjka(Archana’s sister in law) and Ajit Lokhande(Manjusha’s brother) ,engagement get called off between Archana and Satish.

Archana’s mum Sulochana fixed her union with Manav Deshmukh. Manjusha Karanjka created misunderstanding that Manav is a Mechanical engineer who’s a owner of garage. Eventually marriage occurred and Archana and her loved ones get the fact that Manav is a Mechanic. Sulochana chose to violate the union, rather than allow Archana visit the Manav home. After somedays Sulochana choose to perform the Bidaai of all Archana.

Archana moves into Manav’s home and her wicked mother in law Savita Deshmukh (Usha Nadkarni) start torturing her to the abuse done by Sulochana. Gradually Archana and Manav drops in true love with one another. Following a great deal of resistance,Eventually Manav and Archana goes back into Savita’s home. As a result of non financial condition and Archana’s health state, Manav and Archana dropped their first kid. Manav attempt to workhard beneath Digvijay Kirloskar.

4 years later,  Manav begin working as a Manager with Digvijay Kirloskar. Manav and Archana have a son Soham.Archana’s childless sister Varsha soon abducts and runs off with Soham, and they’re presumed dead. Manav’s mother Savita tai creates a misunderstanding involving the bunch and they think the other wants a divorce, and pass the documents. The show requires a leap of 18 decades.

Sacred Ties Season 2 Zee world

Sacred Ties Season 2 Zee world

18 years later (Sacred Ties Season 2 Zee world)

Manav is settled in London with his parents and daughters, and his business partner Digvijay Kirloskar. Archana lives in Mumbai with her mother and her adopted daughter Purvi.
Manav has to return to India to finalise their divorce and they are ordered a six-month courtship together before it is passed. The series switches its attention to their kids. Ovi is in love with Arjun Kirloskar, while he and Purvi love each other. Tejaswini comes to India to spy on her dad and functions as a cab driver when she matches Archana and resides with her briefly, oblivious of the connection. Soham is revealed to be living, and also a goon at Bihar, and abducts Purvi, but Arjun saves her. Their marriage is organized, but Ovi blackmails Purvi to get Archana’s approval into the household, and Purvi sacrifices her love for Arjun, begging him to wed Ovi, and subsequently leaving the town.

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Meanwhile, Tejaswini finds out about Savita’s conspiracy against Archana and Manav and exposes her. They reunite, and the show takes a leap of 6 months.

6 months later On Sacred Ties Season 2

Purvi has moved to Kolkata and is pregnant with Arjun’s child. Ovi is also pregnant, but miscarries. Purvi gives her infant Pari to Ovi but her truth is found out, and Purvi and Arjun finally reunite. Soham struggles to accept his family, but finally begins living with the Deshmukhs. He falls in love with Gauri, his cousin Sachin’s fiancée, and on rejection, kidnaps her and runs away. Ovi gets pregnant again, but goes to London. Purvi finds out about this, and assumes that Arjun has cheated on her. She leaves with her daughter Pari and the family. The show takes a leap of 20 years.

20 years later (Sacred Ties Season 3 Zee world)

Purvi lives with Pari and the Deshmukhs at London, while Arjun leads a lonely life, caring for his slave’s granddaughter. He finds out about Pari, and Purvi eventually comes back into Arjun. The show changes its focus to Ankita, and her 4 younger siblings, who are Soham’s children. She is soon hired by Rushali Karmarkar to take care of her mentally disabled son Naren, who is traumatised after his lover “Ahaana”‘s death. Ankita takes care of Naren and they fall in love with each other. They marry, but Naren’s brother Raunak rapes Ankita’s sister Mansi and his imprisonment takes a long time to finalise before Naren finally finds a clue and he is convicted. However, Pari, who is “Ahaana”, now comes back to Naren who regains his memory, and turns Ankita out. Ankita gives birth to their daughter Ashi, but his mother steals the infant to give away to Naren and Pari, and tells Ankita she was a stillborn. The show takes a leap of four years.

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4 years later

Pari is revealed to be an irresponsible working mommy, and Naren a loving father to Ashi, who’s awarded to them Rushali as their adopted daughter. Ashi matches Ankita when she’s missing, and they create a bond. Naren learns Ashi is his biological daughter, also recalls Ankita because his caretaker-cum-partner. Ankita and Naren combine.Purvi and Arjun reunite to Pari, who takes both her parents after a time, and they live as a household. Ovi additionally returns along with her daughter Pia, and resides with her single mother.The series ends as Archana joins with Ankita, bringing the narrative to a complete circle. But, Manav meets a fatal injury, and Archana dies of despair. They’re shown together in paradise, commemorating their”Pavitra Rishta”.

Sacred Ties Zee world Cast/Real Name:

Savita Prabhune as Sulochana Karanjkar
Ajay Rohila/Kishori Govind Mahabole as Manohar Karanjkar
Parag Tyagi as Vinod Karanjkar
Priya Marathe as Varsha Deshpande/Jhumri
Prarthana Behere/Madhumita Das as Vaishali Jaipurwala
Swati Anand as Manjusha Karanjkar
Jia Mustafa as Poornima Karanjkar-Mittal
Shivani Tomar as Ruchita Karanjkar
Smita Oak as Rasika Lokhande
Yamini Thakur as Vandita Lokhande;
Prabhat Bhattacharya/Pankaj Vishnu as Ajit Lokhande
Anurag Sharma as Satish Deshpande
Shalini Arora as Bhavna Deshpande
Pawan Mahendru as Mohan Deshpande
Sumit Arora as Dharmesh Jaipurwala
Sujata Vaishnav as Mrs. Jaipurwala
Divjot Sabarwal as Madhuri Jaipurwala
Rashul Tandon as Aniket Jaipurwala
Ajay Wadhavkar as Damodar Deshmukh
Usha Nadkarni as Savita Deshmukh
Sunil Ghodse as Vishwasrao Deshmukh
Raj Singh as Sachin Deshmukh
Pooja Pihal as Shravani Mahade
Anil Mishra as Girish Mahade
Manasi Salvi as Ashna Kirloskar
Naved Aslam as Digvijay Kirloskar
Puru Chibber/Anubhav Srivastava as Sachin Deshmukh
Shakti Arora as Dr. Onir Dutt )
Karan Sharma as Sunny Khandeshi
Ketki Dave as Snehlata Khandeshi
Mark Parakh as Jignesh Khandeshi
Priyanka Kandwal as Gauri
Mahesh Shetty as Jaywant Rane
Mansi Sharma as Neena Deshmukh
Nishant Raghuwanshi as Prashant Mhatre/Deshmukh
Aparna Dixit as Mansi Kamble
Manish Naggdev as Shashank Kamble
Kreesha Shah as Sonu Mhatre/Deshmukh
Akash Nath as Pranav Mhatre/Deshmukh
Niveen A Ramani as Gaurav Deshmukh
Jinal Jain as Pushti Deshmukh
Karishma Sharma as Pia Kirloskar
Sheeba Chadha as Shirish Karmarkar
Vikrant Chaturvedi as Shirish Karmarkar
Sumukhi Pendsey as Sunanda Karmarkar
Ranjeet Singh as convict Raunak Karmarkar
Minal Mogam as Kinnari Karmarkar(2014)
Karan Suchak as Shekhar Gupta
Sehgal as Ria Gupta
Amit Sareen as Ashwin Sagar
Ashlesha Sawant as Urmila Sagar
Eva Shirali as Swati
Irfan Razaa Khan as Prakash
Savita Shivaskar as Sundri
Mukul Harish as Rannvijay
Anuradha Namdar as Charulata
Mohit Sehgal as Pradeep
Menaka Lalwani as Shalini

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